Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the introduction of cubic hair in the cubeopolis vernacular

as of sept '07, i started working in a cubicle.
... so i have decided to keep a running tab
of what a few of us would like to affectionately call ...
[words (Sp.) = palabras. words about cubicle life? cubealabras]

BATCH 1: november '07 - maiden voyage ... we have the following celebration of cube-ictionary and cube-isms...

cube-occupant (def: one who lives, works (or both) in a cubicle)
cube-i-licious (def: a cute cube-occupant)
cube-politan (def: the rows/aisles of cubicles - the "grid" - the "pedestrian-oriented-design")
cube-o-rama (def: fun times in a cubicle)
cube-opolus (def: cubicles in greece)
cube-ster (def: a hip cube-occupant who likes being in cube-politan)
cube-meister (def: self-proclaimed master of cube-politan)
cube-every-day (def: the life of a cube-occupant)
cube-otomy (def: when you move on from your cube-every-day)
cube-cicle (def: frozen spears hanging from roof eaves)
cubic-hair (ya don't say?: who put this ... in my coke?)
cube-opoly (def: someone who is the only cube resident)
vac-cube (ya don't say?: does nature abhor a ... ?)
cubic's rube (def: what a cube-ster would pull out to twiddle around)
cube-itis (def: a medical condition after cube-every-day)
cube steak (ya don't say?: what's for lunch?)
cubes (ya don't say?: some men pay adult entertainers to show them their ...)
cubee (def: what a
medical marijuana card carrying cube-ster smokes at his/her desk)
cube socks (def: what a cube-occupant may wear during lunch hour kickboxing class)
cube-ee-doo (def: best dog on t.v.)
cubicle bill (ya don't say?: if Tarantino wanted to make a movie about a vengeful samurai starring cube-politan, what would he call it?)
cube-tastic four (def: favorite super heroes)
cublished (def: when you publish a cube-alabras)
cube-onymity (def: when the cube-occupant has managed to remain anonymous in cube-ipolitan)

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