Sunday, October 9, 2011

got academic probation?

sure ... just a couple of times (or was it a few times?) during my 5 years in college. it's what happens when things like this happen during class. (sweet!)

nostalgia ... thanks, sci-fi guy, for returning a couple of notebooks. i totally enjoyed this little find in my chem e 140 (elements of chemical process analysis) notebook. (you know, the class i took over? was it a class sci-fi guy took over, too? i know it was the one with that cute guy - WB #1 guy - who was taking the class over? ... yes, that one.)

score?! ... after looking over problem sets that apparently i worked on, it was a bit of a roller coaster. and after reading the table of contents of one of my lab books - what the heck?

  • viscosity of a polymer solution
  • knudsen effusion method for vapor pressure determination
  • bomb calorimetry (heat of combustion)
  • adsorption from solution of organic dyes
  • infrared adsorption spectrum of HCl, DCl, and CH4
  • acid catalyzed inversion of sucrose (polarimetry)
  • mean activity coefficient of HCl by EMF measure
what the ...?!

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