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#improv me some games, QUICKLY!

Quickly, now ... short form
  • Speed + Wit
  • Scene
  • Guessing
  • Stand in line / Rotation
Save-the-date for Sunday evening, May 11 at 8:00 PM, for a FREE improv show at Made Up Theatre.

  • WHERE: Made Up Theatre - 3392 Seldon Court, which is off of Osgood Road (near Fry's).
  • SEATING: Door opens at 7:45 pm.
  • STARTING: Show begins at 8:00 pm 

Some of The Games We Play

With many games to choose from, since March 23, our short form troupe has learned several games - some that involve fun improvised scenework while others involving quick wit, one-liners, miming, and gibberish language. Come to our show for a sweet variety of the games we play!

Here is "PART 1 of 2" of the games we have learned for our upcoming show. (Note: there are other resources on-line including Improv EncyclopediaWho's Line games list, and Learn Improv, to name a few.)

Speed + Wit

Fun, quick, one-liner witty tidbits (sometimes referred to as punchlines) based on an audience suggestion ... these games go something like this -
  • ONE EIGHTY FIVE (185) ... Given an audience suggestion, a player says - "185 *BLANKS* walk into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve *BLANKS* here," so the 185 *BLANKS* say ... (witty punchline)
  • I KISSED A ... This game also includes some audience involvement. Given an audience suggestion, a player says - "I kissed a *BLANK* last night." Then the audience and other back line players say, "Oh no you didn't!" And the player says, "Yeah, and (witty punchline)."
  • BACK IN MY DAY ... Given an audience suggestion, a player his/her experience without the suggested item - "Back in my day, we didn't have *BLANKS*, if we wanted *BLANKS*, we would (witty punchline). 
  • SEX WITH ME IS LIKE A ... This game also includes some audience involvement. Given an audience suggestion, a player says - "Sex with me is like a *BLANK*." Then the audience and other back line players say, "How's that?!" And the player says a (witty punchline).
  • LAST ACTION JOKE ... Given an audience suggestion, a player faces the audience armed with the suggestion and then gestures to "kill" someone with that suggestion, along with stating a witty action hero punch line.
  • MORNING COMMUTE ... Given a suggestion, the player mimics driving a car and yells out a "morning commuter" statement involving and/or inspired by the suggestion. 
  • HEY WAITER, THERE'S A ... This game includes an audience member. Given a suggestion, an audience member is seated on-stage as a customer, and each player comes up to him/her. The audience member says, "Hey Waiter, there's a *BLANK* in my soup." The player responds with a (witty punchline). (Each player is responding by using the same suggestion with a new punchline.)


  • BLIND LINE ... Based on audience suggestions, lines of dialogue are collected and written on pieces of paper; these lines are collected without the performers hearing the suggestions. The pieces of paper are randomly strewn on stage. The performers come back in and do a scene. every so often, a performer picks up a line of dialogue, reads it, and incorporates it into their scene.
  • DIME STORE NOVEL ... One performer is at a typewriter/computer and starts to type/narrate a story based on a title given by the audience. after a set-up, the other performers start to act out the story and occasionally the focus and dialogue goes entirely to them. this game is all about Give and take of focus. go back and forth between narration and action. 
  • SAY IT DIFFERENTLY ... (next blog post)
  • FORWARD / REVERSE ... (next blog post)

Guessing Games

  • CHAIN MURDER - with gibberish, miming, and timing ... This is like Clue and Telephone. Everyone but 1 person leaves. The one person remaining gets "L.O.W." - a LOCATION, OCCUPATION, and WEAPON.

    The others who left will ultimately be the guessers (who later become clue-givers). One-by-One, each guesser comes in and receive the clues (in the L.O.W. order) through gibberish and pantomime. Once the weapon is conveyed, the guesser will kill the clue-giver with whatever s/he thinks it is. The game continues until the last person comes in and kills the last clue-giver. Everyone is brought back from the dead, and the host goes down the line and sees how far the clues made it.
  • 5 THINGS - with gibberish, miming, and timing ... One person leaves the room. 5 activities are collected. Each activity gets one or two changes, i.e., for baseball, the bat is a jigsaw puzzle and the ball is a chihuahua. The clue-givers use gibberish and pantomime to convey the clues. Clue-givers must get the guesser to do the activity before they can do it.
  • HOME SHOPPING NETWORK - with miming and timing ... (next blog post)
  • PLAYGROUND INSULTS - with miming and timing ... (next blog post)

Stand in Line / Rotation

  • BEASTIE RAP - rotation game ... The performers are split into two teams. A rap track (such as this over here) is played with two people who are up front from each team with the other performers behind them. A NAME will be taken from the audience, and going with the beat, the person up front - the lead rapper - will deliver a rap line intending to have the name as the last word in the rap line - - - it is the other players behind the lead rapper that will say the last word - the NAME.

    The other team's lead rapper will respond with another line, ending with a word that RHYMES with the name - again, the people behind the front person must say the rhyme so the set-up has to lead them to say that word together. The game continues - goes back and forth between teams - and the front person is rotated if s/he goes off beat, the back people say the wrong word, or any mess-up that the host sees.
  • LOVE SONG - stand in line ... Players sing a song (ABCB) to an audience member based on the person's name, occupation, and hobby.
  • PICK-UP LINES / CASANOVA- stand in line ... Two "teams" (of 4-5 players) are formed - each representing a team that delivers a pick-up line. An audience member will be brought onstage, and the first team will deliver a pick-up line one word at a time, based on a suggestion. After the end of the pick-up line, the first team members, together, celebrates and exclaims "YEAAHHH!!!!!!" Then, the second team creates a new pick-up line, repeating the same process. After both lines have been delivered, the audience member will then give a thumbs up to the team for the better pick-up line.
  • TALK RADIO ... (next blog post)
  • ADVICE PANEL / EXPERTS ... (next blog post)

next post with other games 
will be posted later this week

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