Sunday, February 5, 2012

f|break: chuckle reads

celebrity autobiography ... as part of sf sketchfest, saw the feb 4 show of celebrity autobiography over here. those at our show last night -
creators Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel with Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family, on imdb) and his first time with celebrity autobiography, Laraine Newman (Saturday Night Live), Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210), Fred Willard (Best in Show), Florence Henderson (Brady Bunch) 
- and what a wonderful set of readings. engineerbri (not to be confused with stranger-dangerbri or mustangbri) and i both agreed that one of the many best moments of the readings was laraine newman's cher - when newman bowed her head onto the microphone (BONK!) as part of the celebrity mash-up portion of the show. (and engineerbri will be visiting a bookstore to check out the actual neil sedaka autobiography). a question i (and i'm sure other audience members) had - publishers publish some of this stuff?! HO-LY-SMOKES!

enjoy a leisurely fiber break with celebrity autobiography explained (over here)
for ~ 10:23 minutes, for which you'll want to watch the show yourself!

BONUS (for me, at least) ... during our show, fred willard read from justin beiber's autobiography.

RANDOM THOUGHT ... this reminded me of a website with the actual domain name - help me sell more books than justin bieber - REALLY! check it out OVER HERE. and if you don't know who justin bieber is, here are a few head (face) shots - literally - over here.  am i fixated on justin bieber? not always. just when he's in my mouth for 2 + 2 minutes for oral hygiene. 
(and no, i'm not going to buy bieber's autobiography. 
maybe i'll check it out of the library, or maybe someone will gift it to me, 
but no. i have to spend my money on dental floss.)

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