Tuesday, February 23, 2010

f|back (apr '06): BA dating will not be IJAM

web surfing, flashbacks, and dating ... a bit of back-filling of flashback posts into present-day girlnutkin. inspired to get my dating stuff on this blog after my back to future healthy stalking of yvette. below, monikers for the 16 "IJAM" scheduled activities. (no - i will not call them dates.)

(repost and updated a little from 04/09/2006)

(cleaning up my e-Mail 'cuz my e-Mail looks like my desk, inspired by spinning girl, taking a break from work, and in need of a cathartic moment after an intense conversation with a friend this past friday night. peace.)

yes, it's true ... from 2003 thru 2004-ish/2005-ish, i watched the beaucoup-bucks for a dating service unfold my pseudo-creative writing ability ...
or my need-to-journal-trauma.

(ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: ... and to the chick who was in my creative writing class that commented about the "total losers" who sign up for "those services", i can only say that it was a pleasure being in that class with you. i misread the class description that said it was YOUR therapy session where you would read your personal and true stories about incest and other dysfunctional family issues. i'm not saying you're a loser. i'm saying i didn't know i paid to take your therapy session, which would provide you with the opportunity to slam me and my entertaining fiction-ish story. next time, i'll read the fine print.)

so for those who have asked what my BA dating life may be looking like, i answer with "uh ... not like the my affectionately termed IJAM in SD."

context: a quota certain number of randomly-pulled-from-a-database near-perfect matches future short stories dates over a period of time (so says the fictional IJAM)

source/excerpt: an e-mail (edited to maintain some anonymity & added comments) i sent on 11/21/04 to my friend the barista boy. below ... the monikers for each IJAM guy i met.
  1. ARTIST: prior to becoming an "artist," ARTIST had worked at the same company for which my previous employers (let's call them THOSE GUYS) also had worked; THOSE GUYS quit that company and THOSE GUYS started their own firm. i had just (12-days prior to meeting the ARTIST) voluntarily left a position with THOSE GUYS. what a small-frakkin world.

  2. TEETHPICKER: had a really cool job. was sooooo not the height (read: shorter) they told me he would be; not that it mattered but for the fact i wore my oh-so-adorable-yet-painful kenneth cole make-me-taller shoes that were totally-painful-after-20-minutes. either the food make me sick, or the teethpicking made me sick. i excused myself from the table before the end of the meal and threw up. really.

    (i told the IJAM that bad hygiene was a deal-breaker, so put that in the database.)

  3. DENTIST: (good one, IJAM; clever.). intelligent. good sarcasm. direct. had similar likes for activities. met again for dinner at the restaurant at which my friend todd worked. had to make sure DENTIST was gay-friendly. last i saw of or spoke with DENTIST.

  4. BOURGEOIS: his favorite word, too often used, to describe his feeling about SD downtown, gaslamp district, urban setting, and people who go there. i go there. i guess i am bourgeois. and he is a pompous a**.

    (i was catching on ... IJAM did not check the database where i specifically noted ... i like to hang out in the hillcrest area of SD (read: gay area), little italy here or there, and downtown.)

  5. TMI GARDEN GNOME: western religious fellow gone eastern-ish spirituality. east coast fellow who moved to the west coast. penn state learned who learned later at san diego state. wayne dyer devotee. told me he was abused as a child. 1-step forward for honesty, i suppose. 5-steps backward for conversation topic.

    (just in case you don't know TMI. oh ... and once again, IJAM didn't do the math correctly. i wore my kenneth cole shoes again. yeah ... i towered. AND AT THIS POINT ... MY FIRST BREAKING POINT - i rattled off my polite rating of 'unsatisfactory' service - met with some chick at IJAM to let her know how sooooo off they have been and blah-blah-blah-blah)

  6. SWEET GUY: nice. great conversation. pleasant. walked me to my car in the cavernous fruits & veggie parking lot of horton plaza. gave me a peck on the cheek. met again for dessert (because he said he liked desserts!) ... & listened to him bemoan the prices of the dessert. (we were going dutch, even!) not a deal-breaker, but who bemoans the price of anything that is freshly-made and has CHOCOLATE!?

