Wednesday, July 23, 2014

now in month 4 of #iquitmyjob

I remember April 4. It was my last day in a traditional cubeopolis - leaving around 8:45 pm with a great crew of friends who helped me not to freak out. (well, HELLO Mezcal ...)

It has been more than 90 days. Since then, I have continued discovering What's next?, as shared the day after, and this post is an update -
  • What I shared in June
  • End of June Mini-Retreat
  • Multiple Choice July
Key words of what's going on: Improv, Fluevog (shoes), water (esp. the ocean), connecting with friends, Anthrocubeology, and Resource Catalysts. 

What I shared in June
Two months after quitting my job, I shared on Facebook the following -
WONDERING WHAT I AM DOING (or not wondering)?
What I am working on - my time currently includes ... restarting my environmental + energy consulting practice, formalizing my coaching practice, getting organized for outreach (blog + write + speak), engaging in lifelong learning activities (aka being part of classes + on-line stuff), and making home-cooked meals.
- which certainly is NOT a complete list of my activities occupying the 168 hours of a week.

Admittedly, ever since June, I still find myself rambling on when someone (or the voices in my head) asks me -
  • "What's up? Are you retired?", or 
  • "So have you been interviewing or what? How is that going for you?", or 
  • "Do you have a business card? a website?", or
  • "I don't get it? What are you doing with all your free time?" 
My responses are generally informative as to where I am in my process but nothing specific in the traditional sense. Meanwhile, I know (and as does anyone knows who sees my Facebook timeline) two things are for certain -

I loves me IMPROV.
I spend at least 3 nights a week directly involved with learning, practicing and/or performing improv. I am part of The Letters (who are co-creating a new form) and of Scene Chicken (a Harold team). I am involved with Made Up Theatre and EndGames, and I am discovering other communities ....

I loves me some FLUEVOGS.
"Peace, Good Sole and Groovy Love Vibes
to All Who Enter"

I met my goal of "50 by 50" after my inventory of 41 Fluevog shoes last year February 2013. It's July 2014, and I have maintained a modest budget for Fluevogs. I ALSO won a $50 gift card on International Fluevog Day, not to mention my helping out at the Haight Street store. 

End of June Mini-Retreat
The past several weeks has been about my shoring up on ideas and activities, along with channeling others' ideas.
I loves me WATER, esp. the OCEAN.

At the end of June, I self-gifted a mini-retreat to Santa Barbara - just less than 200 steps (with my gait) to the beach sand.

And I met up with a friend visiting from Georgia by way of her conference presentation at Long Beach.

It was great talking through her perspectives about what I am looking to create. It never ever hurts to have friends that are totally motivational and supportive. 

Multiple Choice July
Now in July, my number of multiple-choice responses to the multiple questions has been trimmed down. Granted, What's next? has included other a-day-in-the-life-everyone such as budgeting tethered to financial planning, health insurance, car maintenance, and the like. Also, while retrieving files from my i-have-not-worked-my-consulting-business-since-2007 archives, garage storage, and home office, I am not only restarting my business (e.g., bookkeeping, invoicing, marketing, outreach, office administration, etc.) but also repositioning it - which is like starting a new business.

Short version - FOCUS.

For Behavior Design folks - CRISPIFY.

For what's next, I have been clarifying some areas, other ideas are fully formed and yet to emerge, and other ideas are fully formed and being tested out. With all this happening, I do know a few more things since June -

- inspired by IMPROVISATION - on being an ANTHROCUBEOLOGIST.
Basically, with Anthrocubeology, I have merged my love of improv, behavior design, and what I would consider the elements of a workspace cultural setting that can emerge from the servant-leader philosophy. Yup!

I loves me R|CAT.
I'm rebooting and repositioning my consulting practice that was founded in San Diego back in the early 1990s. Oh the memories. Now time for some new memories in the making!

Month 4 of what's next?
is around the corner!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I #ImprovLove The Letters

I am part of The Letters (on twitter, on Facebook, on National Improv Network), an improv troupe formed in mid-January 2014, that has been co-creating a new form. For those that have seen us perform, y'know we always appreciate your bringing along a book(s) for our inspiration!

This post is just a virtual kiss to The Letters, especially after receiving a little love photo this morning from one of our Chicagoans!

Our First Gig
Since we formed, we have been practicing and jamming and practicing and jamming (lather, rinse, repeat). After one of our jam sets in April, we were asked to open - THANKS(!) to Nick, host of EndGame Up 'Til Midnight Jam, The Letters opened the jam on May 22.

The Recent Past

Knowing that two of our team members would move to Chicago in early July, we jumped on -

getting in group practices . . . 
oooo, dirty, sexy, jungle .... oooo
the inauguration-wedding of Man & Country

having an evening of karoake in the Tenderloin with them . . .  

and performing at the July 3 EndGames Harold Night
Getting pumped up before our performance
[Photo credit: Michael Fox Manziello]
I also dropped by the night before their leaving to say "buh-bye . . ." (tear. puffy heart.)

The Just-This-Tuesday
Turns out, one of the Chicagoans was back in town this week. He came by our weekly practice at our new little practice spot. (Cool. Very cool.)

Yes, it was very fun, but even looking at this picture - you can see that there is a physical, empty space among our team members. This made me think about that space in my heart for our other Chicagoan.

The Just-This-Thursday-Morning

Regardless of where each of us calls home -

Why I LOVE The Letters, Reason #83

Always there in spirit!

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