Thursday, July 17, 2014

I #ImprovLove The Letters

I am part of The Letters (on twitter, on Facebook, on National Improv Network), an improv troupe formed in mid-January 2014, that has been co-creating a new form. For those that have seen us perform, y'know we always appreciate your bringing along a book(s) for our inspiration!

This post is just a virtual kiss to The Letters, especially after receiving a little love photo this morning from one of our Chicagoans!

Our First Gig
Since we formed, we have been practicing and jamming and practicing and jamming (lather, rinse, repeat). After one of our jam sets in April, we were asked to open - THANKS(!) to Nick, host of EndGame Up 'Til Midnight Jam, The Letters opened the jam on May 22.

The Recent Past

Knowing that two of our team members would move to Chicago in early July, we jumped on -

getting in group practices . . . 
oooo, dirty, sexy, jungle .... oooo
the inauguration-wedding of Man & Country

having an evening of karoake in the Tenderloin with them . . .  

and performing at the July 3 EndGames Harold Night
Getting pumped up before our performance
[Photo credit: Michael Fox Manziello]
I also dropped by the night before their leaving to say "buh-bye . . ." (tear. puffy heart.)

The Just-This-Tuesday
Turns out, one of the Chicagoans was back in town this week. He came by our weekly practice at our new little practice spot. (Cool. Very cool.)

Yes, it was very fun, but even looking at this picture - you can see that there is a physical, empty space among our team members. This made me think about that space in my heart for our other Chicagoan.

The Just-This-Thursday-Morning

Regardless of where each of us calls home -

Why I LOVE The Letters, Reason #83

Always there in spirit!

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