Friday, December 31, 2010

#reverb10: core story

(what day 30 (gift) was all about)

day 31 prompt ... What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today.)
(Author: Molly O'Neill)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

one-third of the way there ... on day 29 (defining moment), i found myself revisiting reverb10 posts for cubeopolis themes. 10 posts on cubeopolis - actually, more like 10.5 posts including yesterday's day 30 gift. so i will take the bonus nudge and look at the remaining 20.5 posts for other threads.


from a light-hearted-ish and/or lessons-learned perspective ...
stories, although not necessarily core stories for which i yip-yap, include - merpes, thank you gifts, telephone phone tag, and reaching out. and what are these stories? they are more like lessons learned that have shaped my life's decisions ...
  • merpes ... circa late 80s.
    mouth herpes. no, i don't have mouth herpes, but here is the deal. confession: when i was younger, random suck-face moments at dance clubs, bars, and parties were not uncommon - although they certainly also were not commonplace occurrences. they were simply random suck-face moments. not lots of them - but enough. (one side note: i do know the names of ALL those i have kissed. somewhere along the way, someone i knew (or someone who knew someone or maybe something i made up in my dreams) got mouth herpes. i know. total bummer.
    • lesson learned ... think twice (and bring a swab for a cheek-check? j/k) before those random suck-face moments.
  • thank you gifts ... circa 1994.
    "i absolutely love that colorful dress. you look fabulous in that dress!" she said.
    i said, "oh, this? i just found this over the weekend, i ...".
    she interrupted, "uhm ... please don't take away the gift i gave you - you have brightened my day. i think this is the time where you can say thank you."
    i hugged her, and said, "thank you."
    since then, i welcome those opportunities for being grateful - simple compliments, high-five moments, unexpected shoulder to cry on, ... goddess asphalta with an awesome parking space in the middle of SF's mission district, ...
    • lesson learned ... there is much to be thankful, and we are presented with those opportunities EVERY DAY - even when we can acknowledge our own awesomeness. oh! and don't forget to say "you're welcome."
  • telephone phone tag ... circa early '90s.
    how to tell this in short-version?
    i was playing phone tag with a guy named andy for more than 2 weeks. when i didn't receive a return call after another week, i called every other day because of the urgency (perceived or real) of the matter. then i spoke with another person with whom i vented about andy not returning my call. after my rant and rave, i was told he had died over the weekend. (i know. thump went my heart and then i self-flogged for days.)
    • lesson learned ... don't make assumptions; be kind.
  • reaching out ... circa 2010.
    i wrote about it a this year's moment on day 24 everything's o.k..
    more than a decade ago, i often (nearly always) presented at conferences on my own dime (from california to wisconsin, maryland, d.c., toronto, etc.) because of my passion of what i was sharing with others. a gentleman followed-up via email after a conference presentation i gave, thanking me for the time i took after the presentation session to answer more of his questions personally and later banter over dinner. months later, he sent an email saying he would be able to apply what he had learned to evolve his thought process and business ideas. seems trivial. it wasn't for me - and it wasn't for him.

    a little extra sparkle to a thank you moment ... i can tell you that i reach out likely (and hopefully) EVERYTIME i get that feeling - that feeling of an inexplicable connection (via flash-seconds or after hours of conversation), a deja vu moment, a little something-in-my-belly, or goosebumps marching on my skin. in fact, my guess is, it has become so much part of my fiber. i was recently pleasantly reminded via my new virtual (and now not-so-virtual) friend, yvette, who wrote about it for her reverb10 day 27 ordinary joy. i left a simple blog post comment for her, and of course, i thank her for reaching out.
    • lesson learned ... reach out. it's a hug fest that everyone deserves!
(a gift from a friend - painted metal placard in home
also tells a little bit about my central story)

- bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today. after looking at the remaining 20.5 posts - here are a few more threads to contribute to the fabric of my core stories for the remaining two-thirds ...
  • i value friends and family ... i have mentioned friends as part of reverb10 posts or as part of 'tweener blog posts. and although i have not posted much about my family on my blog, i do spend time with them - immediate and extended. and i valued sharing on day 12 body integration about visiting my dad's gravesite.
  • i make lists and mindmap ... several reverb10 posts were followed by lists and mind mapping - some in journals, others on napkins, the back of envelopes, on my phone. it's what i do - brainstorming, lists, mindmaps, doodles, ... and i'm excited about pulling a vision board together as shared in day 21 future self, keying off of some of the ideas in gwen bell's how to create your personal manifesto, and seeing where tyler's guerilla influence formula will take me for some ideas i have at cubeopolis. lists posted on the blog during december ...
  • i reflect, am introspective, and am expressive in my writing ... after reading many of my posts, i had not realized how internal i delve and how much i express my thoughts in my writing.
all this AND i loves me my fiber breaks!

thanks reverb10 community!


(thank you for letting me share.)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

#reverb10: gift

(what day 29 (defining moment) was all about)

day 30 prompt ... This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What's the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?
(Author: Holly Root)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

glee gum ... yup - over here. all natural chewing gum. originally, i had no idea who had left a little pack of this gum at my cube. there was no note - nothing telling. days later, piragua asked me if i saw and tried the glee gum. (smile)

- the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year? this likely has been made memorable because of the little mystery-gift-giver circumstance. however, it is also the thought and cutesie-ness of it all.

i LOVE the t.v. show glee. and i am pretty sure piragua could do without it. she gave this to me because of the word "GLEE". the gum - secondary.

how sweet is that? well, in this case, it is naturally sweet. (snortle.)

(thank you for letting me share.)

pre-new year mind-chatter

to be resolute or to not be? ... that is the question. i do not have a profound or a witty or snarky commentary.

i do, however, have a web site shared by my friend (on the right in the picture), affectionately known as ... l.a.g., ha gow, and my-12-year-old-prepube-twin-boy-buddy (because we both enjoy those movies for that 12-year-old-boys and their friends' demographics - and thank goodness we found each other because the conversation is slim pickings with others).

the web site ... greater good science center (GGSC) - the center's about page describes ...

"The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society."

it is located at the university of california, berkeley. though she and i are alum, and we live relatively close to the campus, we have not yet visited the center. she thought of me when she came across this site, and i have thanked her ever since then. and with her being a parent (of twins!), her interest includes GGSC's raising happiness ("science for joyful kids and happier parents") and their newsletter. although i do not have children, i enjoy the newsletter topics, and it gives l.a.g. and me some more to talk about, in addition to our 12-year-old-prepube-boy discourse at cubeopolis and pics of her totally cute girl/boy twins!

in GGSC's recent newsletter (over here) for raising happiness, the author, christine carter, mentioned that about new year's resolutions, she makes them "after contemplation and preparation" and a friend of hers just does it "without a lot of over planning or resolution-making" ... which reminds me of several friends i have, for that matter.

resolutions and declarations ... i thought about this for myself and about others around me. for the most part, my friends are always doing a little something for personal and community improvement throughout the year, and the new year's tradition of resolutions seems to be more about declarations rather than resolutions - declarations that there is already something in the mix that they are going to see through to completion or whatever the next phase. so we'll talk about what it's going to take to finish something up. on resolutions - it is a mixed bag of whether any formal resolutions (aside from some of the traditional resolutions of healthier lifestyle, positive attitude, and more travel) are ever made on-line, on a napkin, or whatever form.

resolutions for me? sorta-kinda ... my game plan - just start with the outcome of reverb10 day 21 (future self) - keep on doing what i'm doing, and get that vision board started. and i'll revisit reverb10 posts to see what my psyche has told me - what a whirlwind, so far!

. poster board . glue stick .
. scissors . magazines .
. vision board .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#reverb10: defining moment

(what day 28 (achieve) was all about)

day 29 prompt ... Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

original concept for response ... "see day 3: moment" because i am behind and because this reminded me of that prompt about my friend adolfo. HOWEVER - i THEN remembered ...

early frebruary ...
maybe the 8th or somewhere around there. i know it is on my cubeopolis calendar, so i will update with the actual date.

before a cubeopolis meeting started ... that down time when people are preparing for meetings? informal introductions, inventory of references, teleconference number dialing, paper rustling, asking people for input prior to beginning a meeting ...

talk to the hand ... THAT is my defining moment for this year. as i was responding to the "input" part, i received a talk-to-the-hand that was about 8-inches from the tip of my little nose. i looked around the room for ANY sign of the same shock on my face or even any acknowledgment and sympathy - a few people made brief eye contact, a few others averted eye contact, one looked me dead straight, and others did not witness the motion.

text message to my friend ... "i'm so outta here" - after the hour+ meeting was over, i was not happy.

