Tuesday, December 27, 2011

improv round 4 + counting ...

thanks @madeuptheatre (on web, facebook, twitter, yelp) for another fun improv opportunity. our recent show on december 19 was fun!  we have a group of eleven peeps - with a great variety of experience, interest, and excitement! and we have great instructors!

1-year anniversary soon ... my first class with made up theatre's improv A was on january 31 (over here). after 8 weeks, i was still a bit uncomfortable with the possibility of performing, so what a better way to over come the fear by moving on to improv B?!

performances down memory lane ... with that said, my first and second shows were on june 11 and september 9, respectively, with a first group of other folks. (yes, i do have a video from the september 9 show. for fun ... i have figured out how to turn watching the show into a drinking game.) three of us from the first group continued with MUT and joined eight others to play more! my third show was on october 27.

why improv for me? ... someone asked me why i continue with taking classes. well, there are a variety of reasons. as a start, contrary to some perceptions, i am not a person that is naturally comfortable as center of attention. yes, i'm gregarious, however, i tend to enjoy and often prefer small group interactions. how does this relate to improv? well, when i've shared why i continue, i often will refer to several tidbits in the book truth in comedy: the manual of improvisation - a few tidbits that can be applied beyond improv performances and stage work ... 
Honest discovery, observation, and reaction [are] better than contrived invention. … listen … connections cannot be avoided … respect choices made by others … accept and build … avoid preconceived notions … welcome the silences … there is action in thought … reflect each other's ideas.
ANYONE can benefit from improv!
your turn ... monday, jan 2nd!

Monday, December 26, 2011

arroz caldo means ...

i'm sick. and chicken arroz caldo  is the go-to comfort food. just as mentioned yesterday (over here) -
"not-so-good news ... i felt IT coming on, so i'm making use of acetaminophen (aka tylenol), tissue (aka kleenex), sleep, tea, water, and comfort food. missing christmas mass and social/fun at my ninang's place (aka LOTS o' food and love!)."
now i'm also buddies with guaifenisen, chicken bouillon, hot lemonade, and even more water and more sleep. ... yup - now back to sleep.

thanks, mommy, for the arroz caldo.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas (to me)


yup, today i'm santa ... that whole self-gifting thing? i'm in! (it's also known as treating myself.) my gift of choice?

it started this past monday with louis c.k. (over here) and it's continuing through january and february at sf's sketchfest.
not-so-good news ... i felt IT coming on, so i'm making use of acetaminophen (aka tylenol), tissue (aka kleenex), sleep, tea, water, and comfort food. missing christmas mass and social/fun at my ninang's place (aka LOTS o' food and love!).

good news ... celebrated christmas with family yesterday - christmas eve lunch, dinner, karaoke, and watching the more skillful niece + nephew on xbox.

couch-potato news ... now it's time to distribute my mini new-found wealth before getting ready to pay for taxes (yes, i'm also practical). although a little late on the take and missing out on already sold-out shows, SO FAR, i have laughter-gifted as follows -
... and still contemplating other laughter moments! meanwhile, gonna listen to the nerdist podcast with david tennant over here ('cuz we likes us some david tennant over here) while i couch-potato some more.

merry christmas
ho ho ho

Thursday, December 22, 2011

f|break: thurs morning

comedy ... thanks @chrisrock (on twitter, web, facebook) for your explicit and uncensored commentary on women, men, and lies. after the waistband on my tights were racing down toward my crotch during a reunion (more than 20 years since seeing folks!) dinner, i whined like a sissy-girl lamented about the sh**yness of it all discomfort of the fallen waistband and a not-so-sporty muffin top look. and then i remembered one of your sets.

why this chris rock clip? after the i-ate-two-desserts-at-buca-di-beppo reunion dinner (not to mention the sampling of appetizer, salad, 2 pastas, and entree) and continued believing i looked lady-like and no one saw me trying to get rid of my fashionable muffin top fidgeting,  pho queen and kuyawar at the reunion dinner said one word - spanx (the wonder invention over here) (are you reading this, santa?).

