Saturday, March 31, 2012

this eve's #improv

from 3 for all 
thanks @3forallimprov (on web, facebook, twitter, youtube) for being part of my springtime with improv (of course in addition to my love of made up theatre)

this evening ... 3 for all's show this evening at fort mason's bayfront theatre was truly fun and entertaining. i must say that one of the scenes as part of the first half's montage based on the audience suggestion sci-fi was quite the crazy "robot chair gymnastics" - crazy fun! and needless to say - 3 for all's long form show based on the audience suggestion (for a title of a movie that does not exist) the secret of silence was fabulous.

enjoy a fiber break with rafe - stephen - tim (over here)
for ~ 9:15 minutes featured on a 2003 kqed's SPARK

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

springtime with #improv

time to be an audience member!
my eyes and ears will be entertained this spring ...
3 for all, the improvised shakespeare company, and made up theatre

this weekend at fort mason's bayfront theater
with 3 for all (on facebook, youtube)


a mid-april jaunt northbound toward our capitol
to be entertained at the uc davis mondavi center
by chicago's the improvised shakespeare company
(on facebook, youtube, twitter)  

about the players

will sprinkle in for saturdays here and there 
fremont's made up theatre
check out made up theatre's show

Monday, March 26, 2012

f|break: more dog stuff

seinfeld and south park ... this morning we learned about dogs and drugs and commercial parodies. this evening?  just a silly, classic kramer bit with smuckers the dog, who has a nagging cough. and cartman meets the dog whisperer.

enjoy a fiber break with smuckers and kramer (over here) for ~2:31 minutes

BONUS: enjoy a south park fiber break with cartman (over here)
for ~ 1:25 minutes with the dog whisperer

dogs show their dominance by nipping each other on the neck
but it works equally well on the child
i just use two fingers, nip at the child's next ...
... take your son for a walk

f|break: beagle-hamster

or hamster-beagle? either way, when i saw this commercial during a weekday and NOT on a saturday night (as in SNL time frame), i realized this commercial was a REAL commercial. trifexis. beef-flavored. for protecting your dog from parasites. even includes a list of side effects for which to watch out.

enjoy a commercial fiber break with a beagle (over here)
for ~ 1:02 min because even beagles need drugs (?!)

BONUS: enjoy a fiber break with a talking dog (over here)
for ~ 31 secs, a dog that is talking about the wrong drug
(acid or shrooms ... not likely weed)

"Hey Lindsay? I wish you didn't smoke weed. 

You're not the same when you smoke. 
And I miss my friend. 
I'll be outside."

one more commerical fiber break - SNL style (over here)
for ~1:27 min - classic turlington's lower back tattoo remover

Sunday, March 25, 2012

more #improv

instructor bobby from MUT
thanks @madeuptheatre, aka MUT (on web, facebook, twitter, yelp) for launching us into level e class this evening - short form improv - where we are learning different games.

and this evening, week 1 of 8 classes total (with a performance after we finish our classes) - fun times among eight of us as we learned the following games -
  • story / instruction manual
  • cassanova / pick up
  • love song
  • playground insults
  • moving bodies
- and what was that ...? 
love wha...? 
... song? 
love song?
does that mean singing?!

MUT has us singing.
"mary, mary, 
i like you so ..."

f|break: music

thanks again @paddyscoffee @_doeeye (on soundcloudweb, twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube) for an afternoon of ear-happiness. 
from paddy's coffee house
it was great to meet doe eye, aka maryam qudus... what a wonderful soul. and what a treat to get a copy of her debut ep run run run.

enjoy a music fiber break with doe eye over here
for ~4:00 min with i hate you ...

and in fact,
please do listen to run run run

and lastly ... like what you are hearing?
check out the 
and vote accordingly!

gimme @HistPhilosophy ...