- that has affected your life this year ... the february moment evolved into a re-evaluation of my cubeopolis lifestyle and a series of events ultimately shaping (and continuing to shape) my cubeopolis existence. in fact, about two months later, a colleague (who also was in that meeting) later acknowledged to others that the-said talk-to-the-hand person does that often enough and with no apology. when she said that, i realized i was no longer upset. AND i realized that i had something brewing in me - good brewing. (oh! and i realized it was not my imagination that i could have licked the-said-person's hand.)

reverb10 therapy ... i have come to see that many of the reverb10 posts may be an outcome of this defining moment - one that i thought of as a pissy-immature-act (and i guess it still could be thought of in that manner) yet one that has certainly allowed me to see the physicality of some of the accepted behavior in cubeopolis AND share my thoughts through reverb10. (i'll get off the soap box - stepping down.)

retro-reverb10 posts ... i decided to look at the posts to date to see those related to cubeopolis in some way, and there are indeed quite a collection 10 (including today's post) - day 1: one word, day 4: wonder, day 5: letting go, day 6: make (i have worn the costume to cubeopolis, and it's how i insert some fun in the day), day 10: wisdom, day 13: action (and actually am helping a friend with an internship program idea), day 16: friendship (who is in cubeopolis, also), day 21: future self (the 10 years ago note), and day 24: everything's ok (because the film was through a cubeopolis event).

defining moment continued ...
reverb10 therapy for talk-to-the-hand moment
(puffy heart)

(thank you for letting me share.)

confession ... i actually wrote this response on thursday morn, 11/30.
because i am behind after yesterday's car fun and cubeopolis-itis.
(thank you for accepting my re-dating of this post.)

f|break: midweek fiber break

bush in 30 seconds ... had bush in 30 seconds - a collection of clips back in the day. the clips will certainly serve well for fiber breaks. meanwhile, there also was obama in 30 seconds (different take, needless to say), also from

enjoy this midweek fiber break with bush sucks (over here)
for ... well ~ 30 seconds. (go figure)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#reverb10: achieve

day 28 prompt ... What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today.
(Author: Tara Mohr)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

recasting the prompt a bit ... when i read this - all i could think of is a feeling i wanted and then go backwards from there about what could lead me to that feeling, rather than what i want to achieve and figure out the feeling. so i am going to stick with that concept.

... and the feelings with it. for several very, VERY palpable seconds, i would like to feel speechless (and for those that know me, yes ... i said speechless) ... absolutely, 100 percent, unimaginably, take-my-break-away speechless.

i have had jaw-dropping moments, been stunned by witnessing unbelievable feats, been shocked by human tragedy, and laughed until my tummy hurt and happy eye water rained liberally while spittle spewed in the faces of others. those truly speechless moment and feelings that come along with such moments seem to be this odd, quirky space in time - silence with so many mixed emotions clamoring in my head ... i want that speechless feeling.

