Sunday, January 17, 2010

when i (re)cubeopolis'd more than 2 years ago

(repost from 09/23/2007)

i made a major decision to return to government
back in september 2007 ...

and with this very unexpected, unplanned, unimaginable (for some amongst my family & friends), and unbelievable change, i ponder - perspectives, thoughts, and just whatever about this change. this change simply goes as follows:
  • started with the government near 20 yrs ago in jan '87 after graduating from college; left the government in july '88
  • have since been in consulting and industry (public utility), spanning ~ 7 years
  • have been a business owner since nov '94
  • started up again with the government sept '07, with limits around any outside employment (conflicts and all - real and perceived/appearance)
here are a few thoughts just 2 WEEKS into my cubeopolis life back in late septebmer '07:
  • authenticity & covering - i think about this more and more, lately. comments have been made - in passing, mostly - given some perspectives that one's profession defines one's values. perhaps that is the case for those afforded the ability to seek and for those with the desire to obtain a job that allows his/her expression of his/her values. conversely, for some, a job is simply a job - a set of duties, responsibilities, etc.
    • judgment
    • stereotyping/profiling
    • self-expression
    • mission/vision

  • structure - the structure of a traditional 8-hour work day is very different from my prolonged weaving-in-and-out an 8-hour work day. in fact, i find the 8-hour tradition much more tiring effort, at least for the first week. that is, over the course of what appears a 12-14 hour work day with my own business, i extract the 6-8 + hours of billable (and/or non-billable) work amidst a yoga class, shopping, lunch, kickboxing, reading, power-napping, pedicure, whatever.
    • body's natural rhythm
    • authority
    • cubicle existence
  • business ownership undone - it is apples and oranges to compare the two. i know there are many-many-many books about the joys of leaving corporate america to pursue business ownership/self-employment. i'd like to see what
    • civil service as a noble effort
    • transferring & exchanging knowledge
    • learning new things
  • never say never - i did. look where i am now .. when i had once said i never would ever be once again.
    • clich├ęs may mean something
  • social life unfolds - living in the suburb of union city and working in san francisco certainly will affect my social life. as i left on the voice mail message to my friend reggie on day 1 when i drove in to work with a few books and heavy items for my cubicle existence, "i am boy crazy! i dig that i'm at a stop light, so i can watch [the boys] cross the street."
    • dating
    • faves galore to explore - restaurants, stores, boutiques, galleries, events, parking lots, etc.
    • reconnecting - lots of old friends work & live in the city
just naming a few for now

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  1. Your thoughts on structure are so true even if I am unable to identify fully (due to the fact that I don't know what it feels like to own my own business), I can imagine it. At the moment, my Mom is unemployed having been laid off about a year ago. Now, she helps run my uncle's transportation business and I can't imagine her wanting to return to the traditional 9-5 job and all that comes with it (i.e., office politics, gossip/judgements, etc.)! Great list of thoughts!


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