    (SIDE BAR: SWEET GUY gave me his e-Mail. i wrote him a 'thank you' e-Mail after the fab dessert place and let him know i totally looked forward to meeting up again. i got a call from him, while he was on a train to LA for work-stuff, which went something like, "i'd appreciate it if you would either be more vague in your e-Mails or call me. my secretary reads my e-Mail when i am out of the office. i don't bring my computer with me when i am out of the office." ... i was tempted to call him and ask him to check his e-Mail for my response, but i decided simply to call him - and in so many words said - i was not interested.)

  7. I-DONTMIN-TO-BRRRRAAAHHHG-BUT...: (translated ... i don't mean to brag, but) then don't.

    (SIDE BAR: possibly another miscommunication or database glitch or just sh***y service. i-dontmin-to-brrrraaahhhg-but... didn't like to watch movies. i love watching movies. AND THIS WOULD BE MY SECOND BREAK POINT with them. a small rant & rave over the phone...)

  8. DOT COM GUY (aka RINGER): tall. cute. universally cute. good conversation. lamented about similar IJAM experiences. extended our time spent talking with him because it was totally fun. I believe he was THE RINGER to appease me because I bitched at IJAM after i-dontmin-to-brrr... . haven't talked since. didn't expect to do so. we were each other's moment of therapy, i believe. did i mention he was cute. i was pacified.

    (SIDE BAR: IJAM told me he "rents" and that he works as a "computer-type" guy. i thought "so what about renting and computers?" i rent and think the world of my landlord. turns out, DOT COM GUY doesn't work. he's unemployed. he cashed out. he's totally set. he travels. an he owns several properties - which he rents.)

  9. SALESGUY: cute. decent conversation. a little conservative and not a deal breaker. sort of defined by his status in corporate america. (eh?) i was interested in meeting up again. he didn't call back.

  10. TEACHER: fun. cheery. flaky. loves movies. elementary school teacher. did see a movie for 2nd meet up; cost-conscious so saw 1st showing of spider-man 2. (i heart willem dafoe.) on atkins diet. (don't get me started.) a few calls back/forth. flaky. nonresponsive.

    (SIDE BAR: both of us being filipino, never got to the point of discussion where we check if we are somehow loosely or directly related.)

  11. RICH: (that would be his name ... not tax bracket. he is the only one i shall name) he and i are friends. we became friends after agreeing (on the 2nd meet-up) that there wasn't a "vibe" (aka chemistry) between us, but we had lots in common. he lives downtown, loves dessert, likes to hang-out, his respsectful, makes mean martinis, etc... for this friendship alone, i will not slam IJAM. (under other circumstances, i would not show calm restraint.)

  12. EYE-CONTACT MAN: cute. a psychologist. no chemistry.

    (and i turned into a babbling fool about my limited knowledge about psychology. i likely was EYE-CONTACT MAN'S equivalent of my BOURGEOIS guy. EYE-CONTACT MAN loved (just loved!) to scuba dive. i don't even like the confined-space feeling of an airplane. .... i so, soooo, sooooooooooo, apologize for the 90-ish minutes i stole from EYE-CONTACT MAN'S life. i apologize deeply.)

  13. E-BAY MAN: cop. 2 kids. in process of going through a messy divorce. (i didn't realize in-process-of-being-single qualified one for IJAM.) o.k. conversation. i felt like i was E-BAY MAN's rudder ... IJAM threw us together so E-BAY MAN could gauge where i fell on his dating map.)

    (SIDE BAR: similar to the TEACHER, both of us being filipino, never got to the point of discussion where we check if we are somehow loosely or directly related. factoid - unlike the loch ness, yeti, or tooth fairy, 6'2" filipino guys exist.)

  14. THE EXEC: took phone call ~ 10-minutes into the date. THE EXEC deserves a whole separate post. i MUST HAVE BEEN on some sort of candid-camera-reality-type show. for now, some key words - supervisor, alcoholic, asshole (in no special order)

    (SIDE BAR: a definite clue that IJAM didn't give a shit. did i type that? THIS WOULD BE MY THIRD BREAK POINT with them. a moderate rant & rave ... for which i disclosed i would meet-up with him again if i knew (and he knew) he would not be drunk as a skunk or headed that direction. i felt i needed to meet-up with him again - in a controlled & familiar space - to see if a camera crew was lurking!)

