Sunday, March 24, 2013

badge-catching-up @globalniche

step 3 ...  content - inventory all you have created.

well, i am still continuing to inventory my content (which includes digitizing, grouping, categorizing, and cleaning/decluttering). inventory means not only identifying what i have created but also collecting and compiling them in some fashion - list, photos, video, etc. this means whatever i have put out there.

concurrently, i also am weaving in/out of step 3 AND moved on to other steps 4 and 5.

a few highlights ... i wanted to share my "raw data" of what i discovered so far (which is a lot of writing stuff) ... however, before hand, a few that surprisingly struck me (in a good way) as part of content -
  • memorial service eulogies
  • photography themes beyond family and friends
  • vlogs to select friends who encouraged me to share about my on-line dating experience (video rather than blog), as well as stories (for creative writing class stuff) i wrote
  • obsolete, outdated, and/or unused on-line sites (and i'm sure i'll find more!)
  • a foreword i wrote for a friend's book
  • how much i used to be involved as an "untrained" (but pretty good) event organizer, planner, and connector of people through events
  • greenleaf center for servant leadership class work, esp. my two final papers

seeing my content ... this blog post is the beginning of getting my arms around my content, aka my "cumulative output" - along with a few other resources i am cobbling together - excel spreadsheets, handwritten in notebook + mindmap, photograph of where some of my content physically rests, and ... although i haven't started it yet ... a shoebox of sorts - something that's special!

cataloging my content ... i have started using pinterest as part of going digital. my excel sheets will become part of either a place in my sugarsync or google docs. and it's time for me to decide where photos will reside - flickr, picasa, snapfish, elsewhere ...

raw data sharing ... as i have am also on steps 4 and 5, below are the different places where my content resides. this is what my inventory-ing has looked like  ...
  • blogs ... i have had (and have) blogs on blogger and wordpress. and i tried a few others through the years. also, i have commented on others' blogs.
    • blogger ... my first blogpost ever was on - ReLo-ing from SD to BA - a result of starting a blog on my relocating from san diego to the bay area, but then i found myself continuing to share for my friends in san diego what i was doing in the bay area ... and then some other random musings. essentially, my blogs are just my thoughts on stuff - and stuff is all over the board. 
      • in this blog shirlnutkin, i am moving toward sharing different thoughts on aging, pop culture, creative expression, and personal development. however, it turns out i have had several blogs (no longer activite) that include - shirlrelo (my first one), shirlrelo2, shirlsintern, shirlquips, and shirlcat. for my business, there was REALITY:intern, and i have included the relevant posts on a pinterest board - R|CAT intern days (2006). i am slowly but surely doing the same (will be doing the same) on pinterest for my other blogs.
    • wordpress ... i decided to start anthrocubeology on wordpress, mainly because several friends suggested wordpress for its variety of features and flexibility. and i am a contributing author on for the love of vogs
    • other blogs ... i have tried out tumblr and posterous (which is going bye-bye in april). neither really stuck with me. (note to self: delete tumblr)
    • comments to others' blogs ... oh indeed, i have commented on a few peoples' blogs. this effort to pull content has re-ignited a few interests, as well as pondering whether to continue with others - that may not quite contribute to my vision & goals (but i'm going to wait and see through the GlobalNiche process to see where those land).
  • twitter ... i decided to try twitter the same time another friend did a couple of years ago. i have two twitter handles - one related specifically to my anthrocubeology and my virgin voyage twitter entrance. (note to self: clean up my first twitter account.) while my @anthrocubeology is intended to directly support my GNiche vision & goals, @eco_banshee serves to capture other facets contributing (albeit indirectly) to anthrocubeology. one thing i do note is that posts from my anthrocubeology and shirlnutkin blogs automatically post to the two accounts, respectively. oh! and i retweet stuff. 
  • facebook + videos ... on facebook, my account is specific to my day-to-day activities, with some posts related to anthrocubeology, and others not so much. i post links of my blogs' posts as part of my status updates. i have "custom access" videos (aka as a small pool of people can view) that were like vlogs about my dating experiences back in 2010. they are funny, now that i look at them! and i have one (very silly) youtube video.
  • photographs ... aside from the photos of family and friends (e.g., occasions, travel, events, etc.), i have found that many of my other photos are of public space, architecture (including landscape), signage, typography, and the unintended quirkiness of everyday life. 
    • as far as where these photographs are - some are actual photos (in photo albums or photo boxes), while many are digital - iPhoto, Flickr, Picasa, Snapfish, facebook albums, and i am sure there a few i have missed but will find.
  • journaling ... oh my! the journals i have - the MANY journals i have! i had a series of journals throughout my energy/environmental consulting practice. separately, i also have kept daily/personal journals - esp. ones after my father died in 2002. in fact, even after the third of those journals were filled, i have continued to carry around a journal as if i am having a conversation with my father.
  • presentations, panels, talks, and articles ... throughout my career, i have been a speaker in a variety of conferences, particularly during my consulting practice that focused on air quality, energy projects, and environmental communications. in my "archives" (stored in my car garage), i still have conference binders and notes. in fact, prior to the popularity and use to power point, i have presentations on OVERHEAD SLIDES! in my current position, i can count just under two handfuls the number of presentation-related events i have had. when i have given presentations, they tend to be information exchange, as well as some element of training. and from several of my presentations, i have written a few articles and a few people and organizations have written articles about my work. (i really enjoyed revisiting my energy/environmental work.)
  • stories ... THIS is interesting. i do not have many stories. HOWEVER, i did take a creative writing class back in 2002, so that i would spend time with a friend; she was taking the class, and generally, our schedules didn't always yield flexibility to meet-up. so an evening u.c. irvine extension course was the cure.

