Monday, January 18, 2010

me next, i have a credit card

(repost from 12/20/2006)

i like the occasional faux-interviews (and even meme, here and there). back in december 2006, here's my credit-card-company interview (...with a few updates).

[my life ... my faux interview]

my name: shirlsd
  • childhood ambition: to learn how to draw, write nifty stories, and shuffle cards like the casino folks (!!!)
  • fondest memory: walking back from brunch w/my folks, while they visited me in san diego (circa 1995), and my dad totally congratulates me on taking the first step to start my own business ... after i scribbled ideas & stuff on the paper place mat.
    (well, then there were also the family dinners over holidays (or any dinner, actually) when my brother asks, "pull my finger!")
    soundtrack: off top of my head, two come to mind - Garden State ... Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
  • retreat: why yes, i would like one!
  • wildest dream: (i got this covered!) maybe not "wildest" but is memorable and "huh? what was that all about?!" kind of sentiment upon waking up ... walking around in a park area where there is a swimming pool full of floating, rolled-up pairs of white tube socks and a hot dog cart nearby ... and i'm trying to get to a building behind the pool that has used office furniture that i can purchase ... and to do so, i have to rock climb up the side of the funky building with the office furniture ...
  • proudest moment: graduating from college (phew!!!)
  • biggest challenge: staying focused (sort of) (... and keeping my car's back seat clutter-free) [update 2010 - going through mail in a timely manner; car's back seat - clutter-free for most of the time!]
  • alarm clock: no machine for me; just something internal - and i'm usually up & about not later than 6:30 AM on weekdays and not later than 8 AM on weekends (and i don't even have a dog, yet!) [update 2010 - ...not later than 5:30 AM on weekdays]
  • perfect day: waking up with option to do whatever it is i really just want to do that day - with no external (or internal) pressures ... and as part of that day --- walk around freely in sun, shade, and mild weather ... smell of the ocean, grass and trees ... doing a l'il reading of something ... spend some time with friends/family and make new friends, perhaps ... laugh heartily over a meal ... and at some point during that day, being able to say "thank you" to someone and saying "you're welcome" back to someone else. a simple day can be just the same as a perfect day! (oh yeah, and i'm on vacation, too!)
  • first job: cashier at The Treasury (a now defunct department store), and if i was really lucky, i also worked snack bar!
  • indulgence: laptop bags, hand bags, backpacks, plumber bags, and those things to carry my wallet and/or my computer
  • last purchase: an alien bobblehead (souvenir) from space aliens grill & bar in bismarck, north dakota [update 2010 - little gonks by schylling]
  • favorite movie: splendor in the grass
  • inspiration: harold and his purple crayon ... and pigdog
my life: is in transition
my card: is really nice looking (for a business card; thanks, tanya from artefact designs!)

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