  15. DANCER: he was a biz owner. he was taking different social dance classes (which is cool). he was really nice. i liked him. i wanted to meet-up with him again. we scheduled to meet on a friday for din-din. i had a much, much longer work day than expected & was in a gnarly mood (totally crabby mood); it was horribly raining something fierce. i called him about 2 hours before we were going to meet and asked if we could resched for saturday brunch or dinner. he said "sure" and that he'd call me back on saturday morning. he did not. i called mid-afternoon to check-in. no call back or message or e-Mail. not sure if he is alive.

    (SIDE BAR: i had to google. he is still in business. i understand.)

  16. LAST GUY: (aka TURBINE GUY) i was his first IJAM date. he was my last IJAM date. (but at least i had my fav zocalo hand-shaken margarita!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

f|back (sept '06): paper planner or pda

back in 2000, i used a handspring visor as my pda. loved it. then, i decided to give it to an intern and upgrade to one of the 500 series HP jornada pda. ultimately, i decided to return to my tried and true (and battery-less) paper organizer approach. when faced with an option to return to a pda (via cell phone) back in 2006, i stuck with phone only and went quo vadis for myself.

(repost 09/20/06)

ms. t ... IT. it arrived today! my paper planner. while you look for your stylus, i will pull out my pen or pencil. (or perhaps i will borrow someone else's pen or pencil)

sure, it doesn't fit in a small bag or a shirt pocket. maybe it's so i have an excuse to buy a bag (...and maybe a pair of shoes to match). or perhaps, it's my retail therapy & organization 'thing'.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

f|break: saturday evening - a sock puppet's buddy

sock puppets in cubeopolis - coming soon! ... as a result of a chat among a few gals in cubeopolis, i'll be scheduling a little lunch break moment for some daytime crafts. sometime this weekend, i'll be purchasing a bag o' socks and a bunch o' buttons. another cubester will bring her craft items. and with thread, needle, and glue gun in hand, we'll be creating some sock puppets (for our little insider humor frivolity).

triumph the insult comic dog ... meanwhile, a few cubesters were NOT familiar with triumph. head over here to the The 9 Best Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Appearances with video clips for all 9.

fiber break extended ... today's weekend fiber break should last as least as long as ~30-minutes if you check out my top 3 faves in reverse order - bon jovi, westminster (not included in the top 9 so included below) and star wars.

my #3 fave: bon jovi concert (~ 8 minutes) ... (over here or just click on the image to the right) it's worth sitting through the clip. opening line - "the electricity here in the new jersey air is almost as powerful as the other smells, as bon jovi returns to its home state much like poop returning up into the butthole. ..."

my #2 fave: westminster dog show (~5 minutes) ... (over here) closing - "yeah. well their names to me are the fugly twins. look at those mugs. this is why we do it doggy style. ...".

my #1 fave: star wars (~10 minutes) ... (over here or just click on the image to the left) one of many choice lines - "unbelievable. look - among the nerds i found an actual girl here ... you can choose from all of - all kinds of guys who have no idea how to please you."

looking forward to sock puppet days!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

f|break: saturday morning pop culture

clever, clever ... at the soup over here (enjoy!)

"let's talk about wolverine ..."
"in the lost episode 5.13 ... your companion hurley ...
disparaging remarks ... ewok..."

"and you are a wanker, my friend ..."
"will you tell me about the whispers? ... what's lost?"

iCrush: j. safran foer

was sick earlier this week (and am still a bit poo-poo), so i've been playing catch-up on dvr'd shows and blogs. from the bit of a respite i was reminded of a few little crushes

author j.safran foer ... on the colbert report below - enjoyed his first 2 books and will pick up eating animals shortly.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Jonathan Safran Foer
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorEconomy

Friday, February 12, 2010

hark! who went there on secret valentine '09?