(side bar: just a l'il spanx quandry(-ish) - the other question that arose -  
when on a date, how do i deal with the peeling off  of spanx without grunting? 
hmmm ... guess i should first get a date to have the quandry.)

enjoy an UNCENSORED fiber break with chris rock (over here)
for ~ 6:46 min EXPLICIT perspectives on women and men

on men ... "food, sex, silence ... lie the most ... lie all the time ..."
on women ... "you're meetin' their representative ... tell the biggest lie ..."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

f|break: wed morning

comedy ... @shitgirlssay @billysorrells chuckles this morn ... or more like the past days. thanks graydon sheppard and kyle humphrey for the little clips of shit girls say (on web, twitter, youtube). the fun shit girls say videos (episode 1, episode 2) are inspiring paraodies of shit fill-in-the-blank say.  and one of the many spoofs - thanks billy sorrells (on web, twitter, youtube) ...

enjoy your hump day fiber break with billy sorrells (over here)
for ~ 2:49 min with shit black girls say

and with GROUND ZERO  
enjoy this fiber break of the original shit girls say (over here)
for ~ 1:19 min with juliette lewis

"listen to this e-mail"


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

deep thoughts in class paper

@jeffmiller79, THANKS MUCH 
for your inspiration and support!

"for now, i choose the petri dish:
unwritten rules and alphabet soup"
such is my affectionately titled class paper for my greenleaf academy course (more here), applying the key practices of servant leadership (related posts over here). and while writing my paper, i revisited quotes that i've kept around to ponder. one of them -
"The greater part of our knowledge and beliefs
has been communicated to us by other people 
through the medium of a language
which others have created."
- Albert Einstein

i have batted around lots of ideas since my '94 epiphany, and in this class, i connected a bunch of dots in my head and unearthed from my grey matter the following -

... I intend to explore the use of language – written, verbal, artistic expression – to affect workplace satisfaction. Three topic areas that I am pursuing include:
  • systems - while being mindful of the value of foresight, the goals of rethinking complexity, and similar ideas, increasing my understanding of and making more accessible systems theory; 
  • storytellingthrough my creation of anthrocubeology (i.e., a web-based format for story-telling workplace possibilities and alternatives), express ideas about approaches for catalyzing cultural shifts through reflection and self-awareness; and
  • philosophy – by bringing together servant leadership and my other interest in the epistemology of knowledge and ignorance, develop my voice about my belief of a person’s ability to make a difference through our connectedness.
    deep, thoughtful "stuff" came out (and continues to come out) of my writing as inspired by my greenleaf experiences.
    "If you try to find meaning in everything you do, 
    you will imbue everything you do with meaning."
    - James Autry

    thanks again, jeff!
    (near finish line!)

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    f|break: monday eve

    comedy ... @louisck (on web, twitter) started my morning commute in awesome form on pandora.

    before this morning's commute, i electronically dropped a five spot for the louis c.k. live from the beacon theatre - exclusive on his web site over here. and for more of a fix, when i'm couch-potato-ing, love(!) FX's louie (over here), where full episodes can be viewed over here. totally looking forward to next season!

    meanwhile, after i saw a friend's post about "first world problems", i was reminded about one of louis c.k.'s fabulous rants. (and of course there is the cinnabon rant - over here!)
    enjoy your fiber break with louis c.k. (over here)
    for ~ 2:42 min about american problems

    Comedy Central Stand-Up
    Get More: Jokes,Joke of the Day,Funny Jokes


    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    f|break: sunday morn

    comedy ... and @SCTVfans (on twitter, web) made my morning. breakfast? (yes!) ... pancakes! (of course!) ... syrup? (sure! wait, 3D???) - - - SCARY (?!) (thanks, count floyd!)
    (image from sctv.org)

    SCTV (or second city tv, on imdb)... was a total FAVE back in the day with my brother and me. we would watch it on a little 13" television, maybe jump around like ed grimley (via martin short, on imdb) and profess our love for pat sajack or drive like edith prickley (via andrea martin, on imdb)  many funny actors are from sctv. in addition to the sctv.org site, there is a great compilation site - SCTVGuide over here - for a die hard fix down memory lane.

    this morning, while i was thinking about pancakes and catching up on my dvr sketch comedy shows, naturally ... pancakes = count floyd. right? (correct answer: YES.)

    enjoy a fiber break with count floyd, aka joe flaherty (over here)
    for ~ 2:33 min at  dr. tongue's evil house of pancakes

    would you like some more pancakes?
    would you like some more syrup?
    (r.i.p. john candy)

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    f|break: saturday eve

    comedy ... thanks @rysing (on twitter, web, youtube) for a fun magical cookie jar moment. clever stuff! (glad to stumble across this during my pandora comedy morning.)

    enjoy a fiber break with ryan singer (over here)
    for ~ 3:26 min for the history of the united snacks of america

    "there's like a billion of them ... tasty wisdom ..."

