Sunday, April 1, 2012

springtime thanks to @billn6 and ...

a springtime thanks to ...
delicate flower, harold's girl, moronicus, joe's pizza, oracle, 
and mom and dad,
as i refresh and reignite 
my 2012 mash-up goals
from my 2012 goals mash-up
since SD and BA, pre-cubeopolis and cubeopolis, 
you have been greatly appreciated touchstones in my life!

and now it's springtime 2012 ... i'm cleaning and re-cleaning house (figuratively and literally). i'm refreshing my 2012 mash-up goals to reignite the excitement of it all. YET before i dig in too deep and reflect on my 2012 mash-up goals, a few thanks for the on-going support for a few* who've been around for the long haul (pre-cubeopolis) -
  • for @billn6 (aka delicate flower, shacked up with harold's girl... remember the comment you made last year when i wrote about what i'm doing with my yhd2011? you shared - 
"You are way too organized lady. Don't let that engineer-organinzed brain stop your creative brain."  
  • for @jenimvt (aka harold's girl... oh, soul sister! i cannot thank you enough for your 2007 hospitality - hanging out with delicate flower, junior, and senior. how did we get separated at birth? well, aside from not having the same parents, your being quite a bit younger, and our being different ethnic backgrounds, i mean HOW?! and for that, i have appreciated our banters via text messages, facebook, and the magic of the revolving smartphones we have owned!

  • for moronicus ... in addition to the napkin-life-planning-at-chili's-back-in-the-day, remember that comment you made (circa 2006!) about dating and giving me a moniker? you shared -
"I'll start with Marianas Trench ... shirlnutkin's way too deep to explore, and if you do manage to go there, she'll crush you like an eggshell."
  • for joe's pizza ... indeed i have ALWAYS valued and grown from my commute-calls to you in sun-diego! and i appreciate your thinking i'm not a "safe" choice when you shared -

    "... assigning a “safe” choice may be the riskiest decision in terms of achieving [one's] goals."
  • for oracle ... your nifty spews have ALWAYS been appreciated (and i am sure your family appreciates your words). who'd have thunk that a decade later since first voice-voicing, we are still voice-voicing?!

    "sometimes logic must give way to equity."
  • for mom and dad ... and of course, the support of and belief from my mom and dad has shaped me in ways for which i likely am only scratching the surface, while i continue to dig deep into my soul. with april a bit melancholy (since my dad's death in april 2002), perhaps it's why i reflect more deeply around this time of year. 

for this, i will share a 3 part blog post as i refresh my 2012 mash-up goals knowing of the support from friends and family. (and separately, i must say to delicate flower and harold's girl ... it's been TOO LONG for the eyeball-to-eyeball. must get the visuals before senior is in high school.)

thanks again, 
delicate flower, harold's girl, 
moronicus, joe's pizza, oracle, 
and mom and dad

* this is not to say that others have not been supportive. 
it's just saying that back in the SD days (crossing into the millenium), 
these peeps have shared my on-going evolution, unconditionally and graciously. 

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  1. Maybe we are lunar sisters? Since all the other means have been refuted...or in the words of another friend maybe we are simply family of the heart! <3 you!


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