Thursday, April 5, 2012

#31dayreset: catch-up day 1

thanks  @happyblackwoman 

for the opportunity to participate in 
from rosetta thurman's happy black woman

blog catch-up ... indeed, it is april 5, and although i am caught up in my journal notebook, i've got a bit of catching-up on my blog, which i will be doing today and tomorrow - posting assignments on my blog to sync up with my notebook entries.

tidbits on why i joined ... it just felt like THIS is the month to reset ... i enjoy the self-reflection as i had done so in reverb10 in december 2010, i have been in the process of refreshing my 2012 mash-up goals, and i wanted to "double up" with experiential activity i am doing with nicole maxali's soulwork: creating, acting, living. (also, there is something yet to emerge through my writing that i have yet to discover.)

day 1 assignment ... beginning with 3 choices to make, the day 1 assignment as shared by rosetta includes -

  • choose a reset notebook to use everyday to "... record your responses, insights and "aha moments" throughout the challenge" 
  • choose a personal mantra "... a positive phrase or affirmative statement that you say to yourself for the purpose of motivation or encouragement ... write it on the first page of your reset notebook as a blessing on everything that will be written and accomplished this month."
  • choose a theme song "want following you around during your daily journey to reset your life ... brings about some kind of motivation or inspiration ... play song as you begin your day or in the background as you reflect on and complete each assignment"

day 1 responses ... my choices -
  • my notebook ... i choose a brown and beige “RevolveR” notebook (i also have a red moleskine, which i carry around regularly.) i want to have my 31 days reset in a dedicated journal. and the revolver notebook is something new to me. giving it a try.
  • my mantra ... it really wanted my mantra not only to serve as inspiration but to be part of my journey -
    "in querencia, be the catalyst who serves."
    - where i share on my blog post what querencia means
  • my theme song ... although i had batted around a different song, on day 2 i heard a song, which cemented my theme song for this 31 day reset -  “Live Your Life” by Yuna, with the lyrics and a video on my blog 
(just chugging along on 
blog-journal synching for 31 day reset)


  1. I continue to dig Shirlsd. Smart engineer, dedicated thinker and constantly finds ways to do things differently. Jenm and I were recalling your Chinese+Mexican ancestry and laughing tonight.

    Stay big,
    Bill N. in VT

    1. shirlsd APPROVES of this comment! (you two are sweethearts. hugs!!!)


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