Tuesday, October 4, 2011

f|back (oct '06): h.s. reunion time

five years have passed ... yes 5! it's high school reunion time! the last time, it was my 25th. do the math.

in 2006 ... i was amidst relo-ing from san diego to the bay area - literally in the midst of ... working in SD, flying up to meet the movers and unpack, going to the 25th reunion, then flying back down afterwards, and then driving back-up the next weekend with what little i had to get me through a work week and ... several goodbye brunches, lunches, happy hours, dinners, bopping around SD, and a few client meetings.

now in 2011 ... i JUST signed up (thanks to deedee!), so i'll once again keep my 5th-year reunion pact-ish with louis. (ha!)

(flashback post - repost from 10/15/2006 - "25th reunion: quick thoughts & recap" ... some aged hyperlinks have been removed)

amidst the move activities, if you note the sched,

yesterday eve (10/14)
was my 25th high school reunion!
[class pic1]

[... 25th h.s. reunion? ... feel free to do the math, if you're bored and have found some loose change in your sofa or in other people's cars ... you can buy me a b-day/housewarming gift - perhaps gift card(s)/certificates from ... oh, say ... target, cost plus, sur la table, west elm, pottery barn, flor, room and board, dwr, smart furniture ... or some new pillows? o.k. ... if not, that's alright.]

[class pic2]

(so for dave's benefit ... here we go!)

pics will be posted here/there over the coming week's posts
as i get pics
from friends + my own camera
[sally, deb, shirl, valerie]
recap from start ... louis picked me up @ 5 pm (the agreed upon time), and i was not yet ready (of course) but not ready 'cuz 1/2-way through the blow-drying of the hair (prior to the straightening), the dryer started smoking ... and smoke alarm went off. (nice touch) took requisite pic w/dapper-looking-louis! (nice shoes, dude!) left ~ 5:20 pm to find out we'd be in traffic (880 north on a sat eve?! wtf?) ... so we missed the pre-reunion drinks at the hotel bar ... but there was another 'special bar' for the reunion folks.
[shirl, laura, ariel]
to the sign-in table ... caught up with deb, pat, valerie, laura, ariel on our way **to** the bar ... as they were heading **to** the reunion area. also met jack, who was in our class, on the way to the sign-in. walked w/them all to reunion get our name tags. checked out all the other names (aka other attendees). drinks to the left + dinner/ballroom to the right. yeah ... we turned left!
[valerie, laura]
drink room ... small, intimate setting, conducive to chit-chat stuff. round 1 - on pat (thanks!) ... and the start of the --- "omg" ... "who's that?" ... "isn't that ___?" ... "s/he looks totally the same!" ... "did we go to school w/that person?"... "what a cute dress?" ... "what does his name tag say?" ... "they are still together?!" ... "i don't think s/he'll remember me." ... "i'm going to say hi to him/her" ... "i had a crush on ___." ... "i'd like to see ___." ... "how many reunions have you attended?" ... "are there any teachers here?" ... "vodka gimlet over, please" ... "don't leave me alone" ... "where's my camera?" ... "how many kids?!" ... "and the top 5 are ___" ...
[valerie, brian, robert, raelene]
ballroom for dinner & dance ... tables of 10 ... and there were 8-9 tables ?! ... at ours - louis, me, laura, ariel, valerie, deb, pat, raelene, robert + empty. great table and great conversation! cameras all over the place. prime rib or chicken piccata or wild mushroom ravioli. survey says - not so great on the p-rib. chick o.k. and ravioli is ravioli. chocolate cake dessert - enough of a thumbs up. yes, spouses attended, also.
[deb + spouse pat (aka camera man)]
music for dinner & dance ... hopefully SOMEONE has a pic of the DJs ... really. and they did play brick house (ugh!) and the rest of the late 70s/80s music. just an evening of ... name that tune.
[glenn, cathy, arier, shirl, sally, louis]

[class pic3]

o.k. - more pics and thoughts later ...

(flashback sequence over)

this saturday ...
it's 30th h.s. reunion time
(wow .. thirty!)

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