(repost from feb 11, '09)

... secret valentine fun.
here's 2008's frivolity.

enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!

i'm prepared for this year!
(this is just outside my corner cube)

(repost from feb 12, '09)
today was when we - in cubeopolis - disclosed our secret valentine identity to other cubesters. (this stuff)

my friend, au, egged me on to wear 'em ... the antennae heart ears. (doesn't take much.)

i did. i wore 'em at work.
and my walk-abouts around the office were captured on film-ish ... in my squalor-cube

... around cubeopolis ...

and hiding behind a pillar.

oh! and i walked over to marathon plaza to pick up some tasty tacos at maya. yum! (i'd say about 2+ city blocks with 'em on!)

it was a FUN DAY hearing fellow cubesters laugh!
(oh! and my secret valentine gave me ANOTHER chocolate bar!)

hark! who went there on secret valentine '08?

(repost from april 16, '08)

feng shui ... NOT!

every morning, when i look up at the ceiling in cube-opolus, this is my view.

why this above my cube?

apparently, in the world of cubes, organizations have voluntary, celebratory events. this one? - - - secret valentine.

it has been two months since valentine '08. (totally fake holiday, which landed on a thursday this year)

secret valentine? ...
on the friday before the fake holiday, those wanting to partake shoved a hand into a paper bag with the name of a person. whomever you chose (let's just call that person "lucky"), you would be that person's secret valentine (let's just call the secret valentine "sugar daddy").

3 days of adoration (or whatever) ... yes. this year, the fake holiday landed on a thursday, so from monday through wednesday, sugar daddy would stealthily sneak trinkets, candy, gifts, poetry, ... whatever ... into lucky's cube or mailbox.

my monday (02/11) was AWESOME!!!

despite the fact that it is not quite legit to mess around with hanging sh** from the ceiling, sugar daddy did so. and with the little "pulley" system that greeted me on monday, i pretty much decided immediately that my secret valentine sugar daddy TOTALLY ROCKED!!!

m' sugar daddy fed the "engineer" in me with the whole pulley thing, got the chalk candy hearts, and got a bunch of self-esteem boost hearts stuck all throughout my already paper-cluttered, a.d.d. haven of which i reside during most of the daytime hours.

under the red & pink canopy created when i followed directions ... please pull down gently until rings touch above. attach to guest chair ... i enjoyed the rest of the day and next two days being showered by my sugar daddy...

monday afternoon - a pastry from cafe madeleine that i managed to share with the other cube-meisters. YUM!

tuesday - score! cute trinkets. pink carabiner hooked to pink water bottle filled with pink and white m&ms - and i mean FILLED!!!

wednesday - score more! cute trinkets. a little map to find my wednesday surprise. map led me to the l'il community dorm-room-size-fridge. in a cute little chinese take-out container - ICE CREAM! A PINT OF BEN & JERRY'S! S'MORES!!! this, i discovered before our weekly office meeting at 9 AM. at 1:30 PM, ice cream social. (hmmm ... note to self - mini-fridge does not quite keep its cool.)

ice cream social turned in to chocolate soup with nuts and marshmallows. still good. chocolate. hello?! CHOCOLATE!!! oh! and i did bring tuesday's score to share with cube-sters.

unveiling on thursday ... all the sugar daddies got in a room with all the lucky ones amidst a potluck breakfast of tasty pastries, juices, fruits, and cakes. one-by-one, each lucky found out his/her sugar daddy. for a small moment of entertainment, to the tune of love machine รก la a dancing penguin ... (enjoy example from youtube o'er here)

... 3 cube-sters (self included) in a bit of a choreographed-moment showcased our talent by butchering performing following dances:
  • (very bad) ROBOT
  • (quite off-beat) BUMP
  • (off-sync) SNAKE
  • (even-a-smooth-floor-wouldn't-help) MOON WALK
somewhere out there is a video of the ... uhm ... hmmm ... ack ... ROBOT. and somewhere out there is a pic of me and my secret valentine. gotta get it downloaded from someone's camera. HOWEVER, turns out my secret valentine was my bud!

what are the chances
when you just shove your hand
in a brown paper bag
and pull out a piece of paper?!

i definitely was lucky!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

small world on-line stuff

as i triaged the new eH pool (and got triaged) this morn, today marks the day when eH threw a match my way of someone i actually know. the evidence? ... the one eH profile pic he has is the SAME as my friend's pic on facebook. not much more to say than i will give him a call because he definitely will know it's me when he sees my profile. go figure. small enough world.

giants buddy in SD for ballgame

since i've been in the BA, i've been to at&t (formerly sbc and pacific bell parks - and i tend to call it pacbell park ... it's first name)

(repost from july 1 '06)

june 30 out-of-office auto-responder:
Subject: R|CAT: 06/30 - Out of Office in Afternoon

The Giants are playing the Padres this evening!


