Thursday, March 12, 2015

Knock-Knock? ... Who's there?

(Thanks @Kelsey_Rex)
Shirlnutkin who?

Shirlnutkin - the less-than-employed since April 4, Shirlnutkin!

Yes, it is I, Shirlnutkin, AND I am approaching my one-year anniversary of my last formal day, April 4.

This post is my note to myself - what I have been doing over this past year. And for those that may prefer to look at my work-out-loud, emerging digital footprint stuff -

McSweeney Inspired

McSweeney's Today's Feature by Kelsey Rexroat (on twitter) - Your Resignation Request Has Been Denied - is my inspiration for this post. Kelsey's post is brilliant! (Full article over here)
"... This is to inform you that Human Resources has received your written statement titled “Notice of Resignation.” We regret to inform you that your request for employment termination cannot be accommodated at this time. ...

... Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that the success of this non-retention policy was commensurate with your continued absorption of an increasingly higher workload without a corresponding increase in compensation. ...

... Furthermore, your recent performance review indicates that over the course of your employment, you have become the sole holder of valuable insider secrets that we cannot allow to leave the company. ...

... On behalf of the company, we would like to thank you for your attention to this matter and continued employment.  ..."
Needless to say I did not receive such a response when I quit.

My Other 1-Year Anniversary

There is another one-year anniversary - March 19, next Thursday. On March 19, I sent an email to the division in which I worked. I included three words that described my nearly 7 years of employment (more specifically per LinkedIn, 6 years, 8 months)-
  • Transformative with regards to creative and new ways of discussing, prioritizing, and resolving cross-cutting issues when working with other discipline areas.
  • Challenging with regards to the many facets of our decision-making procedures that extend beyond our immediate office and Region.
  • Inspiring with regards to working with people who are truly committed to and have similar values as the reach of the Agency’s mission. 
Hmmmm ... well, that was interesting to re-read.

Where I Am Now ...

Speaking of LinkedIn, as part of what I have been doing since April 4, here is my restarted consulting practice (Resource Catalysts, or R|CAT) blog post - Until April 2014 - At EPA for 6 years, 8 months - which emerged as part of my figuring out "What's next?"

Again, here is my post from the day after - April 5. Using this as my guide to update "Where I am now ..." share -
  • yet ... I am ever creating and imagining. MEANWHILE, I have restarted my consulting practice, continued to evolve my coaching practice, and brewing up a few other for fee and not-for-fee activities. For my consulting practice -
    • I have had one client (invoice for March work)
    • I have an annual purchase order with another client
    • I have quite a bit of administrative paper work in the works, e.g., insurance, contract language, marketing material, etc.
  • options ... At some point in late summer 2014 when I decided to restart my consulting practice, I lightly closed the door on employment by larger organizations. HOWEVER, I am always open to learn what opportunities there are. One never knows.
  • consulting ... Resource Catalysts is back. I am very slowly uploading to Slideshare my older (aka "vintage") presentations from my 1994-2007 years, and I have decided to use Twitter @R_Catalysts, and at some point, I will have my domain name mapped to my blog and a business email address to use.
  • behavior design ... I have continued to apply the teachings of BJ Fogg from my June 2012 Boot Camp experience and Boot Camp refresher.
  • servant leadership ... I am pondering how my servant-leader journey is part of my "What's next" and what I have learned from the teachings of Robert K. Greenleaf, through the certificate program of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
  • improvisation ... I am in my my fifth year of loving the improv community
  • coach ... Since 2013, I have been a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach, have completed BJ Fogg's Masterclass in Tiny Habits, and I am currently co-teaching a Masterclass with another coach (Fernando Basagoitia), and Linda and BJ
  • mentor ... Primarily through helping with professional development goals and resume makeover coaching, I have been mentoring those transitioning into and navigating around the workplace (or workspace)
For now, I will close out with three slides from February EUEC 2015 presentation. And yes, for a 7:30-9:30 AM panel on the last day of the conference, I managed to incorporate an audience warm-up with a little improv fun.

It has been a great almost year!
What is YOUR "What's next?"
Where are you now or soon-to-be?

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