Sunday, April 13, 2014

f|break: on the english language

You had me even more so at ...
"Look. Observe this graph." 
Thank you! This evening I was very thankful to hear a friend comment on my proper use of irrespective. And similarly, neither of us use the f$#king make-believe-word irregardless.

Sure, the word irregardless appears in various dictionaries. Irregardless* is even in - properly defined (IMO), albeit a source of other make-believe-words, but still. Really people?

Nevertheless, this evening, I believe I was among several who feel likewise about the non-word, despite its being in existence as early as 1795 (per wikipedia). And this evening, I also learned about David Mitchell's Soapbox (on Facebook, on YouTube), otherwise also known as "i-am-going-to-binge-watch-soapbox" (because I'm still not employed).

Enjoy this fiber break with David Mitchell (over here)
for nearly 3:30 min on Dear America ...

"I could care less."

*after typing this non-word out as many times as I have done so, 
I must scrub my hands and do penance.

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