Wednesday, July 21, 2010

f|back (july '08): yours, then mine, then ...

(repost from 07.17.08)

... someone else's, then ...

the good karma pass it on kit

thank you, thank you for this totally unexpected, nifty gift!

(and thanks to arizona's sky harbor for wifi!!!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

f|back (july '09): i got validated ...

(repost of 07/14/09, 1-year anniversary(?))

... last wednesday
(or officially july 8)
oh yes!!!
(there indeed is a backstory)

Monday, July 5, 2010

star trek meets LOST (and then some)

(repost from may 18, 2009)

a bit of a step up ... from the bravoTV the fashion show & sundance channel green porno mashup over here. having NOT YET seen star trek but having seen other references ... enjoy! (also OVER HERE)
"jesus, keebler elf - get over it already!"
>p, b!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

evolving thoughts: race, ignorance ...

... privilege, self-identity, ...

my evolving interest ... is shared over here (must. buy. book. buy.) and to some extent, this dating-life moment over here.

recently reminding myself about my 2010 goals (over here) made me remember about a film that was shown at work back in february 2010. and just two days ago, i mentioned to a few people at work about an event shortly after that film was shown. this post is simply to share an email exchange after my viewing of that film.

the film ... mirrors of privilege: making whiteness visible by shakti butler - - - during black history month, this film was one of the offerings and events at work. i made time for this viewing.

the exchange after viewing that film ... i, among many others, were affected and/or moved by the film. i was so moved that i felt the need to (a mandate!) contact one of the women who shared her perspective. here is that exchange with some specifics redacted/revised ...

my note to her ... (presuming the facebook person was the woman in the film)
Hi woman-who-moved-me-to-tears,

I am hoping you are the correct woman.

I know you don't know me. And this is quite uncustomary (sort of) for me to touch base with a total stranger. However, I just wanted to let you know how I was so moved (literally moved to tears) by your story in the "mirrors of privilege: ..." video. And so moved that I have obviously felt compelled to find and check-in w/you - and if not, the folks who made the video and hope a note would get to you. I have to believe there are others who have done the same.

Thank you very much for sharing your story and your feelings.

Not that this may matter one way or another - nevertheless, I work at a large government organization (in San Francisco). The video was part of a lunchtime presentation yesterday - a series of presentations being held at our organization. Admittedly, the whole video was very moving. However, for whatever reason, your particular story was not only powerful for me but also memorable in emotion and feelings. When the second clip of you came up, I kicked myself that I didn't get your name. (and really ... I wasn't taking those kind of notes). Of course, I found clips on youtube. Had I not, I already had a note drafted to our Director in our organization; she was partly involved in organizing and/or supporting events such as these in our organization.

I could certainly go on to let you know why I am interested in this topic of privilege, race, ignorance, etc., however, I am sure my friends hear enough (or maybe not - who knows?) of my philosophical and evolving perspectives and mini-rants and raves - all for good and for being part of a path forward. And usually we do that over happy hour. (haha)

In any case, you reminded me of the importance and power of the authentic expressions of our (human beings') feelings. For that, I am thankful to you.

And if you have reached this far in the note, thank you for entertaining a note from a stranger who has decided she is the woman-who-moved-me-to-tears fanclub member at my organization. : )

Be well,
her response to me ... (i received a response 3 months later, much to my surprise and gladness.)
Aloha girlnutkin,

It has been on my mind for quite some time to respond to you when I had an extra moment. As a classroom teacher, that moment has not really come until now, as school winds down for the summer. I was very touched and grateful to hear from you, and to know firsthand that my experience could impact/connect/relate to another. Because that is what I believe this work is truly about - creating connection so that we are able to transcend fear and separation - with others, as well as with ourselves. I have often thought of the process I took in offering that interview with Shakti. I felt passionate about doing it, and knew that my personal upbringing with my cousins and brother blessed me with a viewpoint truly unique. The wisdom and understanding it has brought me to continues to compel me in my work with children - prioritizing an understanding of the "other" viewpoint, whatever that viewpoint may be.

Thanks again for having the courage to seek me out and email me. you are, actually, the first. I feel honored and privileged to know that my experience has created a universal connection between two "strangers" in theory, but not in heart.

Mahalo for taking the time to connect,
what a wonderful universal connection

yhd: check-in at the half-way mark (for the year)

(surprise?! ... i'm posting something. really.)

yhd, aka your heart's desire. at the beginning of each year, i yhd with the intention of grounding and being mindful of opportunities to continuously improve myself and the world for bopping around. it goes something like this ...
... your heart's desire: instructions for creating the life you really want" - by sonia choquette - as stated on choquette's website -
"There are metaphysical laws at work in the universe that bring to us both what we want and what we don't want, depending on our habits of thought and behavior."
OVER HERE for my 2010 beginnings and background info. how am i progressing? where am i today (july 2010) even if i had a peak before july 2010? well ... here goes each one with an added holistic approach/perspective ...
1_finances ('09 @_1; '08@_3; '99@_5) ... progress? i'm at 5/10.
approach/perspective - be not wanting with regards to finances in order to establish a philanthropic approach/practice to charities.
(this includes the sphere of income, savings, debt payoff, and money for purchases, adventures, and indulgences)
completing taxes on time; suze orman-ing; identifying environmental-related investment options; increasing savings toward retirement; establishing budget for other YHD activities and philanthropic efforts.

