Sunday, January 10, 2010

f|back (sept '06): starting fresh (kinda sorta)

2010 ... and 10 days into the new year. i've put off starting another blog intended to consolidate previous blogs' postings. so just to get started, a faux interview about moi.

(repost from 09/30/06)

... 20 questions. posed to graphic designers by aiga (american institute of graphic artists). i know. i'm not a graphic artist, but i wanna answer the questions, anyway!

ReLo-ing from SD to BA
ReLo-ing is a northern california gal living in san diego longer than expected, business owner, cal berkeley grad, dog-owner wannabe, and hybrid car owner.

she's not a graphic artist. she's the convergence of env'l engineer (
via the chem eng route), technical (and sometimes creative) writer, people observer (and listener), and woo-woo (and channeler).

she wants to develop and exercise her creativity - interests (lately) include vicariously living through those involved/dealing with typography, product design, graphic design, music, public space/art, and tattoos. (this list will be different tomorrow ... or actually within the hour.)

1. What talent would you most like to have?
. environmental designer or graphic designer (... o.k., how about being multilingual?!).

2. What is the best book you’ve ever read?
. harold and the purple crayon.

3. Who is your hero?
. in the make-believe world, harold (see answer 2). in the real world, harold (see answer 2).

4. What irks you?
. someone/anyone saying "irregardless" (more points for irking esp. in any debate and/or while scratching a chalkboard ... chalkboards still exist, right?).

5. What movie title could also be the title of your biography?
. ever after

6. Where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning?
. first of all, i just want to wake up ... and second of all, somewhere - on vacation.

7. What’s the new black?
. old black (is this a trick question?)

8. What will be your legacy?
. perhaps (compared to the 9 (nine!) others) logging more phone minutes way back in my corporate days and being told that "did not make sense" because I was also very productive. (uh ... could it be i didn't go to 20-million corporate meetings?!) ... o.k., taking this Q a l'il more seriously, i will be that gal who's an integral part of the start of the environmental professional development movement.

9. What is the most consistent conflict you face?
. keeping my back car seat uncluttered.

10. What is the best snack food?
. sunflower seeds - with shells and some salt (and a bag for the shells - but i don't snack either on the bag or the shells).
11. What is your most treasured possession?
. imagination.

12. Favorite artificial flavor?
. any of the
sour fruit balls' flavors.

13. What is your greatest fear?
. a really-really-REALLY bad political decision that has international consequences.

14. You have an extra $100,000, whom or what will you give it to?
. a l'il to family, a l'il for myself (and the vacation, see answer 6. ), a l'il for my business, and a l'il to various non-profits that address women's issues, education, auto-immune disorders, the environment, and poverty.

15. Crunchy or smooth?
. smunchy

16. If you could master two tasks at one time what would they be? (i.e., walking and talking, etc.)
. singing and playing an instrument - perhaps the piano, guitar, or tambourine.

17. What is the greatest invention of the past 100 years (give or take)?
. hmmm? magnetic closures ... uh, sign language ... no, uh, bar codes ... i guess i don't have a strong opinion (yet).

18. What is the most beautiful word in the English language?
. assuage.

19. Animal, mineral, vegetable?
. yes.

20. What’s next?
. shower, shampoo, shine ... and hunt and forage for brunch.

thanks for indulging!

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