Wednesday, November 7, 2012

50 by 50 = math meets #fluevog

thanks @Fluevog ... for continuing to feed my eyeballs with shoe love that translates to happy feet and then some.

back in october 2010, after purchasing my first two pairs in late 2008, i took my first inventory of Fluevogs - thirteen pairs of Fluevog shoes and your fabulous weekend bag - and i was not quite sure how far my love would travel.

thirty-four (or thirty-seven, depending on how one counts) ... as the "Madam" of MotleyFlue with For the Love of Vogs, this nutkin shall cross the half-century mark and wonders whether 50 by 50? countdown to halloween 2013 shall become a reality. given the support of the MotleyFlue and others, it is likely that 50 by 50 is a possibility, and then again ...

it's all about the journey, 
a few steps at a time

(with a Fluegasm here and there, of course)

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