Thursday, February 2, 2012

good morn!

from xojane's gallery (#2)
thanks @xojanedotcom (on twitter, web, facebook, google+) for a fun opportunity do mix up my sunday morning and as i shared as a comment this evening -
so excited to be among many other awesome chicas!  although it was fun to "relive" my saturday night from my little story (#2), it was (and is) MUCH, MUCH MORE FUN to read others' stories! i love this vicarious living opportunity hoping my other friends will send their beautiful morning faces for part 2. hugs to all! 
-  and i really enjoyed reading everyone's stories (even the 2 guys who submitted) at over here - 75 of your gorgeous morning faces -- featuring no makeup (unless from the previous night). a variety of stories that are fun, touching, clever, mischievous, or just the facts ma'am.

my share,  your share, their share ... xojane folks shared their natural beauty last friday over her for "show us your morning faces." here is my little morning face, natural beauty share -

7:55 AM, SF Bay Area, CA (Union City, to be more exact)

I went out to dinner and to one of the SF Sketchfest's shows - a live taping of The Nerdist Podcast (with stand-up comedy by the 3 guys on The Nerdist preceding the podcast taping). After the show, which ended around 10 pm, my friend and I were part of a VERY LONG LINE of other nerds and nerdettes who stuck around to meet and greet with two of the podcast guys (Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira). Our turn to meet, greet, get autographs, take pics happened just after midnight. Then I drove my friend home, and I got home around 1:15 AM. (For a little context, my friend and I are pushing 50 years old - EASILY TWICE THE AGE of many of the others around us. We outlasted many who just gave up waiting.) For a normal morning (shower night before), it takes me 10-20 minutes to get ready (face prep, make-up (what little I wear), hair); the longer time is if I'm straightening or blow-drying my hair. If I shower in the morning, then 20-30 minutes.
(YES! i get that i've mentioned the nerdist a couple of times, already, here and here. now i have this to remind me of what happened and the pic to remind me how one looks AFTER a nerdist podcast-autograph-picture-taking moment.) instructions for sending your pic and what to share is in their shout out post.

i puffy heart xojane!
you go puffy heart xojane!


  1. Your picture is adorable. Doesn't really look like a morning pic. :) In any case, I got your message and I've been slammed with work, both professionally and personally. Hopefully, we can talk soon. Again, interesting project.

    1. ah ... thanks dorothy! totally morning pic (thank goodness i face planted the night before so i still have my eyeliner - HA!!!)

      our time will come together to talk. and i'm in a better place in my head this week. MUCH better!


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