from: history of philosophy, episodes
make me ponder ... ponder indeed, as i commute back and forth from the east bay and sf. as shared over here, history of philosophy without any gaps is serious, cerebral, and entertaining for my ears. (smile) with a new episode every week,

pause and catch-up ... i have a bit of catching up to do with a total of 73 episodes today. i have made it through the presocratics, which means that is 14 episodes. indeed, i've got a tad more to go to catch-up, HOWEVER, i'm not rushing to do so. i'm revisiting episodes and checking out some recommended readings. helps to have the information sink in not just from ear-educating (audio) but also from reading and maybe, if i'm lucky, even discussing with someone(s).

recap tidbits ... i started listening earlier this year, and i have completed 14 episodes, which begins with the presocratics and starts with greek philosophy in 6 BC. and 6 BC? it's all about fragments. my very breathy, quickie, "t-shirt take-away"* for the first 12 ...
  1. thales of miletus ... water.
  2. anaximander of miletus ... infinite. (author of on nature.)
    anaximines of miletus ... air. 
  3. xenophanes of colophon, ionia ... fire????
  4. pythagoras of samos ... math.
  5. heraclitus of ephesus ... opposites. (also of the fragment - no man ever steps in the same river twice.)
  6. mm mccabe on heraclitus ... (interview with)
  7. parmenides of elea ... metaphysics.
  8. zeno of elea ... paradoxes. (and infinite division; one being)
    melissus of samos, elea
    ... infinite.
  9. democritus (atomist) ... space.
    leucippus (atomist) ...(teacher of democritus)
  10. anaxagoras (mixture) ... everything-in-everything.
  11. empedocles of acragas, sicily ... four roots (air, water, fire, earth), love, and strife
  12. m. scholfield on the presocratics from milesians to parmenides ... (interview with)

14 listened, 12 listed ... i am taking a pause to delve a little deeper into what i've had a chance to listen. and i'll just "batch" list episodes by the dozen. (as an fyi, 13 = the hippocratics; 14 = the sophists). for each episode, there are recommended further readings with each podcast. also, i can check in the stanford encyclopedia of philosophy and ancient greek philosophy.

philosophy pause? not quite ...
in my commute-ear now-a-days -
(his philosophical speak, i dig)

*t-shirt take-away: 
tid-bit that fits on a t-shirt

Friday, March 23, 2012

thanks @dmlcentral

now it's your turn
 to read and 
enjoy the wisdom!

full infographic at connected learning
i just learned about connected learning, which is part of DML central's the digital media & research learning hub (on web, twitter). i'm soaking up the nooks and crannies of DML's website, where they share about DML Central -
"This collaborative blog and curated collection of free and open resources is produced by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, which is dedicated to analyzing and interpreting the impact of the Internet and digital media on education, civic engagement, and youth."
hmmm ... lots of nooks and crannies. looks like i'm due for a quick get-away to soak up dml central along with many other web offerings.

got curiosity?!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

unleashing soulwork ...

image from bindlestiff studio
thanks @MaxaliShines ... you don't know me (yet), but i'm glad we have a friend in common.

i don't think i've been bit by the performance-bug (if there is such a bug), however, i do believe this "bug" is part of my 3 words shared earlier this year - believe, foresight, expressive. (and in fact, now i am wondering how close or far the idea of performance is from the desire to be expressive.)

expressive ... i am creatively expressive. writing and speaking are my first go-to places for being expressive. i'm chugging along to create and experience these opportunities. also, i have started my second year of improv with made up theatre. i have my little brunetti cartooning tidbit. and a few other express-yourself ideas brewing, such as aarp's expressive drawing on-line course.

coming sooner ... soulwork: creating, acting, living begins april 1 (afternoon) for 6 sunday afternoons, and signing up is easy. created and taught be nicole maxali (on web, twitter, facebook, youtube), this workshop will be at SF's bindlestiff studio. nicole shares -
"Inspired by books like The Artist's Way and real life experiences, this experiential workshop includes reflective writing exercises, improv games, scene work and theater basics to help participants get out of their own way and manifest their deepest desires. By being in the moment, actively listening (to oneself and those around you), finding your true intentions and taking risks, you can become a better actor and if the world is a stage better you as well."
expressive inventory ... for me at this time, blogging, improv, cartooning, soulwork, long walks, journaling, and meditation are those activities i have engaged that come to mind.

