pop culture

from The Nerdist Podcast
during the 2012 SF Sketchfest
L-R: chris hardwick, shirlnutkin,
matt mira, gadgetman
POP CULTURE enthusiasm ... i am not quite sure what defines a pop culture enthusiast, but i do know tidbits of this-and-that, which may (i am guessing) likely result from things like -
being a bookworm early-on in life with elementary school memories of the hobbit, s.king's night shift, encyclopedia brown, and romance novels

watching (and watched) t.v. episodes and movies often referenced in pop culture trivia
from San Diego Comic-Con 2006

listening to music - good or bad - that have (or have not) made the billboard top 100

quoting from t.v., movie, and music references, and

living vicariously through friends' stories of their experiences, hobbies, and obsessions.
maybe i am just an information hog that doesn't always purge what i hear, see, touch, taste, smell, or imagine. nothing wrong with that.

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