Friday, May 25, 2012

more about my tod's

hanging with my @fluevog little shoe addiction.

in march, i picked up a pair of tod's and my feet are happy. 

of course, admittedly, during this year's international fluevog day, i have added two more pairs of vogs since my early may 2012 count - 
. mini | qtee
. angels | supervog
- but more on that at a later date.

thanks, again, to jeff ... just wanted once again to thank jeff at the las vegas store. i have not (yet) added another pair of tod's because i just have not (yet) sought them out, however, i do remember the two other pairs that i tried -

thick sole, black patent leather loafers
sporty sneaker style oxfords
meanwhile, my tod's has been out and about in cubeopolis,
and this cubester had a fun day 
with polka dots, ribbon, and artwork.

is it time (yet) to do 
some hunting for tod's?

Monday, May 21, 2012

congrats MUT Improv E!

our short form #improv show at @madeuptheatre (on webfacebook, yelp) yesterday evening was totally AWESOME.
our May 20th Improv E post-show WOO-HOO!
memories ... for me, a few fun games' (with list over here) memories include (but definitely aren't limited to) -
  • Story/Instruction Manual - a manual for "ball" - named harold or harolda ... LOVELY!
  • New Choice -  chasing a weasel ... chasing an antelope ... LOVED IT!
  • Replay - mary and contrary mary, way to take "recess" into the world of romantic comedy and horror! ... TOO FUN!
  • Boo-Yay! - fun suggestions ... especially enjoyed the "glasses" exchange.
  • Love Song - singing about inka who likes homework and wants to be a neurologist!
  • Playground Insults -  well, well, well ... "horrendous gorilla" didn't quite come to fruition but it was lots of fun!
  • Blind Line - having fun with the suggestion "lobster" and AIDS (uhm ... a bit of a wtf?! moment, and that's how improv goes!)
  • 185 - great way to wrap-up a show (... and oh! the suggestion of "engineer" definitely had a memorable punchline!)
see a SHOW and/or take a CLASS at Made Up Theatre!
thanks, again, made up theatre 
and fellow improvisors
for a fun time performing 
for friends and family!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

short form #improv

made up theatre's level e improvisors (this evening!)
TONIGHT ... at @madeuptheatre (on web, facebook, yelp), our graduation from level E will showcase tidbits of what we've learned during our short form improv experience ... think of it as our foray into a kind of  "whose line is it anyway?" experience
(kinda sorta)

  • where: made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's).
  • when: sunday, tonight
    • door opens at 7:30 pm.
    • show begins at 8:00 pm (pretty promptly).
    • the show will run about an hour.
  • how much: $5 per person (for convenience, cash only, please). 

singing and insults and stories and more -
quickie preview about tonight's show ... 

  • Story/Instruction Manual - A pointing game where we are either telling a story together or reading an instruction manual together.

    meet sean
  • New Choice - A scene is being done. At anytime, the host can blow a whistle and say new choice, and the person who just said something has to say something different.
  • Replay - A set-up scene is done. After that emotions, genres, and/or accents are chosen from the audience. The scene is redone but with these suggestions incorporated into the scene (one at at time). 1 replay may be the emotions of Joy/Anger/Lust, the next may be a Western, and the next may be Shakespeare.
  • Boo-Yay! - Two people start. One person is YAY and one person is BOO. The Yay says something positive about the suggestion, and the BOO says something negative.

    meet bobby
  • Love Song - Bobby will play the guitar, and we will sing a love song together.
    • Playground Insults - Two teams. A guesser from each team goes outside, and the host gets multi-syllabic words for both teams. Using mime, the performers try to get the guessers to guess the "insult" through by pantomiming the words.
    • Blind Line - Everyone playing leaves the room. Lines of dialogue are collected from the audience and written on strips of paper. The performers do a scene and every so often read a line and incorporate it into their scene.
    • 185 - "185 *BLANKS* walk into a bar, bartender says "We don't serve *BLANKS,* so the 185 *BLANKS* say PUNCHLINE. 

    committing to bold choices and fun!

    Thursday, May 3, 2012

    twenty-five six ...

    ... and counting my @fluevog
    @Fluevog Radio | CBC (purple)

    retail therapy ... it was my moment of retail therapy yesterday, and i was just wanting to see some smiling faces at the haight street store.

    26 ... that's the count with this pair of purple CBCs, which i'll be wearing with the teal laces to cubeopolis tomorrow (err ... today, thursday) .

    and the other pairs? ...  "where are the other 25 pairs?" you ask. whether or not you're asking, visit them among the cobbled blog posts. check them out at

    • 25th pair in this post
      • adriana | nuni
    • 24th-1st pair in this post

      • operetta | brightman
      • bellevue | etta place
      • faith | certitude
      • prepares | merit
      • mini | zaza
      • another day | monday
      • adrians | alli
      • minis | elif
      • wonders | kiliminjaros 
      • hope | promise
      • prepares | guide
      • baroque | ruben
      • mini | gorgeous
      • angel | ?
      • operetta | julia
      • operetta | malibran 
      • truth | pilgrim
      • frontier hi | calamity
      • together hi | benatar
      • angels | michael
      • wearever | gracias
      • bellevues | pearl hart
      • operetta | malibran (black)
      • fellowship | kathy

    accessories, too!

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