Friday, January 22, 2010

and then there is cubicide, whether physics supports it ...

BATCH 3: from june '08, when cubicide was introduced to the family of cubealabras (and cubicide may be unlikely because of physics as we know it, but still ...)

cubbaticle: def - extended absence from cubicle; also self-cubolishment
cubolish: def - ban someone from the cubeopolis for instrusive or irritating behavior
cubaphobic: def - cubaphobes who often take cubbaticles; may be related to proximity of cuberts.
cubert: def - pervert of the cubeopolis; also closely related to cub-icky
cubicky: def - closely related to cubic hair
cubebration: def - ubiquitous birthday celebration in which no one knows the birthday person or how to sing
ice-cubed: def - when your management refuses to acknowledge the problem with the air conditioner
cubeometer: def - measuring device to make sure the ice cubed problem has been solved in cubeopolis so that cubesters don't freeze their cubits off
cubits: def - unit of cubicle memory storage; used for quantifying institutional memory contained in a bureacracy. (e.g., "All the baby boomer staff in Permitting are retiring this year. Do you have any idea how many senior cubits we'll be losing? at least 8 Gigacubits and 12 lifers!!")
cubentrification (also cub-entrify): def - movin' on up in cubeopolis or cube-politan
cubpid: def - office matchmaker (among and between cubesters)
incubeus/succubeus: def - skanky but somewhat attractive male/female co-worker who's constantly asking you out in your cubicle and apparently had the word "no" deleted from his/her vocabulary
roundacube: def - going around the square table and telling everyone all the pointless activities you've been involved with; see also "deadwood," "slacker," and "cubicide"
cubicide: def - attempting death by swallowing a whole cube of Post-Its®, hanging suspended from the ceiling above the cubicle and using a paperclip noose, or asking for a raise
cuborandum of agreement/understanding (also COA or COU): def - little pieces of paper that people, who actually have to follow the terms contained therein, neither agree with nor actually understand.

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