Sunday, April 8, 2012

#31dayreset: catch-up day 4

thanks @happyblackwoman for my day 3: write a love letter to your future self. now onto the next assignment.
(check out 31 days over here)

day 4: identify your values. for this exercise, it is the precursor to the next several days, when i'll develop a personal mission statement. for day 4, it's about the first step - identifying my values, what matters most to me, things that mean a lot to me in my life, what i care about. to do so -
  • list . . . take time (~15-min) for a free-for-all list of all the things that mean a lot to me in my life, all the things i care about
  • choose . . . from my list, choose my "top 10"
as a side note: this once again reminded me of a december reverb10 prompt. the first reverb10 prompt was one word - encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. explain why you are choosing that word. now imagine it is one year from today, what would you like the word for 2011 to be?

in my one word response/blog post, i included my 1994 "epiphany" that resulted in mission, vision, values statements. since then, i have revisited them just a few times to tweak my words. for my 31 day reset, i will work fresh and not necessarily just copy from what i've had. who knows what new and different thoughts may emerge?!
reset 10 ... well, my top 10 = reset 10 came from a free-for-all list of 45 words that i wrote in my 31 day reset notebook while listening to my theme song live your life by yuna. these reset 10 will be part of day 5's next step in developing my personal mission statement. in no special order other than alphabetical, the words i have chosen are -
  • authenticity
  • community (sense of, e.g., family, friends, neighborhood, etc.)
  • curiosity
  • equity
  • foresight
  • forthright
  • imagination (update) expression (conceiving of and sharing possibility thinking)
  • love (update) connecting (establishing loving, deeper connections with family, friends, etc.)
  • self-awareness (update) identity (discovering one's self through relfection)
  • service

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