Sunday, April 15, 2012

MUT Level E #improv ...

MUT's level E improvisors
short-form, indeed ... after a year of long-form improv, we will be performing short-form improv in five weeks. (woo-hoo!)

and whether it's long-form or short-form, i am STILL LOVIN' @madeuptheatre (on web, facebook, yelp).

three weeks into our short-form improv fun ... here are the games we have learned (or revisited) to date
(of the MANY(!) short form games listed on the interweb). AND we have a couple of games where we sang -
  • our first class
  • "A -B -C-B," so says Bobby
    • story / instruction manual
    • cassanova / pick up
    • love song
    • playground insults
    • moving bodies
  • our second class
    • chain murder (like LCD)
    • irish drinking song (like irish drinking song
    • what are you doing?
    • new choice (like other choice)
    • say it differently
    • 185 (as in "185 ____ walk into a bar, ...)
    • blind lines
    • forward reverse
  • our third week
    • home shopping network (kinda how it's described here)
    • sound effects (kinda how it's described here)
    • siamese twin
    • world's worst ... (kinda how it's described here)
    • love song (yes ... a bit of a repeat from week 1 with a little tweak)
visit made up theatre
meet sean
and the love song tweak? well, rather than singing our lines in the order that we were standing (e.g., one after the other), we were focused on sean who pointed to the next victim WHOMEVER in WHATEVER order. 

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