Saturday, April 5, 2014

#iquitmyjob What's next?

After nearly 7 years, Friday, April 4 was my last day at work.

What's next?
My answer to the what's next? frequently asked question -
"As far as what is next, I do not yet have anything specific. I am still considering various options yet to be created. Some of you may be aware that prior to joining EPA in 2007, I had my own consulting practice for nearly 13 years. And more recently, I have been engaged in the self-study and practice of behavior design, servant leadership, and improvisation, as well as serving as a coach and mentor. With that said, potential endeavors are likely to involve these areas in some fashion."
- so, yeah. That's my answer. In fact, this is an excerpt from my Wednesday, March 19, email announcement.

For some, answering the question the first time didn't stop some folks from asking it again. Therefore, as I've responded in similar situations -
"Asking the question a second time
isn't going to change the answer from the first time.
Nevertheless, here's a deconstruction of the what's next? - if it helps. Key words -
  • yet ... I'm still in the creating and imagining mode, so stay tuned
  • options ... I'm casting a wide net, while also seeing what's outside of that net
  • consulting ... I've had my own consulting practice, so consulting is in my line of sight
  • behavior design ... From the teachings of BJ Fogg, my June 2012 Boot Camp experience continues to shape how I interact in and with life
  • servant leadership ... From the teachings of Robert K. Greenleaf, through the former certificate program of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, I have learned that my natural inclination is that of a servant leader
  • improvisation ... I'm entering my fourth year, and I love it - the people, the community, the different philosophies.
  • coach ... Dovetailing with behavior design, having completed BJ Fogg's Masterclass in Tiny Habits, I am a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach
  • mentor ... I have been and continue to be a mentor to those transitioning into and navigating around the workplace (or workspace), for which I especially enjoy working not only with college students but also lifelong learners
  • potential ... perhaps best described via a quote from Paulo Coelho 
"Everybody has a creative potential 
and from the moment you can express this creative potential, 
you can start changing the world."

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