    my first story for the creative writing class was about "donor 3399x" - a fiction-ish story of a friend's pursuit of a sperm donor. in fact, my other stories are dating-related - my foreigner,  let me believe, and it's just a numbers game. i started a story MANY years ago (which i forgot about until doing this Step 3) about friends' relationships that developed through rather transient activities -
    • "Send me your itinerary. I’ll pick you up at curbside." He picks her up at Oakland airport, drives 25 miles south to drop her off, then drives north to San Francisco. He says that is where he lives. He smells good. He makes her laugh. It started in the summer of 2001. Since then, they have met often at curbside between his morning work obligations or before his evening chemo treatments. They've never kissed. They hugged twice on one occasion. It's now the spring of 2006. When she visits the Bay Area next month, she will rent a car.  
  • to-do lists ... most of my life, i have used to-do lists in some form or fashion - mostly handwritten with a little box next to the task/activity. it's all about the goal of filling in the box. with smartphones and apps, i've been recently using Any.DO and Springpad, in addition to writing in my moleskine squared notebook, and my lists have been a mix of personal and work to-dos, ideas and quotes. having Any.DO on my phone, as well as a plug-in to the chrome browser is great!
  • speeches via a eulogy / memorial service ...  my dad died in april 2002.  i have a journal where i hand wrote - the evening before - what i would say. and what i shared is at remembering my dad.
  • foreword ... this reminds me that i wrote the foreword to jengyee's book - hello real world!: a student's approach to great internships, co-ops, and entry level positions. what an honor!
  • newsletters ... i was part of a group who initiated an internal company division's newsletter. i also led an effort to pull together a professional organization's local chapter newsletter - format, content, production, etc. - in the early '90s. (note to self: i am realizing i enjoy writing.)
  • events/gatherings i organized or was featured in ... with regards to events where i have been part of the organizing effort, there have been quite a bit. they include professional and trade organization conferences, dinner meetings for various organizations, professional networking meetings, and even a variety of luncheon events. i have served in the roles of co-chairing of conferences, organizing exhibitors (and likely never to ever do again), creating the program, selecting speakers, and helping to host post-conference social events (in smaller group settings).
    • one thing i am scavenging for is something i did back in 1994 or 1995 called "POE's corner" where POE stood for "People, Organizations, Events" - a networking happy hour where individuals would share with each other specifics about "POE" to develop non-traditional connections. POE's corner eventually morphed into a happy hour networking event primarily targeting women in the environmental field (or women looking to get in to the field)
    • as a result of happy hours, the word got out and i because part of creating women's environmental council. all it took was a flier that made it up from san diego to orange county. mind you - pre-facebook and pre-twitter. 
as a side note, i have given ivan brunetti's cartooning: philosophy and practice a whirl, so that will be added to content at some point. hmmm ... now that i think about it, it's the on-going work-in-progress, so it is content!