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    f|break: thurs morn

    comedy ... thanks @jessejoyce (on web, twitter, facebook) for making my yesterday morning commute! since recently learning about being able to listen to comedy via pandora, my morning commute includes a l'il bit of traffic news and a lot of "today's comedy" on pandora. 

    enjoy your fiber break with jesse joyce (over here)
    for ~ 1:49 minutes about construction site suicide
    (i don't know why, but i was cracking yester morn ... crying laughing)

    "... twelve separate decisions ..."

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    grits and gallifrey rises ...

    dr. who me ... yup! this weekend, gadget man and i were served with a l'il dr. who while enjoying my grits and alfajores at 900 grayson (on yelp and their site) this weekend at their "hobbit bar" seating area. (thank you very much, chris and anthony!)

    we learned that there is a local band, sontaran stratagem, with a song titled gallifrey rises. maybe you're curious about the band's name, and if so, learn about the fourth episode of the fourth series of dr. who over here

    enjoy a fiber break with sontaran stratagem (over here)
    for ~ 4:11 minutes with gallifrey rises

    lyrics from youtube post
    Something's Coming
    Bringing the End of Everything
    Beneath the Light
    Of a White Point Star
    Feel the Thunder
    Hear the Summoning
    They are Coming
    Look to the Sky

    Gallifrey Rising
    Rassilon Returning
    The End has Begun
    Here Come the Drums
    As Gallifrey Rises

    I Was There
    When the Daleks Took the Cruciform
    And I Have Seen
    The Nightmare Child
    Felt the Terror
    Heard the Deathly Cries
    This Must Be Stopped
    They Cannot Rise

    Gallifrey Rising
    Rassilon Returning
    The End has Begun
    Here Come the Drums
    As Gallifrey Rises

    And There We Were
    The Sacrifice I could Never Make
    The Pawn they Thought
    They Could Control
    Your Redemption
    Their Ultimate Damnation
    I Broke the Link
    And You sent them Back To Hell (And No More)

    Gallifrey Rising
    Rassilon Returning
    The End has Begun
    Here Come the Drums
    As Gallifrey Rises

    Gallifrey Rising
    Rassilon Returning
    The End has Begun
    Here Come the Drums
    All of Time is Burning
    And Gallifrey's Rising.

    © 2010 Wonky Spindle Music
     BONUS - for a mini fiber break
    clips compiled from the end of time (over here)
     for ~ 1:48 min with gallifrey rises

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    f|break: tuesday morn

    SNL ... yes, i still watch SNL. and a couple of weeks ago, character-actor-turned-lead-role steve buscemi (on imdb) hosted SNL. (full episode on imdb over here) who's steve buscemi? when you see him, you'll know.

    enjoy a fiber break with coach bert (over here)
    for ~ 5:58 min - spoof on the recent college coach sex scandals

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    end-of-year improv next monday

    show time ... yup! our last show of the year is next monday evening, december 19. it's our group's - MUT's improv C class - graduation-ish show. then we're on to next year! and meanwhile, consider starting YOUR new year out with a little improv, also!

    check us out ... in fremont at made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's).
    • monday, december 19
    • 8:00 pm start time (door opens at 7:30 pm for family and friends. the show will run about an hour)
    • $5 per person (for convenience, cash only, please).
    • rsvp ... if you are thinking of going, feel free to let me know and/or give the theatre a call - 510-573-3633.
    got new year's resolution?
    your turn ...
    start the new year with a FREE improv class on monday, january 2.
    if you want a buddy, let me know, and i'll come along.

      made up theatre shows ... chuckle on saturday nights with the funnest improvisers! every saturday there is a show at made up theatre, and as improv goes, every show is different! our instructors are fun. here is a clip of their performance at the 2011 san francisco improv festival. enjoy this long fiber break with the made up theatre (MUT), aka the eye-candy guys (according to one of the emcees), (over here) in a clip of ~ 30 minute when MUT performed at the SF improv festival. and yes, shirlnutkin sponsored them!

      happy improv!

      Sunday, December 11, 2011

      MBTI me as ENFP ...

      on wordle
      ... because i've already gone to the dogs and DISC'd (over here) - a czesky terrier with a "weird hairy undercarriage" and high D (dominance) and I (influence).

      wordle ... and now i'm getting all wordle crazy and nutty. VERY wordle crazy!

