Friday, April 11, 2014

day 4 also meant #improv

Thanks @MadeUpTheatre ... MUT's Playground - improv jam - is the stay-on-the-East-Bay-side kind of evening that I needed - that and a good dose of Facebook Blind Lines with this nifty group of peeps. The daytime wasn't too shabby either. Art, food, improv.

Day 4

On days 1, 2, and 3 of my first week unemployed, one of my former clients from my way-back business was texting me to check-in on how my official first week of unemployment was going. Each day, I had a fun stuff to report. He didn't text me yesterday. So here's my little report.

Collage 2014

Short version - Given a children's book of your choice, engage in an artistic expression that you share with one another, e.g., collage, poetry, etc. With 12 of us participating (where we rotate/share books) throughout the United States, each month, we are given a theme that inspires our one-of-a-kind creation.

(I will write more about this year-round project.) 
(Thanks, Jen, for your patience. Thanks, Theresa, for your patience and nudging.)

In theory - here is how Collage 2014 works ... In January, we started out with our own book - creating a collage of sorts (or whatever artistic expression we chose). We then mailed it to the next person on a prescribed list - and around the same time, we received a book from someone else. Given another theme for February, we once again created another one-of-a-kind artwork. Lather - Rinse - Repeat.

Collage 2014
from my starter book, my initial offering to
"The Smash! Smash! Truck"

Yes, I got a LATE(!) start getting my book over to the next person  The quitting of the job kind of started to cramp my keeping things on track. Anyway, next thing you know, I had three books. Well, yesterday was the day I mailed out all three books. Now I get to wait for my next book!

And after mailing the books out, I dropped by my fave Niles Pie Company (on Facebook, on yelp, on web).

Food, Friends, Fun, and Fluevog

Just as I mentioned Wednesday about STILL heading into SF, Thursday was no different. Bridge toll, there I went. Having lunch with friends was a great highlight. Dishing about shoes was a bonus.

At Piccino in Dogpatch with Denny and Marisol

What else but improv

And so we come full circle. Improv class on Wednesday night in SF ... improv jam on Thursday night in the East Bay/Fremont. Circle up improvisers!

What do you 
enjoy repeating
throughout the week?

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  1. Nice way to spend y first week! You go girl!


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