Saturday, February 4, 2012

3 tiny habits: day 5

thanks @bjfogg for 3 tiny habits
bravo @bjfogg ... here is my last tiny report for day 5 (and also the last day) of 3 tiny habits, i'll miss bj fogg's checking in on my 3 tiny habits daily victories.

this past week's victories ... sharing day 1, day 2, days 3, 4 ... and now day 5 (tear). 

my 3 tiny habits ... it has been great fulfilling my 3 tiny habits with the anchor afters -

  • after i sit down in my office chair, i will place my water glass next to my phone.
  • after i park my car at home, i will clean out one thing from my car. 
  • after i come home after working, i will place my work bag near my stool.

keeping it simple ... for the day 5 check-in, bj fogg posed the following question -
"After 5 days, which habit became MOST automatic for you? (Extra credit: Why?)"
- my response as i reminisced about my 3 tiny habits experience ...
habit MOST automatic and why? ... my office chair/the water glass habit was the MOST automatic. i think it has been the most automatic because sitting in my chair is no-nonsense, no judgment. and just making sure my water glass is next to my phone is really, REALLY simple. and i realized that i didn't just do that habit when i first arrived at work, it was each time i sat back down in my chair. it has been a TOTAL BONUS that i would fill up my glass with water, drink, and repeat!

looking forward to answering the wrap up questions.

got anchor? got habit?

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