- then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today. here goes 10 off-the-cuff things that i imagine would likely result in a speechless moment - and many are very out there beyond a "today" thing and for the fun and imagination of things in life (in no special order) ...
  1. talk show/fake news guest ... be asked to serve as a guest of shows like craig ferguson, conan o'brien, david letterman, chelsea handler, graham norton, ellen degeneres, or stephen colbert, jon stewart, ... (because they are fun! guess i gotta figure out a gig/shtick to get me on a show ...)
  2. promote my passions... be sponsored (by a philanthropist) to promote (for a living) those things near and dear to me - environment, tolerance, authenticity - through writing and talking (because it would be an awesome, seamless work-life thing. guess i gotta figure out where them philanthropists are ...)
  3. engagement ... have an engagement proposal for which i'd say yes (because i'd have fallen in love with a wonderful man. guess i better start meeting men again ...)
  4. white house ... have my little epiphany (see no. 14 on this list) read by president obama at some white house dinner invite that i attend (because i've never been invited to the white house. guess i better figure out how to get my epiphany past the gatekeepers and keymasters of the white house ...)
  5. old friend ... run into a long-lost-forgotten friend at some random place where we both actually remember each other immediately after hearing each other's voice (because that random stuff is what speechless moments are definitely made of. guess i better keep being out and about in life ...)
  6. angel(s) ... hear an angel(s) speak to me (because i'm not quite that woo-woo. guess i better figure out how to keep that open mind ...?)
  7. billboard at toll plaza of that college thing ... (writing this made me speechless) driving in to work and seeing "that" pic from college (because i was a nutty college chick. guess i better figure out what i'm willing to pay to get that polaroid(s) back ...)
  8. dr. who ... get a phone call (yes, phone call) that a couple of friends and me can have a little role in a dr. who episode where we get to hang out in the tardis for a little while (because THAT would rock! guess i better make it known to the right people that can make it happen that my friends and me want to be on the show ...)
  9. reality tv show judge ... be asked to serve as a guest judge (or part of a pool of judges) on any of my fave reality tv shows like top chef, project runway, etc. (because i want to know what REALLY goes in to judging cheftestants and designtestants. see #7 - gotta find the right peeps ...)
  10. vermont leaf-peeping adventure ... re-experience the amazing turning of the leaves and their fiery colors (because i was absolutely speechless in 2007, my first experience, and wanna see my soul sistah, jen, and her family again. guess i better carve out my trip out to vermont ...)
bring on that speechless feeling!

(thank you for letting me share.)

confession ... i actually wrote this response on wednesday, 11/29.
playing wait-for-car-at-dealer because yesterday's hydroplaning,
blinky-lights, and bonky-noises is not flattering for my car (or safe for me).
(thank you for accepting my re-dating of this post.)

fiber break: tuesday nooner

lewis black on the daily show ... back in december 2004, black shared his perspective about dangerous toys. lewis black (and his official site over here) is a bit of rants & raves kind of comedian.

enjoy this fiber break with lewis black (over here)
for ~ 3:30 min of his rant and rave
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Back in Black - Dangerous Toys
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>The Daily Show on Facebook
"oh the little pointy things ..."
"... mr. and mrs. potato head ..."
"$11 mill zeppelin"

enjoy a fiber break palate cleanser with black (over here)
for ~ 1:30 min on alternative energy
(figure i'd include something near and dear to my heart)
Lewis Black - Energy
Lewis Black VideosLewis Black JokesStark Raving Black Videos
"we have iPods, for god's sake ..."
"las vegas -where the sun is ..."
"gather up all those scientists ... graduate students ...
... national guard"

Monday, December 27, 2010

f|break: monday nooner

a little political ha-ha ... some political nostalgika back in the day during round 2 of bush and his presidential campaign. (andy dick as harlan mccraney - bush speechalist)

enjoy this weekday lunch fiber break with harlan mccraney (over here)
for ~4 minutes on pres. bush's speechalist

Harlan McCraney Presidential Speechalist - Watch more Funny Videos

"speak their language and speak it ... "
"index cards ... best ones ... and bingo ..."

#reverb10: ordinary joy

(what day 26 (soul food) was all about)

day 27 prompt ... Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of the your most joyful ordinary moments this year?
(Author: Brené Brown)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

that telephone call from an old friend ... hands down, my friend, sci-fi guy*, from college tracked me down and called to reconnect. just that phone call and chit-chat alone was absolute joy!

bonus post-call ordinary moment ... the conventional reunion/catch-up lunch that followed shortly from the telephone chit-chat was a bonus to the telephone call. aside from the what's been up and remember when these past 20 plus years, we talked about the here & now ... current events, books read, rants & raves, etc., talking because we truly were sharing in dialogue.

mega bonus ... after lunch, we toured the facility where he works. (i am a geek at heart and LOVE looking at processes for product development to product marketing!) and finally, mixed in with the ordinary joyful moment, the news of my friend's health circumstances - and for that, the movember challenge shall go beyond the little fun moustache picture and have a different and much deeper meaning for me.

