Monday, April 14, 2014

#improv debut: the.saurus & MUTer

Last Friday, several the.saurus and MUTer improvisers and friends (from the East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula) spent an evening in San Francisco with many other Bay Area improvisers.  

the.saurus debuted at an improv jam. My memorable moment (because of the neck-kink I am still stretching out) - I was a tumbleweed in the desert.
Translation: I did a forward roll across the stage. 

Likewise MUTer debuted at the same improv jam. A collection of improvisers who met through Made Up Theatre (on web) jammed in San Francisco.

We attended Improv LUV: Leela's Free Improv Jam last Friday and hung out afterwards for drinks and chats at nearby bar Club 93.

the.saurus + Friends Post-Jam
In our post-jam photo, we have (L-R): Omer, Dean, Carolyn, Marcus, Amit, Joanna, and shirlnutkin (atop what is a couch). Friends Marcus (host of the evening's Leela's Improv LUV) and Joanna (ukulele protector) giving us some luvin'. And THANKS MUCH to Joanna of MUTer, who jump-started getting a crew of us to the jam.

Faucet & Doppleganger ... Thanks to the lovely audience for these suggestions that inspired our short form pun game - "I kissed a ..." and ultimately our montage set. 

the.saurus holding the fort* ... Several other members of the.saurus (the.sauri?) were not available Friday night to make it out to the improv jam. Meet a few other folks ... the rest of the the.saurus motley crew includes: Theresa, Alan, Jennifer, and Rachel Marie. And actually, we have had others drop by to hang out with us during practice.

MUTer Generations 
Those in the photo include a person who took Made Up Theatre's (MUT's) first ever improv class and a person who recently completed MUT's Level A class ... amidst others in-between. In fact, some folks met each other for the first time last Friday! We have (L-R): Carolyn, Arturo, Shelly, Dean, shirlnutkin, Omer, and Joanna - the ukulele protector. In our post-jam MUTer photo, the ukulele was not harmed, thanks to Joanna.

Thanks Leela 
(on Facebook, on web, on twitter), 
and we look forward to next time.

*because as we have learned,  

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