We are starting early! I will be out of the office after noon-time today (06/30) ... for the self-imposed (deserved) break.

please feel free to leave

e-mail or voice mail; I will

answer when back in.
... and so i did ... when mike confirmed tix for the giants/padres game at petco! t & r (padre fans) also along for the fun. a few before & during pix. excuses for ... not-so-good-food ... beer ... sangria ... and the requisite hot dog.

[our seats in toyota terrace sec. 215]

we lost that night.
(yeah, that's right ... lost)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

inner artist unlocked a la SG ...

(repost from aug 17 '07)

spinning girl posed ... simply fill in the blank with a word or phrase that answers each of the following questions. you may do it here or on your own blog, in your journal, or on a maxi pad. Just as long as you do it! You have one week.
I, meanwhile, will be picking sand out from the spaces between my toes, and thinking of you.

Here we go:
1. My favorite childhood toy was ... jacks.

2. My favorite childhood game was ... red rover.

3. The best movie I ever saw as a kid was ...
willy wonka & the chocolate factory.

4. I don't do it much but I enjoy ...
bowling (go figure).

5. If I could lighten up a little, I'd let myself ...
ask my "crush" to go out on a date with me.

6. If it weren't too late I'd ...
be there on time (?).

7. My favorite
musical instrument is ... the piano (which i can play) and the harp (which i cannot play).

8. The amount of money I spend on treating myself to entertainment each month is ...
just what it's s'pose to be when i treat myself.

9. If I could get anything for my inner artist, I'd buy him/her ...
a nice little not-so-crowded home that is a stones throw away from the ocean.

10. Taking time out for myself is ...
necessary and welcomed.

11. If I start dreaming ...
more, i would write my dreams down more regularly.

12. I secretly enjoy reading ...
gofugyourself (oops! not a secret anymore).

13. If I only could have grown up to be ...
an architect.

14. I wish I could make/write/grow/ create a ...
whatever i would've made - had i grown up to be an architect. (see #13)

15. My parents think that I ...
am creative.

16. What makes me feel w
eird is ... being at family parties when they are speaking a language(s) i don't understand.

17. My most cheer-up music is ...
totally dependent on whatever mood i'm in that needs cheering-up.

18. My
favorite way to dress is ... jeans and t-shirt.

visit with spinning girl
(SG rocks)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dessert in the BA?

food. it's something i have quite posted about on this blog. so for the kick-start ... what was on my mind 4 years ago? (from a previous blog)

(repost from feb 7, '06 - with some teeny updates)

It's like I can't stop talking about food on this ReLo blog ... and I have come to realize - I'm not quite sure how often I actually cook a meal at home. (So maybe I don't have to worry too much about whether I have an electric or gas stove in my BA kitchen digs.)

Regardless ... DESSERT!!! SD has an absolutely fabulous and amazing place called Extraordinary Desserts. OK, so I'll miss this place, also. (If you have checked out the web site, make sure to look at the dessert page, because you'll get to see a couple different desserts.)

This is Rennie (Hi Rennie!) ... with a dessert (chocolate involved, of course!) ... that i am pretty sure he shared ... but i can't be 100% sure ... because i may have been scarfing and hogging my own dessert at the time.

So - dessert, anyone, in the BA? and what bridge(s) am I going to have to cross!?

Monday, February 8, 2010

weekend ritual ... peet's

(pic from peets.com)
my peet's trek is all about a spendy cup of coffee and some me time.

(repost from march 16, 2006, when i was still in SD)
Peet's in SD? ... simple math
i heart Peet's, and i have a calculator.

A = number of Peet's coffeehouses in SD County
B = number of Peet's coffeehouses within 50 miles of future BA digs
C = 7.04E-04 Peet's per square miles of SD county

B = 62
C = A divided by (statistic for SD county)


Why is B much greater than A?

