Wednesday, April 4, 2012

short form #improv soon

MUT's Level E Improvisors

LOVE @madeuptheatre (on web, facebook, yelp). and WOW! it has actually been a little more than a year since my first class on january 31, 2011 with made up theatre (aka MUT). (WOW!!!)

(just a quick post about where we are with our level e class) 

MUT level E = short form improv ... with nearly 100 hours of learning long form improv and after 5 performances of long form improv shows, my 6th performance will be short form improv.  it's quite different from long form, however, it's neat to see how our scene work helps out with some of the short form games we are learning.  

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of the MANY(!) short form games, we've learned (or revisited) other games in addition to those during our first short form class (where we actually SANG!) -  
  • chain murder (like LCD)
  • irish drinking song (like irish drinking song)  
  • what are you doing?
  • new choice (like other choice)
  • say it differently
  • 185 (as in "185 ____ walk into a bar, ...)
  • blind line
  • forward reverse
- and we are going to learn more. MUT level e consists of eight 2-hour classes. we've just finished our second class, so with easter sunday off, we'll finish up in late may. with that said, we'll likely have show in late may or early june. stay tuned! 

looking forward to 
my 6th performance
giving short-form improv a whirl
and hope to see you there!

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