AGING quirkily ... in late 2013, i turned 50 years old. i am not quite ready for traditional retirement, however, i am saving up nuts for those predictable (and unpredictable) rainy days and for the what if ... curve balls that life throws. i enjoy
    . reminiscing about what i still remember as my childhood years
    . maneuvering whatever it means to be single
    . being a digital immigrant ready to try out the next electronic gadget or social media blip, 
    . learning more about lifestyle decisions for longevity
    . collecting stuff for which i will later enter the cycle of unloading and de-cluttering that stuff, 
    . explaining that i am actually not younger but am older than i look, and 
    . making a difference in the world.

my generation ... i was born in 1963. from what i have gathered, this means my generation is kinda-sorta part of the transition period from the late baby boomers to the very early generation x (aka baby busters). with that, i ponder my past and think about the social, cultural, philosophical, and political world that i observe and experience as part of future endeavors.

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