Saturday, December 15, 2012

f|break: THANKS @marcmaron

for my #boomerlives women's XL brown t-shirt. and i REALLY mean THANKS!!! your offering a women's XL did not result in my grumbling about purchasing a men's sized t-shirt that would fit meh.

boomer on my chest ... i proudly wore my BOOMER LIVES! t-shirt to cubeopolis (work) on casual friday. (... with boomer story shared here, herehere, and here about the t-shirt)

boomer on my boobs ... one thing that was quite obvious was that boomer's ears lay atop my boobs. while it might have been somewhat entertaining to make his ears wiggle for friends and strangers throughout the day, i opted to forego that exercise (for the most part). meanwhile ...

boomer on our minds ... it turns out that one thing was NOT QUITE as obvious and discovered sometime just before lunch. rather than describe it, enjoy(? ... with some muffin-top) ...

enjoy a quick morning fiber break with boomer (over here) for ~ 20 seconds

boomer haz a sad
boomer has a cheezburger
awake boomer
sleepy boomer
boomer we miss you
we haz a sad

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