Tuesday, April 22, 2014

unfamiliar #iquitmyjob

Familiar #improv.
Last week Friday morning was the first time I felt something - an unfamiliar feeling. That's the best I can do to describe the feeling. 

Coffee and Tea

Familiar to me most mornings? The smell of coffee and tea. Unfamiliar to me in the morning? Not knowing exactly what day it is. Familiar - the time of day from my phone or or my wall clock in the distance. Unfamiliar - whether I have a commitment on whatever day it is. Familiar - a hangover. Unfamiliar - the consequences of a hangover WITHOUT having a hangover.

The Night Before

Improv. (Seriously, what else?) In addition to hanging out with Janice before the Endgames Improv's Harold Night, we stayed through the Endgames Improv's Up 'Til Midnight Jam. As part of improv team The Letters ('LIKE' us on Facebook), this was our second time performing - and this time with the full team. (Woohoo!)

"Oh Maple Tree ..."  
"Oh Blanket ..."
(photo credit: Michael Fox Manziello)

Familiar - Improv

The day after a fun night with improv friends - TOTALLY worth the unfamiliar feeling of quitting my job. That is, I did not have to go into cubeopolis the next day after a late night of improv fun.

L-R: Avi, Shirlnutkin, Krish, Megan, Matt
(awesome photobomb: Lacey)

(photo credit: Harpsie Ð Etat)

Thanks, The Letters,
for a morning of unfamiliar feelings.


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