Monday, April 2, 2012

f|break: dance-tacular

thanks @StevieRyan (on web, facebook (stevie), facebook (vh1 stevie)youtube) for the awesome craziness you bring to pop culture's characters crazy people. you are now part of my guilty pleasure couch potato moments (and i have thinned out my dvr, so i'm sure not to miss any of your sketches).

enjoy a fiber break with stevie (over here)
for ~ 3:28 minutes with dance mom abby lee miller 
(the real dance mom abby over here on lifetime, in case you didn't know) 

fear and shame are the number one tools ...
... dancing robot that runs on glitter, make-up, and flintstones' chewables
chloe better shoot right out of abby's ass ... top of that pyramid
... start careers ... local exotic dance facilities ...

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