Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i connect dots (and people) ...

i connect dots.
random? NO.
shuffling around of dots? ALWAYS.
including people? YES.
mindmapping in motion ... i often find myself connecting events, information, people, and activities that seem unrelated to some but are (or should be) related. back in 1995, i called it POE's Corner - People | Organizations | Events - where i brought people together. some called it a happy hour, i called it a way to get my friends to meet each other with the real intent of making authentic connections. i believe one thing fostered, fosters, or will foster another.

yippity-yap and random chatter ... and i spew about it. alot. always brainstorming. always idea generating. so admittedly, to some, i sound like i'm totally rambling - off-subject, on tangent, or just off. sometimes, people are dismissive or even react annoyed. nevertheless, that's my process - not leaving stuff swirling around in my head (because as far as i know, people can't read my mind).

connectedness ... as i am typing this post, an image popped up in my head - one from a book i picked up back in the early 2000s - the brand gap (current version over here). this is kind of what i see and hear when it comes to ideas, people, etc. (found this image at slideshare over here - a slide presentation of the brand gap).

gotta go connect some dots!

Monday, August 2, 2010

hipmtfn: scanner in week 1/2

(repost from july 19, 2008)

[from mina lee studio]

so far, so good with the 1st entry - "trial run" ... i've managed to make it through two weeks after starting this. i did the "trial run" to get the journal stuff started. trial run in short ... to just sit and write about an idea - any idea. and then if there is a tangent, to go with the tangent for a little while and then u-turn back to the original idea, eventually.

scoring air agencies - in a zagat style approach? ... i found myself resurrecting a goofy spoof of an idea from some time in 2005 - a sort of know-what-to-expect of your air quality agencies zagat style resource. why the hell would it matter? i don't know. it probably doesn't matter, but i do remember this - i liked the fact that at the san diego agency, there is a decent lobby/waiting area, sufficient parking, two little meeting rooms in the lobby area, very convenient bathroom locations for visitors, a water fountain, and a clock ... all before i had to sign in. (i'm thinking it may have been - i really, REALLY had to go to the bathroom? or something? convenient parking + readily accessible bathroom = thumbs up!)

with 35 california air districts, i s'pose i could visit them and "zagat" them because ... other people may want to know about W B S E F (which would be the first letter for the scoring system) ... or i'd visit a few air districts and likely end up doing something else, which is just as random and dorky.

and the tangent i experienced? ... thinking about possible names for the work intranet. y'see - there is contest (which ended 07/11) for naming the intranet site. the prize? $100 for the winning entry, and runners-up get work-logo-gear. so i thought of several names, as well as one with various logo ideas. after work announced some samples of the other entries (none of which were mine), i'm thinking ... i may be lucky if i end up with work-logo-gear. there were 2 quite clever names - quite clever! (not to throw out a self-fulfilling prophecy, but i may vote for one of them over any of mine, which may make the cut.)

2nd entry - living quarters map ... sketch a floor plan of home, walk around home, mark areas in each room where intended projects are laying around, and name the project. for one person, relatively speaking, i have and live with lots of stuff, lots of little projects in areas throughout my home. some call it clutter; i call it lots of stuff in specific areas throughout my home. mission accomplished - map made, areas identified, some already being knocked of the list, while others have popped up since. (perhaps i can get out of the week 3/4 apartment therapy "rut" i've been milking and procrastinating since february!)

3rd entry - experiences & accomplishments with associated rewards & value ... go back in time, however far back, and just list stuff (exper & accomp) for 5 minutes. give it a bit of a rest, look back at the list, add anything else that hits, then figure out what rewards & values resulted from each. the objective is to answer "what reward(s) draws you to an activity?" several themes recurring: curiosity; bringing people together; seeing non-traditional and unconventional relationships among people, topics, ideas; creating and implementing a vision, goal setting; helping others evolve in their thought process; writing (creative, technical, investigative-ish); experiencing and creating humorous events/activities.

more insightful things to come, i presume

Sunday, August 1, 2010

hipmtfn: scanner am i, yes?

(repost from july 6, 2008)

several months ago, i passed my time with a little bit of apartment therapy, and i've been "do-looping" between weeks 4 through 6. benefit? at least i have been ridding myself of stuff (and i have lots of stuff) and cooking (enough). however, i still have to do some of those repairs and improvements that i've listed ... bathroom caulking, dining room chairs, kitchen base board, kitchen nook area, etc. (and most recently, smoke alarm battery change-outs). so still chugging along ... chugging. along.

nevertheless, i've added yet another "... do stuff around the house" type thing in my life.

refuse to choose: ... (by b.sher)

came across this when i stalked spinning girl who is doing a meme summer, which included mentioning daydreaming on paper. ultimately, i came across the reference to sher's book.

i am hooked ... well, at least because part of the "program" is to get a fabu journal (aka scanner daybook). and i LOVES me my stationery stuff - journals and pens and paper and stuff!

buy a journal ... there is encouragement to get a mega-journal (lots of pages, big writing space, neato-bandito looking, etc.), something that is cool and all. i didn't get a too fancy-shmancy one but i did get something with which i'm sure to write.

let's see how long this
"hipmt ... fn" extravaganza lasts.

i'm very hopeful this will be fruitful because it combines several happy past-times of mine ... writing, reading, reflecting, notetaking, observing, remembering, nostalgia, reasons to drink coffee, plans to do stuff, creativity ... procrastination - in a good way.

(SIDE NOTE: i'm also pal-ing up to woo-woo with your heart's desire with a friend, but i intend to have both co-exist.)

first entry - trial run ... small, recent idea that hasn't been given much thought and totally just go off on it. and i did. and if y'come to a tangent, go off on that for 20-min. and i did. meanwhile, also get some metrics - time started, time ended, and what resulted in stopping the trial run stuff.

insightful sh** for me, already.

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