Tuesday, January 1, 2013

REFRESH shirlnutkin


25 things*

curious discoveries ... with each turn of a new year, self-reflection continues because of my curious discoveries mindset that i carry around.

2013 is generally no different, as i do a few tweaks of my 2012 mash-up for 2013.

my 2012 mash-up ... when i approached 2012, i did so inspired by pulling together elements of my your heart's desire (or the "YHD" thing i've done since 1999) + 3 words via chris brogan + tiny habits via bj fogg and behavior design.

mid-year(ish) readjustment ... within a few months of 2012, i pursued trimming down my mash-up and memorialized this as part of my springtime thanks. from spring cleaning, several activities, interests, and topics jumped out as being more prevalent than others - anthrocubeology, improvisation, servant leadership, and shirlnutkin-ness (aka the random sh** i find entertaining and thought-provoking). oddly, however, my blogging frequency definitely diminished through the year.  

2013 refresh and reignite ... given some math and a calendar, 2013 is my half-century mark, as well as a 50 by 50 fluevog goal. as i approach my 10 core YHD areas -
  • health and body
  • finances
  • relationships
  • home
  • creative expression
  • work
  • spiritual
  • travel and adventure
  • special intentions
  • possessions
- by infusing each with my 3 words for 2013 -
  • deliberate
  • expressive
  • shift
- framed as part of my tiny habits "after ..., i will ...", i am looking forward to being more mindful of this shirlnutkin blog, contributing to for the love of vogs, and building upon anthrocubeology. and along the way, a little more eyebombing ...
Fluevog Prepare Hi | Steady with
Socksmith Squirrel and Acorn socks
 happy transition 
from 2012 
into the 2013 new year!

* that was kinda fun
revisiting 25 blah-blah things

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