Friday, February 3, 2012

3 tiny habits: days 3, 4

woo-hoo @bjfogg ... i have a witness to my victories! (past victories: day 1 and day 2) and i continue to be more fascinated, esp. with the behavior grid and therefore the behavior wizard.

celebrating ... celebrating the awesomeness of 3 tiny habits is a must! yesterday (wednesday) morning at cubeopolis, i celebrated my 3 tiny habits victories with a princess cake slice (paddy's coffee house). i shared slices with friends.

and then post-cubeopolis as i was preparing for my commute home, a friend's (shiny penny andy's) disbelief and surprise echoed in the parking garage -

OH - MY - GOD!
surprises? ... for the day 4 check-in, bj fogg posed the following question -
"To this point in 3 Tiny Habits, what has surprised you most?"
after deciding which of the many surprises is the one that surprised me the most, i shared -
"there are SEVERAL surprises, and as i think about the many surprises ... what has surprised me the MOST is how quickly i became very excited and engaged not only with my tiny habits but with what i know to be my more long-term goals associated with each of these tiny habits. it's like the tiny habit is a runway for me to totally take off onward and upward!" 
my 3 tiny habits ... it has been great fulfilling my 3 tiny habits with the anchor afters -

  • after i sit down in my office chair, i will place my water glass next to my phone.
  • after i park my car at home, i will clean out one thing from my car. 
  • after i come home after working, i will place my work bag near my stool.
recap of day 3 (wednesday) ... something quite surprising happened -
  • ofc chair/water glass ... CHECK! **AND** here's something surprising i experienced today. today, i started taking a class after work (once a week for a month). when i got situated around the conference table setting (e.g., setting my computer, organizing my notebook, pens out, etc.), i noticed an offering of chips, power bars, soda, and water. i picked up a can of soda. as soon as i sat in the chair, i looked at the can, got right back up, put the soda back, chose the water, and sat back down. WHAT THE HECK?!  i chuckled when that happened. maybe it was the combination of soda is bad, water is good. but i do believe when i sat down, i looked in the direction of where my phone would be if i was in my office and there was no water glass. i saw the soda i just picked up and that just didn't seem right.   
  • car park/clean car ... CHECK! looking good in my front and rear seating areas and floors! tomorrow, it's 30-seconds with that trunk of mine! 
  • home/work bag ... CHECK! i practically ran to drop off my bags, i was so excited.
recap day 4 (thursday) ... here, i explain a bit more about my "surprise" with my 3 tiny habits experience to date -
  • ofc chair/water glass ... my long-term goal is simply being hydrated and cleansing my system. my tiny habit is just to have my water glass near my office phone. i'm actually filling it up with water and drinking water MUCH MORE regularly. 
  • car park/clean car ... my long-term goal is simply to keep my car organized and not cluttered; this means the seats, glove box, console, under the chairs, trunk, coin holders, etc. - my whole car! today, a friend (who has been a passenger in my car regularly) exclaimed with a happy and incredible chuckle this evening after he opened the passenger door - OH MY GOD! YOUR CAR IS CLEAN!!! WOW!!! SUCCESS!!! 
  • home/work bag ... my long-term goal is to minimize my morning scavenger hunt around my home for my work bag and ultimately for many other items that don't quite have a consistent home, e.g,. keys, bluetooth earpiece, jewelry, mail, etc.
got anchor? got habit?
looking forward to 
a fantastic friday finale!

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