Tuesday, February 19, 2013

archetype you

thanks @CarolineMyss @ArchetypeMe ...   back in the early 1990s, i came across your co-authored book the creation of health. i had an odd inflammation of the eye, and while strolling through the alternative medicine/health section of a book store, i came across your book. since then, i have often gifted copies of the creation of health for friends, as well as chat about the book.

just this weekend, i spoke with a friend about you after she shared with me a book by louise hay. i forwarded her a link to the creation of health description, and then i decided to check out what else you have on the web.

my archetype quiz results ... i am giving ArchetypeMe a whirl. this evening, i took my initial take of the archetype me quiz, which resulted in the following - 

35% intellectual | 22% visionary | 23% creative
20% other (of the remaining 7 archetypes)

my three archetypes are described as -
  • intellectual ... if you're intellectual, you're always seeking knowledge and wisdom. also described in the archepedia as "While intellectuals enjoy giving answers, they delight most in asking questions, either of others or of the universe." (read more here)
  • visionary ... visionary women see important things before others do and make new rules that change the world. also described in the archepedia as "Visionaries don’t mind being misunderstood as long as they get heard eventually." (read more here)
  • creative ... the creative woman lives to express herself and is happiest when she is making something, whether it's a dress, video, novel, song, dessert, or website. also described in the archepedia as "Creative women live to create and express themselves. They’re happiest when they’re making something." (read more here)
- and the other 20% archetypes are characterized as - rebel, athlete, fashionista, queen/executive, advocate, spiritual, and caregiver. 

after reading the curated material of other archetypes, i also enjoyed the following as described in the archepedia -
  • rebel ... "Societal values about how women should behave don’t ruin your fun." (read more here)
  • spiritual ...  if you’re Spiritual, you are drawn to questions of faith and are concerned with consciousness. "Spiritual people rely on their dreams and their senses to understand the kinds of things that many of us don’t see or care to see." (read more here)

what is your archetype?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

regrouping 2013 refresh and reignite

shirlnutkin ponders ...
layering and infusing ... as i approach the half-century mark of existence (or more simply stated, as i turn 50 years old later this year), i have pondered "stuff" - and on new year's day, i shared my refresh and reignite approach of the life-experiencing, life-planning tradition i have had (and tweaked here and there) since 1999.

a little less chem-e ... and a little more non-chem-e. this was a comment from delicate flower who specifically stated -
"You are way too organized lady. Don't let that engineer-organized brain stop your creative brain." 
- and while my organization "techniques" may actually look chaotic, indeed, i can and do regularly exercise a chemical engineer's process flow approach in much of what i do. for those who have continued to inspire me and whom i thanked last spring 2012, your words (and that of many others) have shaped my 2013 refresh and reignite.
streamlined mash-up ... i am cross-cutting and trimming my YHD, 3 words, and tiny habits. i am grouping the YHD categories, approaching goals with mindset of 3-words, and taking action with the tiny habits approach.

tiny habits ... from bj fogg's work in behavior design, he shares - 
"When you know how
create Tiny Habits
you can change your life forever
i over-shared my tiny habits experience. also, i participated in bj fogg's persuasion boot camp back in june 2012. all of this is evolved into my interest in behavior design. and as friends and colleagues know, i often suggest that for changes they want to make - (e.g., health improvements, productivity, organization, etc.), just participate for a week in tiny habits. it's a quick week of seeing what habits one can create.

3 words ... my 2013 3 words via chris brogan are - 
  • deliberate - be clear, purposeful, and committed in decision-making. be present to recognize and engage in opportunities supportive of my big story/vision.
  • expressive - through writing, speaking, drawing, and performing, be the person who reflects, shares, communicates, and entertains myself and others about what i believe of my big story/vision.
  • shift - recognize and create those events and activities that bring change supportive of my big story/vision.
in comparison, my 3 words for 2012 are over here - believe, foresight, expression. elements of believe, foresight, and expression remain as part of my 2013 3 words. as background, chris shares -
"The three words are a shorthand representation of your bigger story. It’s kind of like how an icon isn’t the software program. It’s just a way for you to mentally access all the work you’re doing."
YHD ... there are 9 principles. i consider this a woo-woo book - a kind of spiritual and law of attraction thing. as stated on choquette's website -
"There are metaphysical laws at work in the universe that bring to us both what we want and what we don't want, depending on our habits of thought and behavior."
 - and the 9 principles are ...
  1. focus your desire (bring your dream into focus)
  2. send clear messages to your subconscious mind. repeat them and make sure they are positive (gain the support of your subconscious mind)
  3. deeply imagine realizing your goal ~ do it in detail (imagine your heart's desire)
  4. establish order in your physical environment (eliminate your obstacles)
  5. open yourself to your intuition ~become aware of synchronicity, etc. (be open to intuitive guidance)
  6. rein in impulsive behavior (choose to support your dream with love)
  7. honor the power of your words ~ say what you mean (surrender control)
  8. persist in your dream (claim your dream)
  9. surrender to divine power and allow the universe to do the rest (stay true to your dream)
- along with 10 categories - health/body, finances, creative expression, relationships, spiritual, work, special intentions, travel/adventure, home, and possessions. i've grouped these as follows -
  • relationships - this is the grouping of ...
    • relationships - this includes the sphere of love, romance, marriage, divorce, children, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, partners, and pets
    • health and body - this means the sphere of physical health and well-being, including weight loss or gain, beauty, exercise, sport, and recovery from illness
    • work - this includes where you want to work, what you want to do, how much you want it to pay, whom you want to work with, the environment you want to work in, the rewards you want to receive, the amount of independence you want, and the contribution to the world you want to make
  • creative expression - this is the grouping of ...
    • creative expression - this includes singing, dancing, painting, writing, healing, intuiting, inventing, building, designing, photographing, acting, producing, filiming, cooking, gardening, sculpting
    • spiritual - this includes the sphere of personal discovery, healing old wounds, recovering personal power, expanding intuitive awareness, discovering new dimensions, remembering your true spiritual identity
    • travel and adventure - this includes travel, sports, recreation, retreat, world exploration, psychic exploration, and new experiences of every kind
  • home - this is the grouping of ...
    • home - this includes buying, selling, renting, remodeling, building, moving, acquiring roommates, decorating, and designing where you live
    • possessions - this includes any and all physical objects and property that may make your daily life more joyous, more pleasurable, more comfortable, more practical, and more fun 
  • finances - this is the grouping of ...
    • finances - this includes the sphere of income, savings, debt payoff, and money for purchases, adventures, and indulgences
    • special intention - this includes anything not directly covered in the above 
how are you creating
your 2013 experience?

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