Saturday, February 18, 2012

tiny habits: rogue report

new habits ... oh @bjfogg, i have become a mini-promoter of tiny habits. i enjoy hearing my friends' ah-ha moments. and for me, i participated formally at the end of january and have continued with my original, virgin 3 tiny habits!

rogue week wrap-up ... in this post, i'm resharing my "rogue" week (outside of the moderated program), revisiting some reminders and tips, and sharing what was the most automatic of habits THIS WEEK. ALSO, something kinda funny about one of my other tiny habits that was spawned because of a bad habit i used to have. ENJOY!

going rogue ... outside of the moderated tiny habits program, i chose new habits this past weekend with the intent of reading more about the behavior model and developing my habit of checking-in with myself about the outcome of my tiny habits.

reminder tidbits ... from the habits experience i have had this week, i am experiencing a few things that bj fogg shared during my virgin voyage week -
If you pick the right small behavior and sequence it right, then you won't have to motivate yourself to have it grow. It will just happen naturally, like a good seed planted in a good spot.

You can create many Tiny Habits at once. And, in fact, I believe you should work on multiple habits at once because that's how you learn what matters.

You need to match the new behavior you want with the best anchor to trigger your new behavior.
keeping it simple ... for the day 5 check-in, the following question was posed in the moderated program -
"After 5 days, which habit became MOST automatic for you? (Extra credit: Why?)"
- for my rogue week, this is simple after looking at the daily results and experiencing it ...
taking the long walk back to my office after using the restroom. it is so simple to turn left (long way) rather than turn right. and as mentioned during day 3 check-in, i do have the bonus of re-filling my water glass (if needed). the MOST AUTOMATIC habit of last time is tied to the MOST AUTOMATIC habit this time around. 
revisiting a BAD HABIT i USED TO HAVE but don't because of my tiny habit ...  a habit i have is
  •  after i come home after working, i will place my work bag near my stool.
on day 5 (friday) in the morning, i was scavenging around the house looking for my work bags (purse, computer bag, project bag) to leave my house for my commute. THAT is what i USED TO DO pretty much every morning - kitchen, family room, office annex, bathroom, living room, etc. ... i LAUGHED OUT LOUD as i walked from my kitchen to my stool where my bags were all nicely organized. i guess i just got reminiscent?! haha.

simplicity changes behavior 
days 1-2 went well. i am learning about whether a couple of habits are sequenced well, as well as whether i have the best anchor for my trigger.
  • after i get out of bed in the morning, i will do one back-related stretch exercise on my yoga mat.
  • after i use the bathroom at work, i will walk once around the floor before going back to my desk.
  • after i drop off my work bag near my stool, i will brush my teeth.
  • after i brush my teeth at the end of the evening, i will pick up my yoga mat and unroll it near my bed.
day 3 summary: yyyn. and "yes" i intend to do my tiny habits. about my 4 tiny habits for day 3  ...
  • bed in morning / stretch ... i did this habit. and perhaps because i want NOT TO BE in pain (see day 1 and 2), i'm definitely getting the stretching in.
  • bathroom / walk ... still lovin' this tiny habit. and not only am i taking the "longer walk" back to my office, i'm simply taking advantage of walking more. oh! and often, this is coupled with my filling up my water glass (because the water fountain is near the bathroom).
  • work bag stool / brush teeth ... i did this habit. home fairly early, toothpaste and toothbrush near sink. simple.
  • brush teeth / yoga mat ... i did not roll out my mat. after i brushed my teeth in the evening (3rd time in the day), i watched some television and fell asleep on my couch. just didn't roll out my mat because i wasn't sleeping in my bedroom.
day 4 summary: yyny. and "yes" i intend to do my tiny habits. about my 4 tiny habits for day 4  ...
  • bed in morning / stretch ... i did an extra stretch. one thing i realized is that if i am running late for getting up in the morning (because this is a day when i carpooled - which means i am out of the house before 5:55 am), i CAN STRETCH - and frankly, i used to blow off stretching.
  • bathroom / walk ... no brainer walking. i also DO NOT take a few shortcuts around the office buildeing, which i used to do.
  • work bag stool / brush teeth ... i did not do this habit. i realized an hour after i arrived home that i did not do this. i checked the bathroom sink; i had stored the toothpaste out of sight. i don't know if that is part of what contributed not to doing this, but that is one thing i noticed.
  • brush teeth / yoga mat ... i did roll out my mat, remembering that i had not rolled it out the night before. 
day 5 summary: yyyy. this is the one day of the 5 days where i did all 4 tiny habits.  and "yes" i intend to do my tiny habits into the weekend and then some, although i see i will be refining a couple.
  • bed in morning / stretch ... i did extra stretches. i have a sheet of paper that outlines various stretches. i definitely want to get to the point where i do not have to refer to the sheet of paper.
  • bathroom / walk ... check!
  • work bag stool / brush teeth ... i did this habit, making sure the toothpaste if visible, when i drop off my work bag.
  • brush teeth / yoga mat ... i did roll out my mat. and for this habit, i am pondering whether this is the best anchor.

bringing the trigger, motivation, and ability
together all at the same time!
plant the seed ...
got anchors?!

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