joyful ordinary and life's reality ... i am glad to acknowledge how joyful a telephone call can be, how
a quick lunch can open the door to old memories and memories to come, how appreciative i am for the goodies after the facility tour (heehee), and how thankful i am to be part of sci-fi guy's life. and i believe joyful ordinary moments that co-exist side-by-side with life's reality are those for which love is made.

be well, my sci-fi guy buddy,
and thanks for introducing me
to the nutty and zany IFC food party

*(i know my friend whom i've nick-named sci-fi guy
would prefer to be anonymous. thank you for sharing.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

why job fairs are like match (dot) com...

... or "you must be tired 'cuz you've been running through my mind all day."

a.k.a. ode to the bass player

tales of sub-dermal gps chips, dating, and jack* (of lord of the flies infamy)

(unfortunately, this post is NOT about sub-dermal gps chips, dating, or jack ... but it is from bass player. ideally, the other three topics may unfold - or not - in another blog post.)

breakfast buds yippity-yap ... this sunday morning a few breakfast buds met up at rudy's can't fail cafe, sans one of our buds, gadgetman. (alert: girlnutkin did not have grits today.)

one of the breakfast buds is someone i met in january at a career fair at cubeopolis - he, the prospective candidate intern. me, the cubeopolis-gatekeeper to determine whether he was worthy of an interview with cubeopolis.

during the job fair, after about a 5-min chat and a resume drop-off, i looked at his resume while he spoke a little more about his interest and noticed bass player as part of his hobbies. random thought popped into my head, so i asked a question, and go figure - he knew my friend in cubeopolis (and her boyfriend, who also played bass). aside from being qualified and a potential cubeopolis match, he knew someones that i knew.

welcome in to the gates of cubeopolis for a possible interview.

shortly after the job fair, he shared a quippy email in between lab runs. below, enjoy the creative juices of someone who, although is not part of cubeopolis (and it's not a pretty story), is part of breakfast buds. lucky are we to have ... bass player in our breakfast buds entourage.

BONUS ... he shared pete, the unemployed hedgehog comics (wiht a job fair - 3 parts - comic strip) with this (LOVE IT!)

(from a jan 14, 2010 email - unedited - between girlnutkin and bass player)
why job fairs are like
interviews = internet dating
job fairs =

sadly, most people in this modern world have had to endure the trials of going to a job fair, and i am no exception. however, with the advent of the internet, and dating sites like , i have come to see the job fair for what it truly is, or has become.

typically, the first thing that you do when you walk into a job fair is to peruse the posted signs of the company profiles available and consider which ones immediately show the most promise, whether or not you want to come back to the others, and, finally, which ones that you would like to give a chance, just because you get a feeling about them.

much is the same in, the first thing you do is log in and start looking around all the personal profiles. you look for the racy ones that just jump out to you, mark the secondary ones that you would like to connect with later, and relegate the leftovers to be considered, or ignored, later.

from this point, things get even more similar.

round 1 - approach: the booth/profile looks attractive, and they have some keywords posted up that all stand out to you. some you identify with, others you know you can ascribe towards. of course, everyone is hovering around the one that is judged "the best", so you have to wait your turn, and strive to set yourself apart from the masses. the odds are not that great that you will get chosen out of the hundreds of suitors, but you have to have faith! already, to you, it seems like you would be a perfect match, now you just have to strut your stuff and convince them of the truth of this assertion.

everyone likes confidence, and you are always judged on that first impression, so the first 5 sentences uttered out of your mouth had better be golden, and not some of the same diatribe that everyone else has been spitting out. if you catch their attention, you get that warm invite and you get to move to round 2 with a bonus.

round 2 - detail
now you have fired off your first volley! granted, you might get dismissed for any dumb thing that you say, but if you didn't put your foot into your mouth, the chances are that they are going to start to look at what you can bring to the table. your resume/profile, at this point is key. as soon as their eyes latch onto the details, they are looking for something that attracts them, and make you sound like a stellar candidate. everyone is looking for the same things: education, smarts, experience, communication skills, compatibility, and passion.