and for my dear @TKSaville (aka tracy, on twitter), creator of the digital magazine LeadingPossibilities, i will indeed give birth to writing what tracy likely already has seen in my future, while i work on my unleashing the thoughts from my head with the passion of my heart through the fingertips on my hands! (virtual hugs, tracy!)

what does expressive mean to you?
how do you express yourself? 
and if you don't, why not?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

wihtlft: as i get older ...

well @jenimvt @billn6 ... as i continue recuperating, here is #2 of the series(?) after yesterday's post. and the dots i connected this afternoon - aging, early bird specials, generations, and ...

when i chatted with my mail man this afternoon, i realized i am going to continue getting mail (paper and electronic) - mail you all won't get for several years (unless you become a member). yup! with the half-decade mark in sight next year, i am eligible for ... wait for it ... membership with AARP. and i must say - COOL features and info on their website!

older workforce ...
a little side bar
- i learned that the fed's (as part of the age discrimination in employment act of 1967) define an older workforce member as one who is 40 years or older. (give THAT some thought)

AARP ...
formerly the american association of retired persons, i have learned AARP, for people 50 years and older, has quite the potpourri of stuff - lots of stuff. feel free to peruse AARP; for now, here's my quick tour for you -
my peeps and my generation ...  well, i can only imagine the discussions my friends and i will have as we - the mish-mash of late baby boomers, gen x, millennial interests - will be discussing. we already talk about our creaking joints, being asleep before 11 pm (heck, before 10 pm), new-found knowledge about a fiber-rich food, and reunions. though we are not quite spring chickens, we have our spirit - and soon, maybe we'll compare our drawings from the AARP expressive drawing course.

infographic me ... may as well have some sort of template for this "series", so here's an infographic - generation related. hmmm ... looks like some adult millennials may not be getting enough sleep. 

Created by: MBA Online

Sunday, March 18, 2012

wihtlft: as i get older ...

thanks @jenimvt @billn6 for yesterday's (saturday's) messages. though i wish we were next door neighbors, the 3-hour time difference and text messaging was awesome! and as a result, i'll start my short series of posts about what i have to look forward to ... based on whatever random thoughts collide and connect as i spend time on the web, e.g., emails, facebook, twitter, blogs, tumblr, ... inspired by our text messages and/or chats!
(NOTE: if you choose to read on, this post has references 
to scatology and "the change" ... just sayin')
what i have to look forward to ... as i get older,  inspired by this morning's web troll -
result? ... choices and aging. i started thinking about what choices i have as i get older - i can choose ...
  • to eat better, 
  • to exercise regularly, 
  • to decide how much social media to digest, 
  • whom to date,
  • when (and whether) i read my unread emails
... BUT i can NOT choose what perimenopausal / menopausal symptoms i have as i stroll into toward 50 years old next year. i fell down the interwebs menopausal rabbit-hole, curious about what choices i do NOT have. read on or don't read on, this is what i learned ...

. birthday . pro-choice . healthy habits . gathering information .  
. fiber . being a woman . menopause . symptoms . 
. hot flashes . poop . menopause . insomnia .

infographic me ... i looked for any infographics on my connecting the dots*. menopause? none. poop? yes, the facts about poop. sleep? yes, the secret to better sleep.

More Health and Fitness
News & Tips at Greatist.
* CONTEXT: because thoughts are like dots ... i like to connect them. sometimes the dots/thoughts relate (in the conventional sense), sometimes they don't (simply because others may not see the relationship), and always they make sense, at least to me, at the time i connect the thoughts.