2_health & body ('09 @_2; '08@_1; '99@_8) ... progress? i'm at 6/10.
approach/perspective - have no chronic or acute health issues.
(this means the sphere of physical health and well-being, including weight loss or gain, beauty, exercise, sport, and recovery from illness)
engaging in heart-healthy living activities; re-establishing more regular yoga practice; re-establishing cardio-kickboxing practice; continuing chiropractic health; increasing outdoor activities.

3_relationships ('09 @_3; '08@_2; '99@_6) ... progress? i'm at 6/10.
approach/perspective - be aware of and engaged in healthy and mutually fulfilling relationships that contribute to my purpose.
(this includes the sphere of love, romance, marriage, divorce, children, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, partners, and pets)
continuing to invest in friendships (existing and new) that are mutually supportive and unconditional; being constructive in letting go; increasing spending quality time with family; welcoming being involved in a long-term/committed relationship with a man; getting a house pet.

4_work ('09 @_4; '08@_4; '99@_1) ... progress? i'm at 6/10.
approach/perspective - be exemplary of the importance that being "environmental-minded" such that labels (e.g., government, corporate, non-profit, non-governmental, etc.) are unnecessary and unwarranted. and in fact, having the variety in background and experience is positively recognized.
(this includes where you want to work, what you want to do, how much you want it to pay, whom you want to work with, the environment you want to work in, the rewards you want to receive, the amount of independence you want, and the contribution to the world you want to make)
engaging in work activities and people connections contributing to my mission| vision | values; repositioning r|cat to engage in environmental professional development; creating professional and personal "bridges" among work colleagues; creating a mutual support network among internal and external work colleagues; re-establishing recognition as and "go to person" of valuable and credible resource for air quality, energy and environmental communications issues.

_spiritual ('09 @_8; '08@8; '99@_7) ... progress? i'm at 5/10.
approach/perspective - implement reiki journey principles and learnings that support my holistic goals.
(this includes the sphere of personal discovery, healing old wounds, recovering personal power, expanding intuitive awareness, discovering new dimensions, remembering your true spiritual identity)
re-establishing reiki practice for health; re-establishing intuitive awareness practices as part of decisionmaking for betterment of self and communities; acknowledging and being mindful of signs; moving forward thoughts and writings related to philosophical perspective of ignorance within the context of knowledge, self-awareness, informing/educating and accountability.

6_home ('09 @_5; '08@7; '99@_3) ... progress? i'm at 5/10.
approach/perspective - live in my home that is inviting of friends, family, and new friends.
(this includes buying, selling, renting, remodeling, building, moving, acquiring roommates, decorating, and designing where you live)
creating and maintaining a home that is inviting for entertaining family & friends; re-visit and complete apartment therapy (over here); uncluttering my home; creating a personal space for meditating and reiki; decorating and organizing with what i have; gardening.

_creative expression ('09 @_6; '08@6; '99@_4) ... progress? i'm at 6/10.
approach/perspective - re-establish my connection with my creativity by immediately accepting, realizing, and engaging in my "epiphany" and work papers (circa 1994) representative of my purpose.
(this includes singing, dancing, painting, writing, healing, intuiting, inventing, buliding, designing, photographing, acting, producing, filming, cooking, gardening, sculpting)
continuing with blogging; re-establishing writing short stories; developing and honing skills for storytelling and improv; learning how to knit; learning more cooking skills and techniques.

_possessions ('09 @_9; '08@9; '99@_10) ... progress? i'm at 5/10.
approach/perspective - materials in my personal surroundings support my holistic goals.
(this includes any and all physical objects and property that may make your daily life more joyous, more pleasureable, more comfortable, more practical, and more fun)
learning how to use my mac's multi-media apps; reading/finishing at least one book per month among the many books already in my possession; being more mindful of doing timely car maintenance and repairs; uncluttering of possessions i have by donating, storing, or using; using information from subscription magazines.

_travel & adventures ('09 @_7; '08@7; '99@_9) ... progress? i'm at 4/10.
approach/perspective - travel to spend quality time with friends and family.
(this includes travel, sports, recreation, retreat, world exploration, psychic exploration, and new experiences of every kind)
providing reiki for others' healing processes; visiting friends in u.s.; taking a must-use-passport vacation; visiting california's nature locales; tag along with friends' outdoor/extracirricular activities.

10_special intentions
('09 @_10; '08@10; '99@_2) ... progress? i'm at 3/10.
approach/perspective - random potpourri.
(this includes anything not directly covered in the above)
being sought after by individuals and organizations for enviro professional development implementation and support; developing apprentern blog and writings as part of carrying forward and extending the message jengyee has started for self-improvement; staying in touch with jengyee's family and friends; expressing through my actions and mindset - the four agreements, the paradoxical commandments, the paradoxical commandments for government, and the ten rules for being human.
overall? ... meh.
time to step it up.

(good to check-in)
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