this is the place where sooooo many people embellish (read: lie their pants off) in hopes that they can pass off these virtues without a hitch, and if they don't ... well, they probably wouldn't have had a chance anyway, so they might as well take the chance. from their image (looking more dependable, clean cut, and professional than even they are comfortable with), to their experience (skills they really have, languages they really speak, why they have been separated for so long, etc...).
fortunately, if you did well in "round 1 - approach", you have the optional bonus that you will be given credit simply because you were creative, confident, and charming. they may even overlook detracting factors, or consider them areas where they can help you flourish. nothing like tempting the artistic with a medium of great potential.

round 3 - conversation
so, if you haven't gotten summarily dismissed already, now is your chance to stake your claim to fame. The conversation is all about giving enough information to make sure that the interviewer knows enough about you to remember, and think of you fondly. your main objective now is to get to the next level, such that they will call you (out of all the suitors!!!) and ask for that next one-on-one session.
(from bass player closing email: ok.... I'm running out of creative juice at the moment, AND i have to take care of these samples now that i have finished their digestion. Talk to you laters!)
and there you have the beginning of a friendship with the bass player, who probably does not have a sub-dermal gps chip, is conversant about dating, and made a reference to jack this morning.

(about jack at shmoop, sparknotes, and
about lord of the flies at wikipedia).

ssp|potb: sunday morning

shameless self-promotion | pat on the back (aka ssp|potb) back at ya' ... i am taking the gratitude thing a little farther by putting a stake in the cyber-ground just to say "thanks!" perhaps as part of the portfolio of narcissim - call it whatever - regardless, i have decided i will thank others (while thanking myself) for those two things i most enjoy - talking and blogging (and often over food with friends - like this morning, and i'm running late!)

"thank you" to yvette francino ... author of the laptop dancer diaries, whom you can facebook like at the laptop dancer diaries, and where you can visit her blog lessons of love from a laptop dancer. you have unknowingly reminded me of the fun dating stories and the importance of relationships. and i really appreciate the post-christmas mention of girlnutkin.

"thank me" ... for choosing the reverb10 experience over other priorities because i LOVE the random luck of coming across yvette's blog on day 24 among the many others i was reading, commenting, etc. i have posted reverb10 daily while visiting, commenting, and/or tweeting on at least thirteen other reverb10 participants' posts (my baker's dozen rule) - ALL PRIOR TO my one-hour-ish commute into cubeopolis - and/or into the wee hours after commuting home from cubeopolis.

"thank you, yvette" ... for sharing your story about your love for your friend craig dunham and for your lovely idea - giving the perfect gift - the gift of love - audio love to our loved ones! clearly you value relationships.

"thank me" ... for balling out my eye water, while reading yvette's day 24 reverb10 of everything's o.k. - that included a link to her final conversation with craig. i am speechless and humbled, as one should be - in a needed moment of silence and deep breaths.

thank you/me
for sharing and valuing relationships.

#reverb10: soul food

(what day 25 (photo) was all about)

day 26 prompt ... What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

baked egg en cazuela ... period.
(keeping it short & sweet)

- what went into your mouth & touched your soul? ... (hold on. i have to wipe the drool off my keyboard.)

back story ... my first time touching myself in a restaurant experiencing this dish was at nibblers - unbelievably flavorful. velvety texture. i literally would have licked the little clay dish clean, although two things prevented me from doing so - 1) moaning loudly in ecstasy and 2) etiquette.

it was nibblers's mushroom and truffles theme month. when i told one of the nibblers's owners about how much i loved the dish, each of them were very excited to talk about the ingredients, preparation, and best way to experience the dish. my guess (partial recollection) is the mushroom ingredient was candy cap mushrooms (note to self: ask next time i visit.) and as always - LOTS of LOVING from the chefs.

i am certain that when all sorts of lovin' goes into a tasty dish, a soulful moment is one of the hidden ingredients.

nibblers feed me yes
oh baked egg en cazuela
get in my tummy

(thanks for letting me share.)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

