Monday, April 7, 2014

unemployed at #improv jam

Photo credit: Stacy Beckley | Location: Studio 210
My first unemployed work day - Monday - and I still went into SF. I spent my evening at a fun improv jam. 

Thanks Other People's Children for the monthly jam, and THANKS(!) Dwayne McDaniel for leading a fun group game!

Yes, I quit my job. And when I ran the post-employment numbers for my budget, I estimated I would save money on daily bridge toll, gas, and parking. Today, I saved money on parking.

And so it turns out after years of heading into SF for work, my first week of being unemployed includes going into SF at least 4 days this week - AT LEAST 4 days this week. Why? Improv, food, and friends.

Note to Self:
Budget for 
Improv, Food, and Friends 

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