Friday, March 16, 2012

sharing bigger tidbit ...

brownian motion? equilibrium
yesterday's share ... after yesterday's meditation, post-pondering and creating, exercising, locking myself out of my home, and other morning comedy, i also submitted a proposal to present something (at a september 2012 conference by applied improvisation network) - AND that something that i'd love to share would be related to my blog post content of still pondering: share what?!...   

lather, rinse, repeat ... granted, i have been in a bit of a lather, rinse, repeat mode of contemplating, compiling, and creating - and now with a "trigger" of a yesterday deadline to share a proposal, here are a few tidbits from my submittal (within the prescribed word count limits) -
  • still ruminating
    my bio ... 25+ workforce years in government, consulting, utility, and self-employment, my philosophy involves servant leadership, improv, behaviors, and possibility. educated engineer, also life’s workplace explorer and storyteller, catalyst, connector of randomness.
  • session description ... A TED Talk style session, my presentation would be around “HOW to BEHAVE in ONE-on-ONE interactions to be the CATALYSTS of
    from BJ Fogg's Beavior Model site
    POSSIBILITY through SERVANT LEADERSHIP and IMPROV.”  (Title would be shorter) I have never given this presentation and would love to do so. I would incorporate the teachings and learnings of Dov Seidman, BJ Fogg, T2 Performance Solutions, Robert Greenleaf, and the principles of mentoring and improv. I would present my background of how I have come to believe that this approach to “share____” (term still to be coined to represent the “shared equilibrium” of communications) can be readily part of one’s creating a more positive workplace experience. And I would give examples of the do’s and don’ts. 
  • from T2 Performance Solutions
  • communications related ... It is a one-on-one type of interaction that has a basic framework while using the characteristics of servant leadership and the "rules" of improv play.
  • transformation related ... The one-on-one approach I have is rooted in existing workplace basics, yet involves engaging in a shared and vested interest in another workplace person’s personal and professional development and values.
  • a few more thoughts ... Frankly, because I am still in gathering all my thoughts, I am not sure if what I have (will have) would be a 5-minute or 15-minute session. I do believe I can share my session in 5-minutes (with practice, maybe kind of like an "Ignite" format).  However, I also believe that I can create a 15-minute session (or up to 15-minutes).

be the change ... with the theme of the conference, we were asked "does your program related to be the change? if so, how?" here is my response via wordle.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

still pondering: share what?! ...

just share yourself

through servant leadership and improv
my morning thoughts after meditation ... while i am still in creating mode, i ponder the similarities of servant leadership and improv, i am very much interested in the ONE-on-ONE interactions that spurs those small cultural shifts - which frankly are the CATALYSTS for more palpable shifts. while i am sure others have explored servant leadership and improv, i am glad to be part of the exploration, and i intend to bring my little nifty tools to share with others. as i shared in my final paper with the greenleaf academy -
"By observing and reflecting on my workplace, I intend to explore the use of language – written, verbal, artistic expression – to affect workplace satisfaction. Three topic areas that I am pursuing include: systems ... storytelling ... philosophy."
For Now, I Choose the Petri Dish:
Unwritten Rules and Alphabet Soup
key practices paper, p. 1
key practices paper, p. 2

honest discovery, observation, and reaction [are] better than contrived  invention ... listen ... connections cannot be avoided ... respect choices made by others ... accept and build ... avoid preconceived notions ... welcome the silences ... there is action in thought ... reflect each other's ideas .
patience, perseverance, POSSIBILITY, and dogged belief ... i believe very much that one person can and should make a difference. and i further believe that sharing is part of making a difference. moreover i believe that HOW i have experienced making a difference (and continue to do so) - through lessons learned, from mentors, from observations, from family - can also be experienced by others. 
i believe a person can make a difference
in what may seem like an indifferent 
(or to some, uncaring) workspace.

choose BEHAVIORS ... in particular, because of the cubeopolis world that many people are part and participate, i recognize the healthy and unhealthy behaviors among various interactions. i have contributed both to the healthy and unhealthy - and i am continuing to strive to choose healthy. (every once in a while, i eat the figurative cubeopolis bag of chili fries, but at least i realize i have made the choice to do so and will experience whatever outcome from doing so.) although arguably rooted in my own value system, it is fair to say that within the context of cubeopolis's written and unwritten rules, the intent is to have a fair and happy cuebopolis culture. and likewise, such a culture would be rooted in its own value system.

