Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 tiny habits: days 1, 2

new habits ... @bjfogg, as mentioned this past sunday, although i'm not in the formal program this week for feb 13-17 with bj fogg and his gurus (but i was a couple of weeks ago), for this week, i choose 4 tiny habits. and unlike a couple of weeks ago where i did my 3 tiny habits each day, that has not been the case for a couple over the past 2 days.

  • after i get out of bed in the morning, i will do one back-related stretch exercise on my yoga mat.
  • after i use the bathroom at work, i will walk once around the floor before going back to my desk.
  • after i drop off my work bag near my stool, i will brush my teeth.
  • after i brush my teeth at the end of the evening, i will pick up my yoga mat and unroll it near my bed.

day 1 summary: nyyy. and "yes" - i intend to do my habits on day 2. about my 4 tiny habits for day 1 ...
  • bed in morning / stretch ... i did not do this habit. i had a previous hip/back issue sunday night that was quite painful. i decided to forgo the stretch because i was concerned if i would hurt myself somehow. however, my yoga mat was ready to go in case i was ready to go.
  • bathroom / walk ... this is really simple to do. it's just doing a quick lap around my office floor before going back to my chair. taking the longer way rather than shorter way.
  • work bag stool / brush teeth ... this habit is AFTER the habit i now have of dropping off my bag nearby my stool. my stool is nearby my bathroom sink. simple!
  • brush teeth / yoga mat ... i did this but ALMOST did not. it's a totally new habit. it sets up for my morning stretch.
day 2 summary: yyny. and "yes" i'm starting day 3 already and intend to do my tiny habits. about my 4 tiny habits for day 2 (valentine's day) ...
  • bed in morning / stretch ... i did this habit. the day before (day 1), i mentioned about my hip/back pain. during the early evening of day 1 (after talking with my doc's office and a couple of folks) after getting home from work, i decided to stretch out, walk a bit, and relax. significantly much better heading into day 2, and therefore got my morning stretch. ALSO, i made sure to take breaks from sitting in my office chair too long throughout day 2.
  • bathroom / walk ... love this tiny habit - just take the longer walk back to my chair. so simple. AND i also am more aware of the benefit of getting up and walking rather than being seated for too long of periods in my not-as-comfortable-as-i-would-like office chair.
  • work bag stool / brush teeth ... i did not do this habit. i see how sequencing is tied to this habit. my intent for this tiny habit was to get an extra brushing in the day, and i usually am home before 7. i went to dinner after work and got home around 9:30, pretty much near my bed time when i'd normally do my evening teeth brushing.  in other words, if i do not go out for dinner, the intent of the habit works. i had not thought about those times when i am home late.
  • brush teeth / yoga mat ... mat rolled out (after brushing my teeth). simple habit.
i kinda miss the email rah-rahs 
from bj fogg and crew.
(the little note is nice to get.)
onward, nevertheless!


  1. I'm wondering, are you into Buddhist practices at all? Some of the 'habits' and optimicism you share on your blog remind me of what I've learned through some of my Dharma teachers. You've probably caught this artist on my blog or maybe we've discussed her but please check out Christine Wong Yap's art and blog. She's a fantastic artist and writer based in NY but she did grad school in the Bay Area. She's definitely someone that has mentored me through the art writing and navigating through the artworld. In any case, her recent work touches upon human behavior and what we can do to get the things we want.

    1. i have not been schooled in any buddhist practices. interesting about your observation of what i share. thanks. and yes, i've seen christine's art; we've not disccused her. i'll check out her blog! thanks again for sharing!


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