      MBTI or myers-briggs type indicator (on wiki) was recently part of a cubeopolis team building, day-long training. and the results of my 2011 MBTI (image to the left) were in the moderate range and are as follows:
      • Extraversion ... where i focus my attention - preference for drawing energy from the outside world of people, activities, and things (rather than introversion - from one's inner world or ideas, emotions, and impressions)
      • on wordle
      • iNtuition ... the way i take in information - preference for taking information through a "sixth sense" and noticing what might be (rather than sensing through the five senses and noticing what is actual)
      • Feeling ... the way i make decisions - preference for organizing and structuring information to decide in a personal, values-based way (rather than thinking for organizing and structuring information to decide in a logical, objective way)
      • on wordle
      • Perceiving ... how i deal with the outer world - preference for living a spontaneous and flexible life (rather than for living a planned and organized life)
      in the early 90s, i also went through myers-briggs; i was quite on the high end of ENFP across the board.  now, more than a decade later, i'm a kind of ENFP-lite. a few descriptions can be found at -
      on wordle

      then there is temperament ... keirsey provides an overview of four temperaments over here.  in the terms of keirsey, the NF temperament is described as idealists (among the other three which are described as guardians, artisans, and rationals), and as an abstract cooperators. more about the ENFP temperament over here for the idealist portrait of the champion.

      Monday, November 21, 2011

      f|break: monday morn

      on twitter
      comedy ... @jasonsegel (on imdb) rocked an infauxmercial on SNL this weekend! and he can rock my bed (PG-13-ish) as evidenced by the kemper-pedic infauxmercial - 
      "Are you and your partner on different sleep schedules? With a Kemper Pedic Me Time mattress, your sound asleep partner won't feel you just inches away." 
      - which then, because of his reference to exercising in bed - reminded me of yet another funfauxmercial!

      enjoy a morning fiber break with jason segel and vanessa bayer (on imdb) (over here)
      for ~ 1:43 min with the patented me time mattress
      ... without any of that weird squeaking
      i know! what was that?

      BONUS ... added fiber for getting physically fit (over here)
      for ~ 2:36 minutes with jimmy kimmel (on web, youtube, twitter) and the tug toner

      (oopsie! peed in m'pants)

      Sunday, November 20, 2011

      f|break: sunday morn

      dr. who... puffy heart! i enjoyed the last doctor (as i am enjoying the current doctor and my future sonic screwdriver over here). for this fiber break, as stated with the video ...
      "To The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", here's the cast and crew special for the end of David Tennant's tenure as the Doctor. It was watched at the wrap party with all the cast and crew."
      ... and i likes me a little dr. who (on bbc) and david tennant (on imdb). what a fabulous, nifty wrap-up party clip, i'd imagine.

      enjoy a morning fiber break with the david tenant era (over here)
      for a worthwhile ~ 3:42 minutes

      (puffy heart, yum!)

      BONUS ... and another clip from the wrap-up
      with the “The Ballad of Russell and Julie” (over here)
       for another worthwhile ~ 6:32 minutes 
      with catherine tate (on imdb), david tennant, and john barrowman (on imdb)
      to a let's do it riff (read about over here).

      let's do it ... you did it tonight!

      Saturday, November 19, 2011

      f|break: saturday morn

      movie time? ... @thecomedycouple (on web, youtube, twitter, facebook) are my new friends. they have solved my on-going movie-going dilemma (and have a dog, for which i live vicariously through dog-owners, for now)!  

      hello new friends, andy and rhoda (and atticus - woof)! ... actually, i haven't met them, so i'm not even sure if it's polite or acceptable to call them by their first names or take atticus for a walk or a tummy rub. in fact, they live in so cal and have no idea who i
      on youtube

      here's the skinny ... the comedy couple share bedtime movie reviews with their dog atticus, who serves up the movie rating. (i'm virtually petting atticus now.) key words?
        movie reviews
      I AM IN! i'm thinking that among my gadgetman, rennie, and the comedy couple movie-opiners, i'll have my movie-social-calendar handy.

      enjoy your morning fiber break with the comedy couple (over here)
      for ~ 3:44 min to decide whether you'll see this movie -
      the (re)new(cycled) the twighlight saga: 
      breaking dawn (on imdb) part f*#kin' 1

       (i've decided whether i'll see this movie, 
      although i s'pose it was kind of pre-determined 
      with the words twilight saga.*)

      thank you, 
      the comedy couple!
      * shhh ... i'll probably watch it
      when it's on cable for the kitsch.