LISTENING ... empathy . healing . awareness . persuasion . conceptualization . foresight . stewardship . building community . commitment to the growth of people . self-awareness . changing the pyramid . developing your colleagues . coaching, not controlling . unleashing the energy and intelligence of others .

as i re-read my morning's post-meditation yip-yap, 
i believe i'm moving toward...

HOW to BEHAVE in ONE-on-ONE interactions 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

f|break: franco ramble

image from:
yes, james franco (on imdb, whosay, facebook). i shared back in april 2011 a fiber break blog post with a few videos of franco on the colbert report and SNL. (chuckles)

crushing franco? ... hmmm, i don't think so because it's not like my mike rowe crush, though there is something about franco. je ne sais quoi. maybe it was his sleeping in a class. (it reminds me of when i fell asleep in a college lecture in the first row (front and center) during one of my classes; i knocked over a full cup of orange juice. i respect sleepers!) anyway, while i'm figuring that out, here's a franco funny or die clip about his ucla commencement speech - not.

enjoy a fiber break of james franco (over here)
for ~ 5:57 minutes on funny or die

college ... it takes minds into space like a rocket 
(this is where i get my jetpack, fire it up, fly over the audience)
who doesn't fucking fall asleep in class?
go out and make babies

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

totally pondering ...

circles and arrows 
any which way or this way?!

i have been slowly chipping away at my greenleaf three topic areas that i shared, and since then, i also have been ruminating about how to articulate my ideas about my mash-up of share + esteem or sharesteem (or even improv + esteem = improvesteem) ... an approach about how two people connect and support each other in a kind of equilibrium, influenced by several basics of improv ...

honest discovery, observation, and reaction [are] better than contrived  invention ... listen ... connections cannot be avoided ... respect choices made by others ... accept and build ... avoid preconceived notions ... welcome the silences ... there is action in thought ... reflect each other's ideas .

... and against the backdrop of servant leadership traits ...
LISTENING ... empathy . healing . awareness . persuasion . conceptualization . foresight . stewardship . building community . commitment to the growth of people . self-awareness . changing the pyramid . developing your colleagues . coaching, not controlling . unleashing the energy and intelligence of others .
while i ponder, journal, doodle, spew, and jibber-jabber, i find myself pleasantly surprised at each day's gifts/offerings of inspiration and reminders.

maybe it's something like
no arrows
and just circles?


i will keep ruminating

Sunday, March 11, 2012

f|break: inception ...

... simpsons style - thanks the simpsons (on facebook, twitter, web) for the technicolor fun inception-esque episode. bedwetting? shameful eddie's - the embarrassing problem superstore's uralaram? loved the very(!) early-on simpsons. (no saito?) (image from fox broadcasting youtube) and as for the episode it self, just a few nifty quotes (best to watch for context) to whet one's appetite.

enjoy a fiber break with the simpsons (over here)
for ~1:40 minute trailer of their 500th episode
"typical dream nonsense"
"... you'll get your change in bacon"
"oh death, you're a life saver"
"come on everybody, feel daddy's underpants"

Thursday, March 8, 2012

scored s'mores mocha + shoes ...

... AND  a chat with my bank. something about possible fraud. i guess that's what happens when one makes a series of purchases within a couple of hours ...
  • gift for bro. 
  • food. 
  • shoes. 
  • apple store. 
  • taxi ride. 
... and then just when i wanted to check my bag in at the airport ('cuz who doesn't want to give an airline more money for service that used to be free?!)  WAIT!!! NOT-SO-FAST, SHIRLNUTKIN! 

found s'mores mocha 
as i set out to do
from hash house a go go (at imperial palace)
and i strolled the forum shops intending to window shop and hit the apple store. THEN my feet led me to believe that i needed a pair of loafers and my feet walked in to tod's (and i met jeffrey). (i swear there must be some sort of subliminal messages going on!) i admitted to jeffrey that i was a tod virgin, and i was preparing to cheat on john fluevog. (jeffrey expressed his liking fluevog and his fave hayes valley's gimme shoes and bulo, and that's when my feet convinced my hands to reach for my wallet.)

tod's shoes - blue patent leather.
that'll teach me to cheat on john
with jeffrey serving up tod.

just checking in ...

