Wednesday, January 20, 2010

to blog or not to blog, back in the beginning ...

... someone asked when and why i did i start to blog. my answer is below if from my 1st post on 01/14/06 when i was living down in san diego (SD) getting ready to move back up to the bay area (BA).

(repost from 01/14/2006)


With the encouragement of Joanne, I decided to create this blog. I met Joanne (while on one of my trips to the Bay Area) at Paddy's. Thanks much to Paddy, who owns and operates Paddy's namesake coffee shop (with wi-fi!) in Union City; he introduced us ... because of a common interest we share - an interest in writing on a particularly "fun" subject. (Maybe more on that later.)

FIRST TIME BLOGGER and BUSINESS OWNER ... This is my first blog mainly for those interested in my relocation planning and activities from San Diego to the Bay Area. (And I'm sure it will contribute to my tendency to procrastinate and provide an outlet for writing.)

I'm originally from the Bay Area - Northern California (lived there since the mid-70s). After college, I moved around California because of job opportunities. In 1991, I moved to San Diego to take a job with the utility. Since 1994, I have primarily been consulting on my own (except for a 16-month duration with a small energy consulting firm) for energy/power plant related projects on air quality and environmental issues. I'm moving back up to the East Bay in Spring 2006. I will continue to run my consulting practice when I move up north and enjoy being closer to family.

RELOCATION planning is NOT a piece of cake, but it's fun! ... I've known since the summer of 2005 that I would be moving back to the Bay Area. (There have been doubts from some friends & family, though.) So I have been planning, visualizing, goal setting, purging and doing more planning. Now I am entering the 'implementation' stage (sort of). There are the logistics to moving my home and my business, and there are the psychological and emotional aspects of planning and implementing the move. And also sprinkled in here and there are moments of ANGST.

ANGST is good ... I figure having this blog will allow me to pass along tips & tidbits, express my cathartic moments, and keep friends and family up to date on my whereabouts and on-goings.

(END of repost from 2006)
that said ... in this new girlnutkin incarnation, i'll reminisce (aka repost) occasionally about my relocation efforts back in 2006. a few highlights - - - BA tenant eviction, chowing down in SD, appreciating SD, packing process, dorky past-times, ... and more stuff.

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