#reverb10: photo - a present to yourself

(what day 24 (everything's o.k.) was all about)

day 25 prompt ... Sift through all the photos of you from the past year. Choose one that best captures you; either who you are, or who you strive to be. Find the shot of you that is worth a thousand words. Share the image, who shot it, where, and what it best reveals about you.
(Author: Tracey Clark)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

photos from 2010 ... go figure - this motivates me to consolidate my pics from my camera, my camera phone, and emails with pics from others' cameras.

thousand words picture ... i'm the one with the exposed belly (and i did land on my feet).

back story ... emma, my friend jen's daughter, asked if i would hang out with her flat traveler (via flat stanley fame), and therefore aka flat emma. "of course!" i told jen, my soul sistah.

trilogy of flat emma in the SF bay area ... what resulted was a 3 part jaunt around the bay area with flat emma - part 1 of where i live and some dim sum with a friend, part 2 of driving (and stopping here and there) around a portion of the 49-mile SF scenic drive, and part 3 of attempting to complete the remaining portion of the scenic drive with two other friends. for part 3, we started at golden gate park (which is where i left off at part 2 of my flat emma adventure), and we ended part 3 of the flat emma journey at an oakland brew pub (where there is a pic of flat emma "eating a french fry with a pint of pale ale in front of her") just after stopping for a quick jaunt to the berkeley hills.

- share the image, who shot it, where, and what it best reveals about you. ...the picture i have shared was taken in the berkeley hills, above the uc berkeley campus, near the lawrence hall of science. i'm jumping with my friend nicknamed piragua, while my friend joel is playing photographer (and a great one at that!) - the three of us are the core of breakfast buds who party. and so the pic reveals with a little help from more back story ...
  • fun, being alive, and enjoyment ... i can't imagine not having fun. and jumping is fun. it's hard not to enjoy jumping (presuming the knees don't fail you). absent jumping, i love the "weeee" moments in life - indoors and outdoors. i can feel it in the picture!
  • belly ... yup, i carry extra weight. not in the optimal healthiest of ranges yet much better off compared to more than 5 years ago. i have been leading a much healthier lifestyle and am determined because my future self said so.
  • friends near and far ... i like hanging out with friends near and far, virtually and in-person. smaller groups are my preferred, yet i'll venture into the masses, as well.
    (this little adder pic? breakfast buds (L to R) moi, joel, piragua - new year's day 2010)
  • better late than never ... (back story) i was a bit on the tardy side getting flat emma back to vermont. admittedly, i can be a bit tardy, here and there. with that said, my emergency should not be someone else's problem. (i'm working on this and doing much better.)
  • driving ... (back story) maybe it's the 15 years i spent in southern california or simply the many places i enjoy are not in my backyard (not within 5-miles), so i drive, and i don't mind it so much. diffuse as the points of interests and as the homes of friends around the greater bay area, i'm there.
there is much more i can say as far as back story, but i'll stop there and simply (re)thank jen for her (and emma's) patience and for the "weeee!" moments i so much enjoy.


(thanks for letting me share.)

Friday, December 24, 2010

f|break: pre-holiday fiber break

more asylum's emily ... for a sure chuckle out loud this morning, i checked out what's up with emily. this little tidbit is her reader mailbag edition - fun shares!

enjoy a pre-holiday fiber break with emily (over here)
for ~ 2 minutes plus of PG-13+
(or maybe near R for some's taste ... no pun intended)
"{bleep} {bleep}"

happy christmas eve day!

#reverb10: everything's o.k.

(what day 23 (new name) was all about)

day 24 prompt ... What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?
(Author: Kate Inglis)

AND a bonus with the prompt - Future tool: Gwen BellHow to Create Your Personal Manifesto. For the next 8 days as you round out your year, we’ll share one tool each day to help you plan your year ahead.

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

several big and small moments came to mind ... which to choose? what came to mind were many life-events that have shaped me and others around me - directly or indirectly - moments prior to 2010, friends overcoming personal issues, current events (political, social) unfolding, and little memorable quotables - quips from friends and strangers whether intended to be words of wisdom or snarky commentaries.

emailing a stranger whom i saw in a video reminds me of connectedness ... i don't know if i would call this "... the best moment ...", but it is certainly a moment that has reminded me that when i say i should, need, or want do something, it is strides apart from whether i DO that something. and the outcome? always welcomed.

back story ... in february this year during black history month, i emailed a woman who was featured in a documentary. i was telling (and maybe more like emoting and raving to) my friends how moved i was and how i wanted to contact her. i obsessed; meanwhile, a friend said to me - "why bother?" and another said "whatever!" not deterred (although slightly saddened by some friends' remarks), here is the outcome of an email exchange between me and the woman.