... before i check-out from las vegas - a short 3 night trip. a cubeopolis trip. and as a non-gambler, no gambling losses to speak of. just eating, shopping, and doing cubeopolis stuff. no shows this time around. coming back? yes.

work travel much? ... meh. i used to travel quite a bit, pre-cubeopolis, a.k.a. when my boss was the voices in my head. however, not-so-much now-a-days. the voices in my head are dormant, and i don't have many cubeopolis-reasons for travel. when i used to travel, i was quite the organized and streamlined traveler - even with last minute request to fly across the country - overnight, couple of days, or extended stays (where i'd prefer a nice kitchenette). oh the memories! meanwhile, thanks to a fellow cubester, l.a.g., who sent me a nice picture to brighten up my travel moments!

and now, before i bolt home,
time for a little shopping at the forum shops
and seeking out a s'mores mocha!
from august 2007, san diego


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

tiny habits - just before hump day

well @bjfogg, this second time around with tiny habits is a bit unlike the first timefor which i believe in my first experience, i hit the mark each day with my anchors and the tiny-ness of my habits.

two days into this week, my 3 tiny habits have been -

  • after i brush my teeth, i will floss one tooth.
  • after i take off my shoes, i will stretch my legs.
  • after i use the bathroom, i will stretch my arms.

bravo-ish! ... my little victory-awesomeness cheer has been exercised when doing my habits, albeit not 100% of the time.

  • day 1 - accomplished each of my tiny habits
  • day 2 - accomplished 2 of my 3 tiny habits consistently
super habits ... in my daily report, for day 1, i did share that i am on travel. i learned a new "term" when bj fogg responded - 
travel is really tough on habits. 
if you can do these habits, then they are what i call "super habits" - things you do no matter the situation.
swirling thoughts ... indeed, after my day 2 experience and thinking about how i am making an effort to develop a my tiny habits, i shared the following - 
i am on travel, and i appreciate [bj fogg's] comment about "super habits" - for which i have come to realize a few things:
  • visualization - i am thinking that my "visualization" for preparing for tiny habits was too "specific". that is, i actually envisioned my taking off my shoes at home (after coming home from work, from socializing, from exercising, e.g., familiar home environment settings). my tiny habits seem simple enough. i was thinking it's not a difficult thing to do while i'm on travel, BUT i realize the setting/environment is different enough. i've been (re)visualizing in a "generic" context setting - JUST the anchor and action.
  • blog post with tiny habits written - HAVING written the tiny habit AND a "public place" (blog) makes a difference for me.
  • my "n" on my tiny habit "bathroom / i will stretch my arms"
  •  - i have actually done this habit MOST of the time, today, HOWEVER, i reported "n" because i did NOT do it when i arrived back at my hotel room and used the bathroom. i just wanted to freshen up, change attire, etc, and completely forgot to stretch. in fact, i realized it because i opened up this email and reported my results. HOWEVER, at the work venue where i spent most of my day, i stretched afterwards each time - usually after i dry my hands.
  • awesomeness - i have not been consistent with the "awesomeness" celebratory statements and "happy dance". i do believe this makes a difference to celebrate, as you have advised and shared.  
SIDE NOTE: from my other existing tiny habits, VERY HAPPY that i continue to "touch my water glass" (aka drink water), i have a designated area in my hotel room to "corral" my work bags, and i'm getting my walking in! in fact, i am STILL celebrating these when i do them!

got anchors
getting habits
celebrating victories

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