badge me step 3
and now
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

#improv with UkuleMe and ...

Party Fowl + UkeleMe
stephanie, mike, trevor, shirlnutkin, sean, dean

Party Fowl ... this past saturday evening was the first Illegitimate Improv - conceived, created, and initiated by party fowl's sean stryker. illegitimate improv is a workshop + jam of comedy and improv.

saturday was FUN!

on saturday, several people - comedians, improvisers, improvisers'  friends + family, and friends of friends - got together in san jose.
  • matt curry
  • sean mckenzie
  • party fowl
    • stephanie aguilera
    • mike vallerga
    • trevor merowitz
    • sean stryker
  • ukeleme
    • shirlnutkin
    • dean santiago
games we played ... just by word of mouth and a shared facebook event, we had a nice, fun crowd supporting and playing along. for the first illegitimate improv, improv games included -
  • blind freeze tag
  • new choice
  • do run run (with ukelele + tambourine)
  • blind line 
  • blind line with audience participation
  • i can do better with audience participation
thanks party fowl sean ... for asking if shirlnutkin would like to come out and play. indeed, indeed. and when i saw the event invite stated -
"Other improv artists are encouraged to join us as well as friends, family or anyone who enjoys improv!"
- i thought of dean. he and i were in an improv class late last year with the awesome made up theatre. dean had been talking about getting together and practicing more improv. texts and emails sent over. posed the question. done. and so is the story of ...

... the birth of UkeleMe
dean + shirlnutkin

 thanks party fowl 
for the nudge and hugs!

Monday, March 18, 2013

6 wks of shirlnutkin ...

@AnastasiaAshman & @TaraAgacayak
... with @GlobalNiche because @zibbyz cares.

checking-in ... just a quick check-in as i am rounding out week 4 with GoldenNiche and an awesome SUM-it UP study group (which lasts for 6 weeks). and when i say quick check-in, i mean checking-in to share thoughts and experiences of where i have been in my progress. the 6 week study group proceeds with a meaty and beefy step each week -

  • your vision & goals: describe your ideal life
  • your platform: evaluate your current platform 
  • your content: inventory all you've created
  • your integration: use your content in your platform
  • action plan: draw up the steps
  • implementation: get into action

these steps are progressive, building upon one another. in theory, this weekend i would be collecting my badge for step 4 (presuming i have completed step 4). well, i have not (yet), and i have been nursing step 3 for almost two weeks. the great thing about the study group is the on-going feedback and support. and this evening, both anastasia's and tara's comments included the following -
You can always, always come back to any of the steps. The intention for this study group is to move you through them in six weeks so you experience them together. ... don't feel PRESSURED. Keep it light. You can always come back. :)  
... moving through the steps at a fast pace is a way to float above it rather than get mired in one step and never be heard from again.
badge me soon ... this evening, i will collect my badge for week 3, and right behind that after jumping into step 4, badge me again.

thoughts and experiences ... as i chug along in steps 3 and 4 - and head into step 5, i definitely like the organized approach and thought process of globalniche.

getting the vision/goals into action is very reminiscent of what i had experienced and accomplished back in the '90s when i had started a consulting practice. in fact, i have become quite nostalgic in the past weeks. the steps so far have been quite the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and psychological exercises! i expect nothing less for the continued weeks and even after the study group.

thank you GlobalNiche
for kickstarting my reconnecting with 

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