      Friday, November 18, 2011

      five hard inches ...

      boot heels, that is ... from @fluevog, last week my fluevog faith | certitude red clog boots took their virgin voyage into san francisco and cubeopolis. with a 1-inch platform and a 5-inch heel, i had a nifty new view in the cubeopolis maze; in other words, i could see over the cube partitions a l'il more!

      "thank you" ... it's what i said quite often for those who complimented my boots. first compliment? male stranger in elevator as i started my day in cubeopolis - 
      "wow, those boots are great! i hope they are as comfortable as they are totally cool!"
      (great way to start the day!) yes, indeed, they were. admittedly, at least for me (who is not used to wearing heels), i'm not sure if i'd be able to do that walk-all-over-the-city all day and night, but i know i can do so during the work day around the office and a jaunt out for lunch
      critter love 

      meanwhile, my little cubemates (aka toys in my cube) bore witness to my virgin voyage.

      and thanks for the elbow of shiny penny andy that was available in case i could not comfortably navigate the little slope/hill jaunt out for lunch a couple of blocks away.

      (and visit my addiction)
      [p.s. no animals were hurt
      during this photog shoot.
      girl squirrel is fine!]

      Thursday, November 17, 2011

      targetting holiday gifting ...

      shopping fun ... excited about @bazaarbizarresf (on web, twitter, facebook) in early december. there are many vendors (over here). and given i do want to focus on getting in to the bizarre to get out of the bizarre with nifty gifts (holiday and then some), here's second screening of vendors -
      • ayu tomikawa (on web, etsy) - there is a cute dog and butterfly greeting card; the dog looks like shiny penny andy's dog, max. 
      • binary winter (on web, etsy ) - last year, i bought from this vendor was a fabulous squirrel/gas mask t-shirt. i enjoyed their ash and ember - great illustrations and fairy tale twists.
      • cleverhands.net (on web, etsy) - nifty journal bandoliers.
      • fuzzy ink (on web) - i loves me movember.
      • geraldine adams (on web, etsy) - i have a friend who lovingly decorates with a french flair.
      • gibberish (on etsy, blog) - periodic table pieces?! i'm in.
      • hillary williams (on web) - prints, paintings ... there is something about her work that i like.
      • hope johnson (on web, etsy) - i like her ceramic work; the colors are wonderful in person.
      • infinitus designs (on web) - chainmaille work is really nice.
      • jfish designs (on web, etsy) - ceramics again? yes. love the vases, cups, and mugs.
      • locket 2 you (on web) - interesting locket designs
      • LOV (on web) - last year, got a sweet meat for my buddy gadget man. just some fun, interesting, and unique items and designs. i'm up for some more sweet meats and we'll see what else LOV has.
      • maggie hurley (on web, etsy) - well, she has a squirrel on a wire print and what she calls whimsical art (indeed).
      • mediums to masses (on web, etsy) - oh pendants, glass pendants (even) ... i'm a sucker for pendants as little gifts.
      • nerd jerk (on etsy, blog) - you had me at nerd. and cross stitching? i wanna learn. others may wanna learn. what? a DIY nerdy cross stitch kit? i'm in.
      • nifnaks (on web, shop) - a cube squirrel from felting wook? why not?! i'll pick something up for myself.
      • stuffed misfits (on web, facebook) - I AM TOTALLY IN!!! why? "Stuffed Misfits are lovingly created from discarded stuffed animals left at thrift stores. They opened up, unstuffed, cleaned,  altered and restuffed, to create the critter that stares up at you with the intense longing to be love" (and just check out there site).
      • why girls go astry (on etsy) - nifty vases, paperweights, and plates. nifty is good.
      • yasmin perez (on web) - jelly fish jewelry? i'm intrigued.
      re-screen? ... before the bizarre, i'll revisit this list as i plan for my gift shopping. meanwhile ...

      next weekend?
      SF auto show
      (my car will be more than 10 years old)

      Wednesday, November 16, 2011

      f|break: wednesday morn

      improv ... @ImprovEvery public space fun! thanks, karina, for forwarding this fun TEDtalk (on web) with charlie todd of improv everywhere (on web, facebook, twitter, youtube). from their site -  
      "Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places."

      enjoy a long fiber break with public space fun (over here)
      for ~ 12:04 minutes with improv everywhere

      oh cubeopolis ... 
      "as adults, we need to learn that 
      there's no right or wrong way to play"

      Tuesday, November 15, 2011

      f|break: tuesday morn

      what the - ?! ... holy smokes, this was some kind of interview - i was so confused and am not even sure how to describe the interview.

      last week monday night (or more like early tuesday morn), jennifer tilly (on imdb) was one of the guests on craig ferguson's show. and most of the interview was more jennifer than craig.

