Wednesday, July 23, 2014

now in month 4 of #iquitmyjob

I remember April 4. It was my last day in a traditional cubeopolis - leaving around 8:45 pm with a great crew of friends who helped me not to freak out. (well, HELLO Mezcal ...)

It has been more than 90 days. Since then, I have continued discovering What's next?, as shared the day after, and this post is an update -
  • What I shared in June
  • End of June Mini-Retreat
  • Multiple Choice July
Key words of what's going on: Improv, Fluevog (shoes), water (esp. the ocean), connecting with friends, Anthrocubeology, and Resource Catalysts. 

What I shared in June
Two months after quitting my job, I shared on Facebook the following -
WONDERING WHAT I AM DOING (or not wondering)?
What I am working on - my time currently includes ... restarting my environmental + energy consulting practice, formalizing my coaching practice, getting organized for outreach (blog + write + speak), engaging in lifelong learning activities (aka being part of classes + on-line stuff), and making home-cooked meals.
- which certainly is NOT a complete list of my activities occupying the 168 hours of a week.

Admittedly, ever since June, I still find myself rambling on when someone (or the voices in my head) asks me -
  • "What's up? Are you retired?", or 
  • "So have you been interviewing or what? How is that going for you?", or 
  • "Do you have a business card? a website?", or
  • "I don't get it? What are you doing with all your free time?" 
My responses are generally informative as to where I am in my process but nothing specific in the traditional sense. Meanwhile, I know (and as does anyone knows who sees my Facebook timeline) two things are for certain -

I loves me IMPROV.
I spend at least 3 nights a week directly involved with learning, practicing and/or performing improv. I am part of The Letters (who are co-creating a new form) and of Scene Chicken (a Harold team). I am involved with Made Up Theatre and EndGames, and I am discovering other communities ....

I loves me some FLUEVOGS.
"Peace, Good Sole and Groovy Love Vibes
to All Who Enter"

I met my goal of "50 by 50" after my inventory of 41 Fluevog shoes last year February 2013. It's July 2014, and I have maintained a modest budget for Fluevogs. I ALSO won a $50 gift card on International Fluevog Day, not to mention my helping out at the Haight Street store. 

End of June Mini-Retreat
The past several weeks has been about my shoring up on ideas and activities, along with channeling others' ideas.
I loves me WATER, esp. the OCEAN.

At the end of June, I self-gifted a mini-retreat to Santa Barbara - just less than 200 steps (with my gait) to the beach sand.

And I met up with a friend visiting from Georgia by way of her conference presentation at Long Beach.

It was great talking through her perspectives about what I am looking to create. It never ever hurts to have friends that are totally motivational and supportive. 

Multiple Choice July
Now in July, my number of multiple-choice responses to the multiple questions has been trimmed down. Granted, What's next? has included other a-day-in-the-life-everyone such as budgeting tethered to financial planning, health insurance, car maintenance, and the like. Also, while retrieving files from my i-have-not-worked-my-consulting-business-since-2007 archives, garage storage, and home office, I am not only restarting my business (e.g., bookkeeping, invoicing, marketing, outreach, office administration, etc.) but also repositioning it - which is like starting a new business.

Short version - FOCUS.

For Behavior Design folks - CRISPIFY.

For what's next, I have been clarifying some areas, other ideas are fully formed and yet to emerge, and other ideas are fully formed and being tested out. With all this happening, I do know a few more things since June -

- inspired by IMPROVISATION - on being an ANTHROCUBEOLOGIST.
Basically, with Anthrocubeology, I have merged my love of improv, behavior design, and what I would consider the elements of a workspace cultural setting that can emerge from the servant-leader philosophy. Yup!

I loves me R|CAT.
I'm rebooting and repositioning my consulting practice that was founded in San Diego back in the early 1990s. Oh the memories. Now time for some new memories in the making!

Month 4 of what's next?
is around the corner!

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