. Correct answer for A = cup o' coffee or tea.
. Response to essay = upgrade to speciality coffee or rare tea
. Clever response to essay = pastry included

comments included ...
  • pjb ... 0.0007040 * 4261 = 2.9997. Is the 3/10000 of a Peet just over the county line?

  • sacto floyd ... Well, since we are talking about shirlsd, she would have assumed we'd use ASTM protocols for rounding. Thus, A would round to 3.00 (three sig figs), and Peet's would be in no danger of trespassing into the next county.

    As for the larger question of why there are far fewer Peets in SD than in BA, I would guess that there are at least three reasons: (1) there are many more Peetniks in the BA, (2) the BA traffic jams require more Peets stores to keep the commuters awake, and (3) most importantly, cup holders have not yet caught on as a popular accessory for surfboards in SD. But give it time.

    Peet's me. One just opened near me in Elk Grove. But we have traffic jams that are not as bad as in the BA, and there is no surfing to speak of in Sacto, so I would guess that we have somewhere between 3 and 62 Peets.

    Do I get extra-extra points for that?

  • pjb ... To quote one of my favorite movies, "There is a fine line between clever and stupid." So I will try to stick with smart ass answers and avoid embarassing myself.

    I am not aware of any Peet's here in the DC area and have never stepped foot in one. Are they just in California? Is a "peetnik" more BA, SD or Sacramento type person? What makes Peet's Peet's? Is there a kind of tight subculture that worhsips at the house of Peet's? Is shirlsd the high priestess of Peet's?

  • anon in NV ... We now have 1, yes 1 Peets in Reno - at, of all places, the airport. Of course after trying one there, before catching a 7am flight - it just didn't seem as strong as the lattes at the Peets around the corner from EPA in SF.

    For the DC guy, in the areas that are not steeped with the great Peet's coffee fragrance, the poor souls can find Peet's coffee and beans at the ING (BRIGHT ORANGE) centers where they are trying to get us to save our cash in a European bank which also has insurance operations. Which is good, since we, in general, don't save cash in the US; we just spend it.

  • diva ... BOSTON has a Peet's! VISIT US!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i own a parka ...

... because back in the day when i first moved back to the BA (well, 2 years ago) and wasn't in cubeopolis, i was traveling to north dakota during winter.

(repost from feb 8, '07)
mmmmmmm ... warm this morn!
in my new - and very useful - down comforter jacket north face arctic parka.
with a new travel mug holding the tasty liquid o' ...
... rocky road mocha from/at boneshaker coffee company

whilst outside weather, it is approx. 4 deg F.

interesting thing (and shared with my colleague, also) ... since the past 2+ days, 5 deg F kinda is now o.k.; it's the evening minus 10 deg F that's a b****, esp. with the wind.

lunch at Windy's Pizza and Bar in Bowman.

back to BA tomorrow morn. am actually looking forward to next trip to BIS. (two more drinks, and i get a free coffee at boneshaker and get to wear my parka again.)
next week, SD.
[notes to self - no need bring parka.
be on the lookout for belt-loop-boy.
get dessert fix.]

Saturday, February 6, 2010

f|break: mash-up morning

a.k.a. ode to jen m
vajayjay tales of the week

breakfast buds chatted it up today at full house cafe this morn - yum! (yelp read here).

our chat? ... i'm just the messenger. here's the vajayjay mashup chat we had - touching base around dating, pop culture, comedy, grooming and ... really?!

eH ... short version - choose your profile photos wisely. yes, i'm still on eH (for which the subscription expires in late may '10). during this morning's triage of profiles, the potential press-the-button "send him a message" became a "close match" and for a reason that has not come up since the hundreds of matches that have been thrown my direction. profile description? - thumbs up. 6 of 7 pictures? - thumbs up. 1 of 7 pictures? - frown. a group picture where another person in the pic is flashing a gesture of ... uhm ... ahem ... dining at the y (urbandictionary here). close match.

project runway ... short version - why doesn't the flavor-saver match the drapes?
(repost from aug 7, 2008)
[a.k.a. answer me this: why doesn't the flavor-saver be matching the drapes?!]