      (would have enjoyed seeing his facial expressions
      during the entire interview)
      enjoy (?!) this morn's fiber break with jennifer tilly (over here)
      for ~2:30 minutes on the late late show with craig ferguson

      for the full interview, you can go over here 
      or ~ for 8:52, it's your 8+ minutes

      strangely enough, we're out of time

      Monday, November 14, 2011

      curbside chat, zaza, grits

      YUM! ... @brownsugarkitch, @eco_smiley and shirlnutkin (aka banshee) had a great sunday breakfast at oakland's brown sugar kitchen (on web, yelp, facebook, twitter, youtube). worth the wait with a curbside chat, caffeine, oatmeal currant cookie, and comfy zazas!
      (i know, i know ... 
      but i had to sneak in 

      side bar ... of course, while waiting to hear "banshee" yelled, posting a pic or two on facebook (right?) is kind of a must. loved this comment - 
      "careful someone might drop some coins in the cup
      thinking you are begging to support your shoe habit!"
      (BRAVO, pipes man!!!)

      back to food stuff ... i likes make love covet me my grits (as shared in last year's post, for which there are other restaurants i'll need to add to the grits offering in the bay area). this morning was no different, and piragua also had her share of grits.
      organic cheddar cheese grits w/poached egg,
      bacon-cheddar-scallion biscuit,
      veggie quiche (incl. portabello mushroom),
      chicken apple sausage, more grits,
      and one word: 

      Sunday, November 13, 2011

      f|break: sunday morn

      music ... @itspetergabriel (so fabulous! on twitter, web, facebook, youtube) was on late show with david letterman (over here) this past week. late show 

      SWOON! ... spinning girl (on web) shared it oh so well in her vintage-ish (year 2006) post 10 of the countless reasons i want to hurl my naked body against peter gabriel. i remember when i read it back in the day i thought - "she's reading my mind!" (and i got a little tingly down there (hee-hee) ... y'know what i mean?!) i LOVE my back-in-the-day cassette compilations and CDs of gabriel's music. i think i'll go find my shaking the tree.

      enjoy a morning music fiber break with peter gabriel (over here)
      for ~ 4:44 minutes on david letterman

      and for the WHOLE CONCERT WEBCAST (over here)
      for ~ 68 fabulous minutes of peter gabriel with new blood orchestra

      a few more tidbits related to gabriel's contribution to soundtracks ...
      now how about some new blood, eh?!

      Saturday, November 12, 2011

      fluegasm me (ERRATA) ...

      forgive me? ... @fluevog, i miscounted. one of my vigilant fluevog iv sistahs noted that on nov 9, when i posted (over here) what i thought were my 22 pairs ... i missed one. oopsie - 23. (a prime number is good!) 

      short version ... love fluevog (on web, twitter, facebook, youtube) and my feet love fluevog. (and j-ro's feel love fluevog; here's j-ro's confessions of a vog-aholic!)

      ERRATA via update/repost ... one of my fluevog iv sistahs has demanded a re-post. i shall oblige.  i offer this updated version of my previous post to j-ro (fluevog iv watcher) with the added missing pair.

      ahhh ... it's all about @fluevog shoes or shall i call them feet enhancers? last year i posted about my growing collection over here
      post about the 13 pairs over here

      where 13 really are the 12 in the image below
      PLUS the black operetta | malibran pair
      (up above with the cross-over straps, aka the operetta | malibran)
      and let's not forget a couple of accessories -

      and because one or two of the fluevog iv
      (more about the fluevog iv over here)
       has asked for an update of my shoes
      (fluevog iv pictured here at the SF haight street store with our flue-daddies: jim and denny) 

      L to R: shirlnutkin, dorothy, jim, gladys, joanne, denny

      this is my update.
      since my july 2010 purchase of the rubens,
      here are the additional 8 ...?! oopsie! 9
      for which i believe is the order that i purchased them
      (although i have been known to do "clearly i am addicted group" purchases)

      and here is some fun with my adrians | alli

      LOVE 'EM ALL!!!

      (yes, jim, i kinda cheated on you.
      got the certitude boots when i was at the melrose store.
      a kind of happy birthday (again) to me pair. i still puffy heart you!!!)

      j-ro perspective: Btw - I'm okay if you cheated in LA... 
      as long as you remember that 
      Jim and Denny are the Flue-daddies you come home to at night:)

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