- and how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead? ... two-fold - first - i look forward to continuing to be clear about what i will be DOING and DO IT. there is nothing wrong with shoulding, needing and wanting - for me, it's about being clear (to myself) about committing to those things in life that move me. and second - i am reminded of connectedness. as shared by the woman-who-moved-girlnutkin-to-tears ...
"Thanks again for having the courage to seek me out and email me. you are, actually, the first. I feel honored and privileged to know that my experience has created a universal connection between two "strangers" in theory, but not in heart.

Mahalo for taking the time to connect, ... "
p.s. needless to say, perhaps, i also am exploring how i can contribute to the issues of ignorance, etc.
(thanks for letting me share.)

love the holiday (and random) visits ...

... from my friend "the dude" - whom i met just prior to starting my first year in college. today is his birthday, and yesterday was our holiday meet-up. this year - hanging out in SF chatting at mr. & mrs. miscellaneous over post-ice-cream, paragon for drinks and mushroom cigars (sans tijuana donkey), and tres agave (attempting to stalk on foursquare). and for a bonus - my friend nicknamed piragua joined us.
(side note: 1st check-in at paragon got us complimentary
paragon punch drinks. yippee!)

since early 2000s after we ran into each other in berkeley (while we were both living in southern california), we've made a point to meet-up around holidays and pick-up college-logo gear, while also squeezing in fried food, alcohol, and catch-up stories about life. he is still in socal, while i'm now in they bay area. the mini-tradition continues. just a few other key words that remind me of how much i enjoy mike being in my life - bonsai, bingham, calso, dude, mr. dwinelle, flowers, gerbil, text-stalking, and berkeley etcheverry/evans moment asking random strangers whether they knew what a ***job was. (i know - very wrong, but very memorable.)

happy birthday, my friend.
may your bonsai jungle continue to flourish!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

#reverb10: new name

(what day 22 (travel) was all about)

day 23 prompt ... Let's meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?
(Author: Becca Wilcott)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

sylvia ramirez ... glad to meet you, becca. this is a name i have been called (in full, even) twice in my life - on two very separate and unrelated occasions. my first name is shirley (2 syllables) and my last name also has 3 syllables.

back story ... in the late 80s, after i stood in front of a conference registration booth stating my name, that person actually started to print my name tag with the not-my-name name as sylvia ramirez. no one on the conference attendance list with that name. not my name. not what i said. not what registration gal checked off the list just seconds after i registered. she had no idea why she started to do write my not-my-name name tag. no big deal.

in the late 90s, i was at a social mixer (at a conference, actually). someone i had just met introduced me to his colleagues - even with my real-name name tag on, he introduced me as sylvia ramirez. whadahell?!

- let's meet ... introduce yourself ... by another name and why? ... i would introduce myself as sylvia ramirez because maybe you can tell me that you think you know me, that my name sounds familiar, or that you also know someone named sylvia ramirez, but she spells her name with an "i" - as in silvia ramirez.

will the real sylvia (or silvia) ramirez please stand up? ... get this - i met a REAL silvia ramirez - spelled with an "i" instead of a "y" in 2007. short story version - she was my randomly-selected-by-the-instructors roommate (among ~20 other roomie options) for a weekend retreat about reiki.

silvia - my soul sister for the weekend ... we were introduced only by first names. and then while we were unpacking and getting situated, we exchanged mini-snippets about our lives including our full names - and that is when i told her that i have been called sylvia ramirez - but with a "y" (recall the 80s conference name tag). one thing VERY interesting is that she was an entrepreneur - a highly regarded woman business owner (nationally recognized in 1999). and at the time of that retreat, i had just stepped out of business ownership (to opt for cubeopolis), so we had quite a bit to talk about that weekend.

go figure.
what were the chances?
sylvia, it is!

(thanks for letting me share.)

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