Sunday, February 12, 2012

tiny habits: going rogue-ish

well @bjfogg, while continuing my 3 tiny habits (which is going great) on my own, i'm going to do new tiny habits this week.

passing along the excitement ... for the week of feb 13-17, a colleague of mine (a mentee) will be part of 3 tiny habits. it's his first time, and i am excited for him. he's pretty self-aware to begin with, so i'm looking forward to hear what he gains from his experience. 

remembering the basics ... i've got to make my behavior tiny, do it with an "after anchor" (one-time anchor or multi-anchor) for natural sequencing, and celebrate (woo-hoo!).

other tips to remember include ... the easier the behavior, the less it depends on motivation; arrange the world around me to make my new habit easy to do; mentally and physcially rehearse the existing anchor then the new behavior 5 to 8 times, quickly ... each time declaring victory; and the stronger i feel a positive emotion after my tiny habit, the faster it will become automatic in my life. and of course ...

simplicity changes behavior 

my new tiny habits ... although i'm not in the program this week with bj fogg and his gurus, it's simple enough to take on tiny habits and self-report each day (via girl nutkin). for feb 13-17, i have 4 tiny habits, with two of them kinda related to each other...
  • after i get out of bed in the morning, i will do one back-related stretch exercise on my yoga mat.
  • after i use the bathroom at work, i will walk once around the floor before going back to my desk.
  • after i drop off my work bag near my stool, i will brush my teeth.
  • after i brush my teeth at the end of the evening, i will pick up my yoga mat and unroll it near my bed.
as part of choosing my new tiny habits, i re-read the email information and also re-read information about the behavior grid and behavior model, which has led to the behavior wizard. for all 4 tiny habits, i am starting or increasing a behavior. after answering the wizard questions ...
from BJ Fogg's
... i have learned my "colors" within the context of fogg's behavior grid 
  • bed in morning / stretch ... blue path => doing a familiar behavior from now on
  • bathroom / walk ... purple path => increase a behavior from now on.
  • work bag stool / brush teeth ... green span => doing a new behavior for a period of time.
  • brush teeth / yoga mat ... green path => doing a new behavior from now on.
image: BJ Fogg's behavior grid

bringing the trigger, motivation, and ability
together all at the same time!
got anchors?!

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