Sunday, September 16, 2012

f|break: puppet me

improv @UnDashScripted and SNL ... puppets galore!

at #SFIF ... fun to see (for the first time) several members of the un-scripted theater company (on web, facebook, twitter) creative ensemble. my friend and i really enjoyed their clever bollywood puppet extravaganza from the audience suggestion of "jaws" - yes, their SFIF jaws bollywood puppet fun (over here on ustream, resolved technical difficulties at 14:57 min) was FUN! totally looking forward to their november-december show - history: the musical - with or without puppets - gonna check 'em out.

SNL season premiere ... meanwhile, this weekend's season opener of SNL reminded me of puppet fun. with an introduction to puppetry class led by seth macfarlane's character, it was definitely bill hader's character (anthony peter coleman) and his puppet tony - that got the belly laughs going ...
from NBC's SNL clip over here
enjoy this fiber break with introduction to puppetry (over here)
for ~ 5:12 min while warming up to tony (the puppet)

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