Monday, November 12, 2012

#improv with @endgames_improv

on the other side ... of the bay area over here.

with fancy ladies,
two man Harold team,
aka guillermo martinez (L) and james folta (R)
(taken the week of james's NYC journey  ... 
thanks guillermo and james ... for seven saturday afternoons throughout september and october (or six ... i missed a class, but y'get the point), i drove into SF, parked at dogpatch (occasionally had ice cream at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous), 22-muni'd to the mission, had more and new improv stuff introduced through my earholes and grey matter, hung out here/there with fellow classmates over drinks, and then 22-muni'd back to dogpatch, etc... . at the end of october, i finished up with improv i (essentials of play) from endgames improv.

straddling the bay ... i continue to love hanging with the made up theatre (MUT) "hotties" (wink-wink) and other MUTrs. MUT's location is quite convenient and neary my nutkin abode - located nearby in the east bay in fremont. toward the end of summer, i learned i didn't make MUT's first performance group. with MUT's suggestions of continuing to -
"keep up with improv, take classes (even outside of MUT), see shows ..." 
- i continued with other MUT classes and took their advice. i checked out shows, looked to see what improv classes were offered throughout the bay area, found a saturday class, and decided to venture to SF's mission district on saturdays. for three hours each saturday, i gots me more improv fodder from guillermo and james, and i played with a bunch of new people (although steph is missing in the pic).

vampire pony express (VPEdebuts ... our improv grad show, which was originally scheduled in late october at stage werx, had to be rescheduled. as a result, yesterday evening, sunday, november 11 at 6:00 pm, was our rescheduled AND relocated show at the alcove theater near union square.
50% of VPE ... unfortunately, of the 16 of us from the endgames improv i, fall 2012 (saturday) class, not all of our fellow improvisers (and an instructor) were able to join for the performance. we certainly missed their energy, spontaneity, and bold choices!

(and introducing half of the ... Vampire Pony Express

thanks to family and friends
who came to witness 
the "mourning" of peggy with and by 
vampire pony express

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