Tuesday, October 11, 2011

poached pics from the 30th ...

high school reunion
of class of '81

(i know, huh, 30 years?!)

pretty nice lookin' group of peeps
(thanks to joe o - i poached these pics)

low-key-ish ... on saturday evening (10/08), as a kinda-late-registered attendee, i arrived ahead of time of the few friends who asked that i save seats. upon arriving, i ran into one of the high school fellows whom i see during the reunions (and who was good friends with my buddy, dave, that didn't make it up from san diego for the reunion - new dad), along with a few other reunion goers. checked-in and put on the obligatory badge, scanned the room, spotted a few friends, and bolted over.
(oh! and for my fluevog iv sisters, yes, those are my rubens ... but you knew that already, and i took my red operetta clutch for an evening reunion spin.)

din-din tables ... as i have done so often at a few of the past reunions, i sat with louis. a fellow took pics of other reunion goers' tables, so i'm including them here, along with and one of two options of the tasty meal.
missed you, new daddy, dave ... folks say "hi!", and i can't believe a forgot to bring the picture of sebastian david with me. nevertheless, here are pics of other reunion goers.

thanks to deedee who keeps the reunions going on!

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