Wednesday, April 9, 2014

new #cubeopolis wednesdays + ice cream

Former routine ... Commute, workspace, hug, weekly mtg, hug, lunch, and after-work optional ice cream at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous in SF's Dogpatch.

New routine ... discovering options, creating activities, and optional ice cream. Not the old Wednesday routine.

First Wednesday unemployed

Reality has set in. I DO NOT have a weekly meeting. I am not going to ice cream. Wait?

That last thing ... 
I can STILL (and want to) do.

Wednesdays of the past 

This week, after a read a Facebook post (by a fellow improviser) about going to ice cream at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous in Dogpatch (on yelp, on Facebook) for the first time, I was reminded of my after-work jaunt with fellow cubesters.

Wednesday marks the beginning of hump day - that day in the middile of the traditional work week - half-way through, half-way over, often a sigh of relief for some. For me, in former cubeopolis, it also marked a weekly morning office meeting. Suffice to say, that's not happening now.

Meanwhile, on the occasional late-in-the-day when the timing was just right for two of my friends/fellow cubesters, we would gauge the likelihood of making it to ice cream - and specifically, Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous.  

Every once in awhile, ice cream happened after work - as shared in this previous blog post. TOO LAZY to read the previous blog post? YOU SHOULD. There is a nifty picture of their handwritten list of flavors/flavor ideas - back in 2011. Here's a blog post excerpt describing the after-work ice cream routine -
the routine-ish ... on weekdays, if i've driven into work, mr. and mrs. miscellaneous - which is about 2.5 miles on surface streets from work - is ALWAYS a possible after-work ice cream treat, as long as i leave the parking area by -
  • 5:20 (or much sooner) if traffic near my work is congested, or
  • 5:35 if traffic is near non-existent, or
  • 5:40 if traffic is near non-existent and there is little to no talking in the car (shiny penny andy and pho queen les lie know what that means)
upon arrival ... if we've looked on facebook prior to driving over to see if/what the flavors are posted, we do a combo of the following -
  • lament that there may be a "sold out" sign on a fave flavor,
  • cheer because the flavor we want to try is still available,
  • sample flavors that we may normally not try or no nothing about
  • negotiate amongst ourselves which flavors to enjoy, and
  • pray to the goddess asphalta that there is parking nearby enough, AND IF NOT, i push out the car while it's moving make whomever is/are my passenger(s) get in the door comfortably before closing at 6 pm,
  • scoop ice cream and making orgasmic noises while doing so,
  • chat with ann or ian

Re-imagining Wednesday

Choices, choices, choices. I'm still figuring out what's next, and I have realized one thing ...

... I can drive to ice cream and go it solo ...

... I can meet a friend for ice cream ...

... or I can pick up my friends and have a little ice cream social!

What is/would be 
your re-imagined Wednesday routine?
(P.S. I miss the morning hugs.)

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