yes ...
epi4's guest judge,
apolo ohno ...
cutie patootie!

photo credit: bravotv.com

i proclaimed his adorable-cuteness in a previous post. and i have, on more than one occasion, made reference to his soul patch.

but here is the deal. several months ago, during my regular blog-o-rama-catch-up-on-reading, chez's deus ex malcontent had posted this - trim shady. wanting to quickly erase any knowledge of this product (which i successfully did, shortly thereafter).
[pic from: betty]

i was reminded of the crazy (albeit a rather entrepreneurial) product yesterday while watching pr5air, and now it's all i can do from keeping on thinking about why the flavor-saver don't be matching the drapes?!
[not an endorsement. just saying. wassup apolo?]

comedy ... short version - "it's like the eyebrow ..." i enjoy watching comedy. this week's john oliver featured mary lynn rajskub. (i laughed out loud. over here at comedy central.)

Mary Lynn Rajskub - Lower Region
Joke of the DayStand-Up ComedyFree Online Games

grooming ... short version - alpaca.
(repost from may 17 '09)
oh the trials of talking about "heading downtown with petula*." given this is the sunday fiber break, current's sarah haskins incorporated a reference to moses (y'know, a bit of a religious reference) ... so here we go (OVER HERE ... and down "there" - in a manner of speaking)

uhm(?) and "thanks!" to dean iguana ...
... for bringing this to my attention.
(... alpaca - heehee)
go to urbandictionary.com for yourself]

really? REALLY?! ... short version - vagazzle. (and now i cannot unhear that word!) this was the last chat of the vajayjay tales this saturday afternoon just before breakfast buds parted. read about (and listen to) the vagazzled jennifer love hewitt - over here at the huffington post.

(donate to haiti instead!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hipmtfn: apartment therapy-ish

hipmtfn = how i pass my time for now

(repost from jan 24, 2009) ...
this year i'll get past weeks 4-5.

...into my life and that is GREAT!!!

LAST YEAR ... just around this time, as evidenced by this post-gone-by, i began apartment therapy. (i don't quite live in an apartment, but that's o.k. - it's for the whole home/nesting kind of thing.) i managed to DRAG the SH** out of an eight-week effort, which i admittedly assumed 12-weeks would work for me sometime last year, into - oh ... say ... a year or otherwise known as 52 weeks.

it's the weekend ... and here i am, on a cloudy and mild northern california, bay area afternoon, inspired by a friend of mine who (as posted on her fbook wall this morning) is purging & cleaning. i talked with her also just to check-in and i'm even more excited about continuing to get the bits & pieces of my home life pulled together.

a few other motivators (and procrastinating by surfing the web) while considering my style (per this article)as a seeker, burster, and easy start of the day kind of organizer include ... posts and articles as follows:
on the housewarming date ... will be (sometime in late april - after taxes, of course!). time to get started (again) and put this effort to rest in the coming weeks (at least the next 9-12 weeks - ha!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

christmas 2007 gift book - therapy

(repost from 01/21/2008)

how i am passing my time ... for now


apartment therapy.
the eight-step home cure

[check web resource over here]

thanks to k for bringing this into my life. it is a welcomed addition to my bookshelf (... errr, to my nightstand book collection), and i carry it around to remind me that i am committed to this activity.

how long? ... an eight week effort. moi? i'm going for twelve weeks - gots me 3 other rooms (and a garage) and had to chose spend a week procrastinating contemplating.

where am i now in my weekly progress? ... week 3. sort of been hovering around it.

how am i doing? ... well, i'm doing o.k. enough for moving forward. there is a "feed me - outbox" thing that has underscored some of the issues i have (pack rat), and that is fine for me. there is a component of this therapy that involves cooking a meal(s) at home, which i will, as a matter of fact, be doing tonight. and there is a component of this that requires me to focus - and that's where i'm doing pretty good (surprisingly) on focusing. and finally, there is a ...

housewarming date? ... still need to pick it - and it will be sometime around the march/april timeframe.

o.k. - gotta get some stuff thinned out,
get coffee and enjoy my day off,
and buy some flowers for my home.
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